As Kara is frightened, her mother shows her a ship that was built by her uncle. Helaas heeft het een veld dat schade retourneert en niet kan worden doordrongen. Dus vecht hij. [28] The Digital Deluxe Edition included three downloadable content (DLC) characters, the Power Girl premier skin, and one exclusive gear shader pack; the Ultimate Edition included nine DLC characters, the Reverse-Flash, John Stewart, and Power Girl premier skins, and two exclusive gear shader packs. Injustice 2 is the 2017 sequel to NetherRealm Studios' 2013 video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. Het pak van Superman is veranderd, hij is geïntegreerd met het schip van Brainiac en heeft nu de volledige controle. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. [63][64] The Microsoft Windows version was released on November 14, 2017. [129] The Ultimate Pack and Fighter Pack 1 were both in the Top 10 downloads in June 2017. Supergirl is busy dealing with Wonder Woman and her cousin until she gets a message from Batman to lure them to the cave. When Grodd retakes the throne, he takes control of Ra's al Ghul's mind and kills him. The story starts to pick up quickly once Brainiac starts attacking, so let’s slow down really quick and take a look at all the characters moving in the background. Waiting there is Batman in a power suit that lets him go toe to toe with the Man of Steel. They come face to face with the Society and face off against a few of its members. Batman must unite Earth's defenses again to face the planet-destroying threat of Brainiac. His plans include a successful attack on the U.S. Capitol which kills the President and much of his cabinet, along with the majority of Congress. Hij weet dat als hij Superman neerhaalt, de anderen zullen luisteren of onderduiken, dus gaat hij rechtstreeks naar Arkham Asylum, waar zijn ex-partner zijn eigen speciale merk houdt. [39], According to Goodman, the playable characters were decided upon by NetherRealm Studios in collaboration with DC Comics, similar to the previous title. Dit artikel behandelt het singleplayer-verhaal van Injustice 2 met spoilers. [117][118][119] IGN also nominated the game for "Best Xbox One Game" and "Best Spectator Game". He’s not finished though. Na een wreed gevecht en een confrontatie met Gorilla Grodd zelf, wordt er nieuw licht geworpen op de situatie. They know that Brainiac will sense it once the seal is broken, so they prepare to fight. The ship that her uncle had built for her put her into stasis as she drifted through the cold expanse of space. After Brainiac takes over Batman's communications hub, Brother Eye, Batman searches for other allies to help defeat him. Een van de interessantere ontwikkelingen is dat binnen de Batcave Harley Quinn aan de computer werkt. Batman stuurt Harley Quinn, Green Arrow en Black Canary om dingen aan te pakken, waarbij een nog grotere bedreiging wordt onthuld. The group includes the likes of Cheetah, Bane, Deadshot (who is being forced), Captain Cold, and some others. De opening is ook een moment om te delen wat er vandaag voor de helden gaat gebeuren. Ze hebben echter veel kracht nodig, dus wenden ze zich tot Black Adam en Aquaman om de steen te gebruiken die Adam aandrijft. In Slaughter Swamp, the group defeats Poison Ivy and Scarecrow and forms an alliance with Swamp Thing, but the villains escape. If you see any missing information, please add it. Grodd isn’t alone in his endeavors, he has someone he reports too. [2] Print issues of the series are released biweekly,[2] collecting two digital issues each. Fate who is a friend of theirs. [12] A "balance team" was also consulted during development to try to prevent players from clustering around a small number of optimal builds. Fate then appears, angry at the two for causing so much chaos. Injustice: Gods Among Us saw Superman kill the Joker for what he did to Metropolis and what he made the hero do to his wife and unborn child. Kara Zor-El is niet voor altijd verdwenen na de vernietiging van haar planeet. He doesn’t want to control her if he doesn’t have to, though he’s not fully against it. Injustice 2 is a 2017 fighting video game based upon the DC Universe.It is developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.It is the sequel to 2013's Injustice: Gods Among Us.The game was initially released in May 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; a Microsoft Windows version was released later in November 2017. The Regime was a group of heroes, and even some villains, that sought to bring justice to the world by any means necessary, even if that meant killing people. [18] According to Injustice: Gods Among Us Cinematic Director Dominic Cianciolo, the story from the first installment provided a solid foundation for adapting the canonical histories of the game's newer cast, allowing the writers to fit their stories within the Injustice universe. A battle soon ensues between the two factions, and the player can choose which one to side with. Het was een enorme afleiding van hoe de Justice League presteerde, en dit leidde ertoe dat andere helden, vooral Batman, een manier bedachten om ze te stoppen. The duo isn’t the type to run from danger, and their friends, so they fight him off and continue to focus on the Society. [131] By the end of May, Injustice 2 was the ninth best-selling game of 2017. Hoewel hij in het verleden zeker een slechterik was, maakte hij deel uit van Superman's Regime en houdt hij, naast Wonder Woman, Kara verborgen voor Batman.