as fast as tobi's transportation tech. What fans do know is that shinobi have used the test for years. Right now. Not that he was faster to begin with though. Possibly quicker than SM Naruto considering how both fared against Bansho Ten'nin. When Kakashi tested his new students, he used a pair of bells to do it. An ass-poke sent Naruto flying into the air and into a river. Interestingly this, combined with having his Sharingan active much longer and being shown to perform more Ninjutsu than before, demonstrates how Kakashi hasn't reached a plateau and is still improving as a Shinobi. Seeing as it has around the similar speed of Tobi's S/T jutsu. Graduated from an Academy in a single year at the top of the class, he would later join a team alongside Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara under Minato's order and would later become Might Guy's rival throughout the series. Should be superior to Five Kage Summit Arc Sasuke, who reacted and deflected a light speed sword slash (1.2c). At just six years old, Kakashi led his team to victory in the exams. Though he had a few teachers at the Academy, his first sensei outside of school was Kakashi Hatake. Amanda is a freelance writer in Florida. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You could argue that when he used it on Deidara, he "missed" and only got Deidara's arm. Kakashi was his ultimate choice, and most fans will likely agree it was the best. due to Orochimaru's points I'll change my stance and apologize. Before Kakashi used the test on his students, Minato Uzumaki used it on his. Suicide attacks don't work off logic in manga lol. The target will be afforded no time to comprehend that they are being sucked in by a high level space/time Doujutsu. There is virtually no previous indication of Kakashi's activation of his MS at his current level. It was slow at first, but now that he's mastered it, it's much faster. Kakashi Hatake is a shinobi and major protagonist from the anime/manga known as Naruto. You must be registered for see images Kakashi blitzes Kaguya at her strongest and fastest she was fresh (no fatigue). The target will be afforded no time to comprehend that they are being sucked in by a high level space/time Doujutsu. At Kakashi's current level, should he decide to consume a human target, the speed at which he can now activate and complete the jutsu will be too fast for the opponent to mount a proper counter. These reflexes are also where that Substitution Jutsu comes in handy. It spawns instantly at the point of focus, pretty much the same as Ama. Kaguya shoots her fast bones but Kamui negs. The rest of the fight was just plain ol' getting blitzed the whole fight. You are using an out of date browser. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. What Anime Monster Are you Based on Your Zodiac? For his part, Kakashi didn’t take much notice of Guy as an Academy student. It would also indicate that he was arrogant and ruthless. Please don't just say baseless shit, sir. In fact Kakashi opts to use Raikiri (his fastest striking move) with the help of 3 others while targeting Zabuza with his back turned (why would he need to do that if he was soo much faster) and Haku could still intercept. Kakashi’s trials as a teenager left him without a team and with a reputation for doing anything to complete a mission. . Intercepted lightning at point-blank range (Mach 2225), Should be superior to Itachi, who reacted to Kirin (Mach 2915), Should be comparable to base Naruto, who could keep up with Pain, who dodged Naruto’s Rasenshuriken (Mach 2026). Kakashi made his manga debut in the third chapter of Naruto. Steps. Kakashi completed his courses so quickly that he graduated from the Academy at only five years old. It may not display this or other websites correctly. of the village, Kakashi started the series as a man of mystery. Knocked an adult chunin with a single strike. This would explain how Tobi was able to preempt the Jutsu by telling Kakashi not to use it. He didn’t make his debut until the Academy prepared to assign its three-man teams, much like in the anime. Developed Chidori at the same age and taught Sasuke to it. NEXT: Naruto: 10 Times Kakashi Was A Terrible Teacher. Naruto's Kakashi is a man that is certainly shrouded in mystery. The leader of Team Seven, and the eventual. Kakashi >= Zabuza Haku still appropriately applies They did react fine to Kakashi, Kakashi was just better.