Place tamales inside Ziploc bags then store in the fridge for 3-5 days. To store just the filling, put it in an airtight plastic container and keep it in the refrigerator. Oh, I think I was missing a lot… I have never heard about Tamale Sauce till the moment I read your recipe. It’s the perfect consistency for dipping or drizzling over tamales, but can also be used for enchiladas, burritos, chimichangas and more! One caution, I used adobo sauce from canned chipotles and a little bit goes a long way! Would the shredded Mexican blend cheese work? baking powder 1 tsp. This really is the best tamale sauce!!! Set aside. Tamales can be served with any number of condiments — ranchero sauce, guacamole, and sour cream — just to name a few. To reheat your tamales through frying, you need to remove their cornhusks or leaves first. I have been wondering to make tamale tonight and I came across your recipe. Beef broth ties really well into beef and pork tamales. But, the most popular of them all is the traditional red chili sauce, not to be confused with the aforementioned ranchero sauce. My husband said he could put this sauce on everything! Thank you for some terrific sauce ideas. Storing properly will not only prolong the shelf life of foods, but it also preserves the nutritional aspect of the food. Full of flavor and perfect over our tamales for dinner last night! An Ultimate Guide On How To Clean Nonstick Griddle. I’ve never had tamale sauce with my tamales before this recipe, and don’t think I ever want to experience them differently. This was the perfect sauce easy, tasty and I also topped with fresh lettuce and tomatoes…yum. •Roast the chilies on medium-high heat until the skin is charred. When you're ready to cook the tamales, steam them for about 90 minutes over a medium flame. Serve tamales and Tamale Sauce with side dishes, tortilla chips and salsa for a full-on Mexican feast! After cooking tamales do you have to let them cool before storing? So yum, so easy, and so necessary. Place the filled and wrapped tamales in a 13-by-9-inch dish. This is a quick-fix, cheesy Tamale Sauce that reigns supreme with its Tex-Mex flare and kick of spice. It begins by roasting peppers briefly in the oven, followed by a soak in water. I’ve tried other recipes and they don’t even come close to how good this one is! I am having a moment of WHY have I never had tamale sauce? How To Thicken Peanut Butter – Useful Tips For Every Kitchen Corner! The sauce thickens on the stovetop and it’s ready for serving. I had Tamales in the freezer and I made this awesome Tamale sauce today. Following the directions was easy however when I added the cheese it didn’t melt completely so there were unappetizing looking little cheese lumps in it. We were gifted with two dozen tamales and I was looking for suggestions for serving when I came upon this recipe. SO good! Tie the tamales closed with strands of corn husk. 15842 North Cave Creek Road Phoenix, AZ, 85032 United States. Now I can’t go back to the way I used to enjoy my tamale. 6. After tasting your tamale sauce, I realized whas a great base it would be for a chili-cheese soup. Place steam basket into saucepan over water and cover tightly. Chop the pepper flesh and set aside. This recipe is excellent, just as good as my husband’s Mexican Grandmother’s from long ago. Promptly refrigerate any unused heated portion. This makes tamales a millions times better. A reheated tamale should not taste less enjoyable than when it was fresh. •Heat the remaining tablespoon of shortening over medium heat. Well, this is the time to give it a try. Steam for 35 minutes, or until the filling is firm. The sauce is not only easy, it absolutely makes my tamale eating experience so much better. •Stand the tamales up in a large steamer or colander with the open end up. Steam over medium-high heat for 20 - 22 minutes. Allow the mixture to simmer until slightly thickened, about 5 minutes. This sauce is amazing. This took me right back there! Made this last night and it was perfect for my tamales! So unless you are having a big tamale party the day you are baking, you will likely have plenty to store for later. Serve them with the absolute best Tamale Sauce! So glad I did!!!! When I was little there used to be an authentic Mexican restaurant here, in my hometown, that we used to go to. Thank you so much, I’ll think of you each time I make it! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It will be good with so many Mexican dishes … it is Tex Mex…flavor is wonderful! If you need to store them for longer than six months, it’s recommended to vacuum seal the bag and store it in the freezer. I have actually never made my own before :O but its so easy and looks so good! Tamales, however, lend themselves to a variety of options for both presentation and accompaniments. Tamales, however, lend themselves to a variety of options for both presentation and accompaniments. Split up your tamale-making process in one of two ways -- store the filled and wrapped tamales, or store the filling and wrap the tamales the next day. Get your answers by asking now.