Instead, wait until you and Icarus are both falling, then start hitting him with the square and triangle buttons when you’re on top of him. Repeat the process to get to the far side of the rope, then drop down and find the final set of energy-imbued wood and destroy it. When you do so, you'll be able to jump up onto some footholds in the shaft and climb your way up to the top from those. Afterwards, Kratos smashes Perseus' head against a wall and throws him into a hook, killing the gutsy warrior. She'll occasionally swing her lower body around, so be on the lookout for that, although it can be blocked if you're on the ground. If you fail, you'll be smashed into the ground by the Colossus and forced to try again. With that done, the Colossus is dead and will begin falling. After another lengthy cutscene, you’ll get a Rage of the Titans upgrade and will earn all of your health and mana back when you activate it to break out of the Scylla’s grip. If you’re far enough away from her, you can dodge the pillars; zapping yourself up to the grapple points will also do the job, it seems. Eventually you’ll get O-prompts for them, allowing you to finish them off. It's obviously in your best interest to not let this happen, so try to defeat the boarmen before they get a chance to get near the cyclops, unloading Rage of the Titans or your magical attacks on them. When you reach the top, wait for your timestop to wear off, then activate the Amulet again. You have a combo chest here, and another pair of health/mana chests coming up, so don’t worry too much about preserving your mana or anything; use magic to aid you in the fight. Climb the ladder nearby and drop down via the chain there to reach a small room with magic and health recharge chests. You'll have to position yourself on one of the two docks to fight the creature, and you'll eventually have to defeat it from both platforms. This will cause Kratos to whirl his blades around him, damaging all nearby enemies, and will make quick work of most of the soldiers you fight here. That will lead to a passageway towards a cliff area where more skeletons appear. When the sister is far away, she’ll fling energy balls at you. Save your Rage of the Titans while dealing with the first cyclops. Move it around to the pressure plate nearby to open the gate, then kick it under the gate with the X button. Add the first question. These roots will only grow while you're standing on the plates, so freeze time to move across them. A solid pattern would be to perform a combo that knocks down enemies, perform a multi-hit strike to damage the prone foe, and then roll away and repeat the sequence. Can someone provide me with a detailed summary of what happened in GOW II? Not much you can do with it now, so drop down to the ground below and move all the way to the bottom of the screen to nab a Phoenix Feather and a Gorgon Eye, in chests that are just barely out of sight unless you move towards them (i.e. It would be possible to open the gate if you could put the body on the plate behind the half-opened grate, but you can't jump over it while carrying the body. For instance, the medusas that attacked you earlier are back in full force now, with two attacking you at a time. With the updraft active, double jump and glide up to the Scylla’s face and deal some damage to it! There's nothing you can do for Prometheus for now, so continue along the path in front of you until you reach another set of handholds. Begin by heading towards the blocked door to the right of Clotho. The main enemies here are three summoners, who will continually summon lesser soldiers to harry you. The gameplay of God of War II is very similar to that of its predecessor. (The hole houses a red orb chest that you might want to pick up.) It's best just to stand still, wait for a missile to get in the air, move slightly to the left or right, then fire away with arrows until the next missile comes your way. Unfortunately, the platform will drop before you can get up there, necessitating some statuesque interventions. When you return to the top of the chain, examine the wall nearby for a handhold. Personally, we didn’t bother to upgrade the Hammer, and rarely used it after obtaining it. (Interesting how Kratos can rewind his own fate to a place where he’d never been and a time before he was born!). Though as with the first game they give you extra weapons, but the default blades are still the best. There is also Perseus, who is on his own quest to the Sisters of Fate, and Icarus, whom Kratos gets into a tangle with in the air before ripping the wings off of the man's back and landing inside the Earths surface below. See our Video Games Guide for more. From the balcony, you need to first hit the plate, then stop time and run back to the central platform, taking a left to reach another small platform nearby.