This bike is a great option for that. An assist-and-slipper clutch is now proudly featured with the six-speed gearbox. Beautiful. Here’s a rundown of all that’s new. But where the CB650R lacks in power, it makes up for it in its chassis dynamics and weight. 13. The MCN Fleet 2019 Honda CBR650R never put a mechanical foot wrong. The sport-touring Metzeler Roadtec 01 tires help keep the attractive CB looking stellar and also come in standard sizes—120/70 and 180/55—so you can install your favorite tires if the long-wearing Metzelers don’t meet your needs. The CB650R is a stripped back and re-imagined bike that’s based around the bones of the outgoing CB650F. The CB650R wears its Honda sport-bike DNA proudly, with a high-revving engine and its high footpegs, but unlike a hardcore sport bike, it's comfortable and easy to use on a daily basis. Pain in the backside after about 70 miles - hard seat . Owners’ reviews are glowing, apart from the CB’s less than clear dash. In it, he writes, “Long-distance riding is meditative, and I find I prefer it on a naked bike, wholly exposed to the elements. The "Neo Sports Cafe" CB650R may look a little different, but its engine is a classic Japanese sportbike gem. The tempo, the beat, the snappy drums are perfect to groove to. Additionally, the footpegs now sit slightly higher and rearward than before. Alongside styling cues from the CB1000R and CB300R, several mechanical changes imbue it with greater performance. Gas is based on use. Maybe it’s on the back of Honda’s joyously rideable CB650R, maybe something else. A week later, the news I and so many others dreaded came in—while riding, Davey had stopped at a river and went for a swim, as he was wont to do. It’s at the more expensive end of the middleweight naked class in the showroom, especially compared to the class-leading and more frugal (but not as well equipped) Yamaha MT-07 but there are great deals to be had on second hand examples and for what is basically a simple 650cc four-cylinder naked, it isn’t going to cost the earth to run. All registered in England and Wales. Although feel at the lever is marginally stiffer than I’d like, there’s still enough sensitivity when trail braking. Honda USA doesn't publish horsepower figures for its motorcycles, but the Euro version of the bike is rated for 93 horsepower, and I'd say that feels right on the US model. It's a compact bike with a reasonable 31.9-inch seat height. That's just the 600 mile service. That said, the 320mm dual front rotors and Nissin calipers look like they'd stand up to a track day with little issue. A quarter way up Angeles Crest Highway, Tom Misch and De La Soul’s “It Runs Through Me” began streaming through my helmet. The Neo-Sports Café middleweight is no slouch in the twisty stuff. The 2019-on Honda CB650R is effectively the same bike but comes with Honda’s neo sports café naked bike look and flat bars. From 2021, the CB650R will be updated to meet Euro5 and also get Showa Big Piston Forks to improve the handling. Tyres we ran on our 2019 Honda CBR650R longterm test bike. Despite not being adjustable, the fork comes from Showa and is a separate function fork, which is cool. The ride ended early. VAT no 918 5617 01 It's a bike that rewards you for beating on it a little, and I'd be lying if I didn't get strong Tom Cruise-in-Top Gun vibes while wringing out the motor. It lacks the instant grunt that makes the more playful, class-leading 74bhp parallel-twin Yamaha MT-07 such a riot. It really can be a, expensive, starter bike. The rest of the bike has faired pretty well considering I've ridden it over 1 UK winter so far. While the swingarm remains untouched dimensionally, the mounting point for the Showa shock now uses a Heim-joint like connection that is said to improve actuation through the stroke. Easy to feather, the CB650R's brakes are lovely—progressive and smooth yet able to arrest your momentum safely in a panic stop (say, when you're lane-splitting and a car pulls into your path without looking). It reminds me of 1990's sportsbikes! 6 owners have reviewed their HONDA CBR650R (2019 - on) and rated it in a number of areas. Very good buying experience and great trade in for my previous bike. A modernized LCD dash fits with the Neo-Sports Café motif. After riding many bikes over my 16 year career I wanted a bike that does most things well. Fear helps you survive, but it can cause you to overcompensate and no longer live. Frank Melling is an old-school moto journalist and former factory racer. With a triple compound rear (preserving the softest, grippiest rubber for the edge) and dual compound front these were the ideal choice. Sure, all might find a way to kill you in an automobile, but there’s no omnipresent specter hanging just outside your peripheral vision. With that much time under their belts, it’s no surprise that the 2019 CB650R’s DOHC inline-4 is such a smooth, user-friendly piece of kit. There’s no difference internally, apart from the new dipstick is longer. The engine is tried and tested from the uber-reliable CB650F, so won’t cause any long-term problems. Aftermarket options are a must (Bagster, SW motech traveller etc). An amazing bike overall, however the throttle is on or off nothing else. Honda engineers approached this issue from a few directions. LCD dash would benefit from improved illumination in sunny weather. Seat a tad on the firm side, needs a bum rest after 2 hours. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. Riding a motorcycle is my preferred method for self-reflection, and I’ve begun to pull my helmet on more and more, each time feeling better than the last. Honda CB650R Video Review. The CBR650R looks every bit a mini-Fireblade and makes for a very enjoyable relaxed day-to-day sportsbike. Superb bike loved it from the moment I test rode it. The Showa shock with spring-preload adjustment does a commendable job of masking the savagery of sun-baked tarmac and, again, propping the motorcycle up well once you’ve found yourself in the twisty stuff. You’ll yearn for short and long rides, trips to the market, the gas station, or even a midnight run to CVS when your kid is sick. The ‘wet’ but is important, because a third of that weight reduction comes from carrying less fuel, and – amazingly – less oil. You don’t steer with your hands or lean with your shoulders like other motorcycles as much as you tango with the bike, your hips and legs dancing with the machine between them. This year, Big Red has given its 2019 Honda CB650R the Neo Sports Café makeover, changing the middleweight standard-motorcycle from frump to fox with the snap of a finger. Acceleration is there when you want it. I would like a brighter LCD screen, as it is difficult to see in direct sunlight. Honda also offers a full range of accessories, including heated grips, luggage and crash protection. Damping and spring rates are set up for casual street riding, making it comfy on the abused tarmac, and still up for a romp in the canyons. On the road, the Pirellis felt plush and smoothed out small bumps really well. Brake hard and the CBR’s brake light and indicators will automatically flash as a warning thanks to Honda’s emergency brake warning system, which is standard fitment. This engine is classic high-revving Honda and while it's not what you'd call torquey, it's a blast to wring out. Honda has been infatuated with the inline-4 configuration since the 1969 CB750K0. My heart skipped a few beats as thoughts about me going down rocketed around my head. 2019 Honda CB650R Review: We ride the new 2019 Honda CB650R—based on the CB650F with more power and upgraded suspension—in the city and canyons. This likely wouldn't be a problem for a rider of more average height. Everything, every worry, every anxious thought, and the rest of the world faded away.