2005 saw the most names retired in one year with five; 2017 saw four names removed. 0; The Atlantic hurricane season officially starts June 1, but the first tropical storm of 2018, Alberto, is moving toward the Gulf Coast with Alabama, Florida and Mississippi declaring emergencies. That means that there will never be another Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Maria, or Nate, as those names will be replaced on future lists. 2018 Hurricane Names Alberto Beryl Chris Debby Ernesto Florence Gordon Helene Isaac Joyce Kirk Leslie Michael Nadine Oscar Patty Rafael Sandy Tony Valerie William May 13th, 2004 | Tags: atlantic tropical storm names , hurricane names , tropical storm names | Category: Hurricane names… Actually, there's not much mystery to the list because the names are used in rotation and recycled every six years. ... A list of hurricane names that have been retired since the current name list system was established in 1979 is shown on this webpage. 2018 Hurricane Names. Home Products Accordion Shutters Garage Door Braces Galvanized Steel Panels Aluminum Panels Clear Poly Panels Bahamas Shutters Colonial Shutters Hurricane Fabric Commercial Roll-up Braces. No announcement has been made yet on whether any of the storm names from 2017 will be retired. 2019 Hurricane Names. All the Storm Names for 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season. 2017 Hurricane Names. What happens if you run out of names for hurricanes? We'll have to wait to find out, but in the meantime, here is the list of names for 2018 Atlantic storms, plus history on storms with the same names from the past. If more than 21 storms form in a hurricane season, names will be taken from the Greek alphabet. Recent Posts. The most recent retired names are Matthew and Otto from 2016, Erika and Joaquin from 2015, Ingrid from 2013, Sandy from 2012 and Irene from 2011. 2018 Florence Michael: History of Atlantic Hurricane Names. Names for tropical storms and hurricanes 2018. Share 0 Comments. Names like Katrina (2005), Joaquin (2015), Irma (2017), Maria (2017) and Florence (2018) have been retired. By Daniel S. Levine - May 27, 2018 02:43 pm EDT. 2018 Atlantic Storm Hurricane Season Names. For instance, many of the names in 2018 will be used again in 2024. In addition to retirements, there are a few names that were simply changed.