Listed in the following table are practice exam questions and solutions, and the exam questions and solutions. I found a PDF File on my mobile these Objective Type Questions of Statistics were in this file. 0000003393 00000 n b) Correlation 0000005898 00000 n Show Answer, 10. Show Answer, 13. Summarizing and creating meaning from aggregated data, By providing insights into how people construct meaning through discourse. For a moderately asymmetrical distribution, which of the following empirical relationships is obeyed by the mean, median and mode? 1. a) Carl Gauss In the theory of sampling, which is/are true about the term “population”? Because of this, the answer choices will NOT appear in a different order each time the page is loaded, though that is mentioned below. Here we provide best collection of Statistical questions. ANS: A DIF: 2 TOP: 1 Explain your an-swer. 0000002078 00000 n 0000072847 00000 n This statement is not precise enough to receive any credit. 0000002361 00000 n 0000003529 00000 n What measure of central tendency is used when data are measured on a nominal scale? The additional practice helps consolidate what you have learned so you don’t forget it during tests. 0000003578 00000 n 1051 0 obj<>stream The problems relating to tossing of a coin or throwing of dice or drawing of cards from a pack of cards with replacement leads to d) Kurtosis �)Q���L��J"��֫��rMT�[�^(�*����y;۩K=�To$�w�#I�V�Y} �L�H~����~���NZ���Q�;�GN�- _��ע2�ɾ���'S�7���q�,R���J*)�t#+��4�<2 Uq]m]�)�M���~. *�*骓�ؖ��q���xLY@"7�sN��ɫ�I���.Qi1y�ӂ�G5���u]��N���g�\'w���fAb2M��̘KyHf���$?N\}A��y{�!��u�A�~E��?��%�Ë,�!��+Ɠ�����;����0N=����W} rL����6퉙Lnʪ�iMD���RDT�dY���d�ȳTQk�)c@}���q�O�&��#�s��(��bt��d=y�t�p���{n�����w���c The likelihood that your results are true, The likelihood that something occurs due to chance. Do not explain your answer. a) (mental age x chronological age)/100 Asfandyar ali shah: 57. Show Answer, 7. trailer 0000020617 00000 n 0000006415 00000 n ioc.pdf Next section 1 Descriptive and Inferential Statistics 2 Variables 3 Percentiles 4 Measurement 5 Distributions 6 Graphing Distributions ICY0006: Lecture 1 2/78. If your results say that the p value is < 0.001 what can you conclude? h�b```����� cc`a�8p��a��J�3�&U``8P��ٽ1�q���v[��3I2�?�jp�^��V��le��ǻE �L�|�h��X1��WCNV(�����Q��I��鞝�p|ov���V�P��vn�e���씎�\�~�ٞ��6ǖ%(��.ҳ5�W^��T��qܹ�I���� ]����rt7>Oj=�Tϱ�P��%h������5�5�T] Rv���ʴ���@�UQ_�W5����֫BN� `�_� t��=��'E���qXh�$#����2`7�*���@`]΢�3�g���U� d) All the above This post contains Statistics Multiple Choice Questions with Answers for those who are looking for Statistics Quiz online.These Solved MCQs on Statistics are posted here for practice purpose. Then, after. What statistical test would be used with interval or ration data with multiple dependent variables? d) Demand analysis d) All the above Other factors that might affect lung capacity are smoking habits and exercise habits. 0000013680 00000 n 0000009804 00000 n 0000012870 00000 n Get help with your Statistics homework. c) Principle of least squares It describes ways of analyzing qualitative data, It describes methods for analyzing quantitative data, It describes methods of collecting, quantitative data, Identify the group of people to be studied. %PDF-1.6 %���� 0 If there is a probability of 5% in how many cases would a result arise solely due to chance? x���1 01�K�(ע�] O�՞4mi����WO� �/1 c) The German word “Statistik” Incorrectly rejecting a true null hypothesis is an example of what? Testing two different groups of participants at the same time, Testing the same participants on two occasions, Testing two different groups of participants on two occasions, Comparing matched cohorts on one occasion. What name is given to data which is made up of frequencies? x�b```b``�e`e``9��π �,`�q��a�6�+�MA2�e�M��0Y$ �j�Md?2�H&h�u�n�����u�S�Q��$��?J$p$�:��3C��a�Z�������DHs30�N�(0 X[ # a) Mutually exclusive Show Answer, 18. All rights reserved. The purpose of this task is to help… %PDF-1.4 %���� �"y �Lc���A���4M��V�8�/t��@� �� �h``�� 2�+:�t�d� � Y�r�8��&���%w�. a very good system of collecting “Vital Statistics” and registration of births and deaths was in vogue__________. If an experiment is repeated under essentially homogeneous and similar conditions and the result is not unique but may be one of the several possible outcomes, this type of phenomenon is known as ___________. a) Kautilya’s Arthshastra STATISTICS 8 CHAPTERS 1 TO 6, SAMPLE MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS Correct answers are in bold italics.. A student has studied enough so that the probability they will know the answer to a question is 0.5, the probability that they will be able to eliminate one choice is 0.25, otherwise all 4 choices seem equally plausible. In astronomy, the theory of Gaussian “Normal Law of Errors” for the study of the movements of stars and planets is developed by using__________. 0000013758 00000 n 0000021354 00000 n 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 5 a. c) Demography 7. Introduction to Statistics : pp. Reading Questions Carlson, An Introduction to Statistics, 2e SAGE Publishing, 2018 Reading Questions Chapter 2: Central Tendency 1. b) Statistical quality control c) (mental age / chronological age) x 100 c) Mode Mean b. Try the multiple choice questions below to test your knowledge of this Chapter. endstream endobj startxref Which of these measures can be used to present an average for data? Chapter 1: Introduction to Statistics . 0000003897 00000 n 0000003405 00000 n a. This is__________. a) Binomial distribution Additional materials for exam preparation can be found under the class sessions dedicated to exam review. 0000002609 00000 n Which is the only average to be used while dealing with qualitative data that cannot be measured quantitatively but still can be arranged in ascending or descending order of magnitude, e.g. PDF | On Oct 16, 2017, Shengping Yang published Statistics questions with answers | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate • Most research begins with a general question about the relationship between two variables for ... answer questions about the population. 4 c. 5 3. c) A.N. Show Answer, 8. d) Replication Show Answer, 4. startxref 0000020850 00000 n The Submit Answers for Grading feature requires scripting to function. What statistical test would be used with ordinal data obtained from one sample? 3. should complete all of the practice problems. d) a or b or c 1049 0 obj<> endobj Index numbers are now widely used to study the economic and business conditions of the society, they are also applied with advantage for formulating and revising plans from time to time by ________. a) Mode = 3 median+2mean 0000012613 00000 n Several events are to be __________ if the happening (or non-happening) of an event is not affected by the supplementary knowledge concerning the occurrence of any number of the remaining events. As temperature increases ice-cream sales will also increase, As time spent revising increase the number of fails will decrease, As testosterone increases so too does verbal aggression, As download prices increase sales will decrease, Women scored higher than men on narcissism. 0000006323 00000 n Once you have completed the test, click on 'Submit Answers' to get your results. Why must you review the materials produced using statistics? d) External data Accepting a false null hypothesis is an example of what? endstream endobj 1050 0 obj<>>>/LastModified(D:20030709115831)/MarkInfo<>>> endobj 1052 0 obj<>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/ExtGState<>>>/StructParents 0>> endobj 1053 0 obj<> endobj 1054 0 obj<> endobj 1055 0 obj<> endobj 1056 0 obj<> endobj 1057 0 obj[/Indexed 1070 0 R 15 1071 0 R] endobj 1058 0 obj<> endobj 1059 0 obj<> endobj 1060 0 obj<> endobj 1061 0 obj<>stream 0000003885 00000 n If they know the answer they will get the question right. c) Reduced cost of the survey 0000006514 00000 n Show Answer, 2. d) All the above, 16. Who is known as the father of “Vital Statistics”? h�bbd```b``e�m �IDrʁHf=)l &����`���e:&���O��<0;Lf�H�_ R�D*���� ��l{�� ��IF��`v����#�X%�&�3��� � +� 0000001416 00000 n source 2? From ________ it is known that even before 300 B.C. c) Quantity index number Students need to be able to identify and pose questions that can be answered by data that vary. Introduction to Statistics and Frequency Distributions. Which is/are the main merits of sampling technique over the complete enumeration survey? 0000001647 00000 n Show Answer, 5. c) Correlation 0000012475 00000 n 1d�0� à��w���@�������3���ջ�嶃����,��M ��}�Qd���R��A��#m$#QF�ۧ���Q�U]�dɸ�9F�s&� kJo��+��W�����͏r���U �����z� s���PԱ�H!H�rf��ŗm�j}�� 1A�@�m�˦���W����lH��)���|�)����9�&���{�9�z�A�"n{��5�����Y�FO;"M�"[U� b) Index numbers Chapter 1: An introduction to statistics Try the multiple choice questions below to test your knowledge of this Chapter. a) Regression analysis a) (mental age + chronological age)/100 c) Health and educational authorities This scenario applies to Questions 1 and 2: A study was done to compare the lung capacity of coal miners to the lung capacity of farm workers.