Pasteurizing raw juice kills harmful bacteria so it can't make you sick. Home-canned grape juice is delicious and tastes nothing like the store bought. You simply heat up the juice to just below boiling. Boiled Grape Juice among the Jews. (Grape Jelly) Grape JellyThe ultimate taste of childhood, grape jelly They would filter the juice through strainers and remove the protein (albumen); this would leave no yeast for fermentation. The ancients practiced the following ways of preserving grape juice. How to Pasteurize Juice. If your frozen juice doesn’t taste good enough to drink after it’s thawed, all is not lost; try using the juice in a smoothie, salad dressing or soup . Veraison is upon us, which means the grapes are coming into season. You can sweeten it to taste. Freeze homemade juice in plastic freezer boxes, leaving 1 1/2 inch of headspace at the top to allow for expansion. Increase the acidity by adding citrus juice. Here's eight ways to preserve grapes, from the traditional jelly to chutney, raisins and more. If you go for the Fresh fruit juice is easy to lose color and flavor by oxidation. (or preserve for later) Note: If your grape juice turns out thicker than you like, simply add more water when serving, or mix with seltzer for an awesome homemade soda! Several reasons lead us to believe that the boiling process was most probably used also in ancient Israel to preserve grape juice… It's also possible to preserve homemade juices for longer storage. Putting fresh juice in jars and sealing it with pitch, placing the jars in cool pools of water, and keeping the temperature at a certain degree so the yeast would not multiply. You can home-can grape juice in jar sizes ranging from a pint to 2 quarts (half-litre to 2 litres). How to Can Grape Juice You can use a hot water canning method to can grape juice and make it last up to a year. To preserve fruit juice, you’d better fill it into glass bottles and seal it tightly, and store it at low temperature. Be sure to pour it into a clean Pasteurizing is a fairly simple process. Apple and grape juice are sure bets for great tasting thawed juice.