Pyramid of the Pantheon Shreds of Sanity Crackling Drake The three stood taller even than the gods themselves, their humanoid bodies ending with monstrous heads bearing the shapes of insects—one a scorpion; one a creature with a spindly, locust-like form; and one with the azure carapace of a scarab where its face should have been. Sheoldred, Whispering One The cry of her children shook Oketra from her shock. , Boardwipes: Blatant Thievery Same goes for The Locust God , , Knock on the Gates of Hell Rapid Hybridization Dragonlord Silumgar Cancel , Wrexial, the Risen Deep I don't know how those games go, as I haven't played the matchup yet; but I am pretty sure Games 2-3 the deck does much better. My best guess not knowing the matchup perfectly but knowing both decks well is that Red-Black probably wins Game 1 due to lack of permanent answers to things like Hazoret the Fervent and Scrapheap Scrounger and the fact that main deck we have a lot of X/1's that die to Goblin Chainwhirler. Shatterstorm , Target god you control fights another creature. , Instant-speed removal that can hit indestructible baddies and stop pesky graveyard shenanigans is pretty dang good. Diluvian Primordial And still, the God-Pharaoh did not arrive. , , Slave of Bolas , The Chain Veil Mystical Tutor And the scorpion god stalked closer, while behind it, the other two gods crossed the threshold of the gate into the city of Naktamun. , , Cut / Ribbons Archive, "And as the Luxa, the lifeblood of Naktamun, turned to the foul blood of the great shadow Razaketh, the Hours turned to that of Glory—the promised time when the gods themselves would prove their worth before the God-Pharaoh.". Hour of Glory , Primal Amulet Vampire Nighthawk  Flip, , Sepulchral Primordial , Spelltwine Rings of Brighthearth But Rhonas was ready, sidestepping the charging god and striking at it with his staff. The ground shook with each of its steps as it stumbled. And at that time, the God-Pharaoh will tear down the Hekma. , As he joined his sister Hazoret at the banks of the Luxa, Rhonas felt an uncharacteristic chill permeate his scales. Tezzeret's Gambit , , , This, however, was the first time he had witnessed it's doors thrown wide. Capsize Blessed be the strength and wisdom of the God-Pharaoh, he thought. Invoke the Firemind As the magical pressure in the air grew thick and almost unbearable, the blood of the river seemed to seep into the stone foundation of the Necropolis, running up the grooves and markings on the statues lining the sides of the building. That is an amazing card. , Hour of Glory. , Molten Primordial Steady Progress The Haunt of Hightower Faithless Looting , , Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun Hour of Glory from Hour of Devastation for . , Harvest Season Sunbird's Invocation Day's Undoing "Death to the God-Pharaoh, foul trespasser and destroyer!". . Fleshbag Marauder © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. At their feet, many mortals bowed their heads in deference or gazed up in awe, bathed for the first time in the presence of all five divinities at once. Tetzimoc, Primal Death It rang with certainty through the very fiber of his being, as interwoven a part of him as the leylines of mana that tied him to the world. , Mogis, God of Slaughter Transform Accounting of Hours. , The immortal seemed to regard Rhonas. Cast Out , , No player reveals their hand or exiles cards from it. He loves Cube Draft and corgis. Meekstone Deadly Tempest , , The second of the insect gods had spread its arms, and a swarm of locusts poured forth from its hands. Cancel , Majestic Myriarch Crashing Footfalls. Rhonas struggled, pushing up against the larger god. , The memories began as a trickle, then flooded through him as the tangled dam of magic unraveled. Nothing had sustained his attacks and lived. , Jokulhaups The blood, coagulating at standstill just moments ago, had resumed its flow through the gate, rushing with increasing speed as it coursed beyond. Last but not least: Lands: These seem to be good, but watch out as too many utility lands can hurt your deck, and just make sure you add enough basics in for searches to actually grab the color you need. , or , Oketra watched in horror as the dark cloud flooded into the sky and across the Hekma—and began eating through the magical barrier. If that creature was a God, its controller reveals his or her hand and exiles all cards from it with the same name as that creature. Hour of Glory I also spy you have things you want in the 'yard and you run Wrenn and Six. If that creature is a God, its controller reveals his or her hand and exiles all cards from it with the same name as that creature. , , The metal smashed against the other god's back, a resounding strike against its carapace that would have reduced lesser beings to dust. Contagion Clasp Angel of Condemnation Viral Drake Contagion Engine Sire Of Insanity With a guttural cry and final exertion, Rhonas launched his staff through the air, pushing the last of his power into the weapon. , Wayfarer's Bauble Privacy statement | Hazoret's voice reverberated in his mind, and Rhonas's gaze shifted to the river. The great lie of the God-Pharaoh. , by PhotogenicParasympathetic, The Scorpion God , Faithless Looting Banefire , Hellkite Tyrant Hour of Glory And the Strength of the World faded, his immortal light sputtering in the consuming shadows. In the past, Rhonas had seen the Gate to the Afterlife crack open as part of the daily passage of worthy dead to the beyond. Rhonas gripped his staff tighter as the scorpion tail arched over the god's head. , His blow caught it in the chest, and the immortal went flying across the expanse, landing with a crash just beyond the gate. Steel Hellkite Curse of the Swine , would be the best--proxy for now and include in first build? Reforge the Soul and 1/19/2018 There are many important moments in the story, but the most crucial—called “story spotlights”—are shown on cards. The scorpion god fell to the ground, ensnared by the serpent. , Stroke of Genius  Flip, Rakdos Charm might be a good finisher, but you might be good on those. Deepglow Skate , , Everflowing Chalice Fact or Fiction Keiga, the Tide Star , Target god you control fights another creature. Samut, the Tested Its body was a coil of sinew and muscle coated by dark exoskeleton, with hands that ended in sharp claws. , , , And so, when the second sun finally came to rest between the horns as prophesied, Rhonas rejoiced, emerging from his temple and his Trial. Silent Arbiter You may eternalize up to 5 creatures in your graveyard, if you do you lose 5 life. Help | "I am Rhonas, God of Strength. Polluted Bonds Deliver Unto Evil , Inferno Titan , He drew upon the fabric of the world itself, weaving the mana of Amonkhet into five forms, each to embody a virtue of himself. Expedition Map Rhonas shouted in fury and pushed, muscles screaming as he shoved the scorpion god back. , He opened his mouth to speak. The promised Hour of Revelation had come and gone, but no answers had been revealed. Pain Magnification, Beaters: The four gods stared, stunned into stillness. , Terms of Use | , A blast of fetid air burst from the monolithic structure, and a sudden crack rang out. Upon closer examination, the god appeared even more grotesque than Rhonas had initially thought. So sad rhonas died. It ran through the bodies of his brethren, each god-sibling tangible proof of the God-Pharaoh's benevolence and divinity. Bladewing the Risen ,