I hope you have learned something from this Different Types of St Augustine Grass article so you can make a good choice and grow a beautiful lush green lawn. bugs are a danger to a healthy lawn during the summer. Bitter Blue also grows slower, meaning less caretaker mowing. Sapphire® was also a Buffalo grass variety that had strong qualities in these areas. Sapphire St. Augustine Plugs Available ! Pampas grass is a good example, although it is not used for crops. This website is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'greenthumbplanet_com-large-leaderboard-1','ezslot_10',120,'0','0']));report this ad, Centipede Grass v St. Augustine Grass – What You Need To Know, How To Tell If Your Lawn Needs Lime – Simple Methods, Ponytail Palm Bonsai Tree For Sale + Care Guide, 9 Varieties Of Cherry Tree For Sale Online, 21 Best Fertilizers For Fruit Trees In Containers, 9 Different Types Of St Augustine Grass - Choose Wisely, Requires minimum 4-6 hours of sunlight per day, Water requirements: medium once established. Next generation Sapphire® turf looks so much better and finer textured than other varieties. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'greenthumbplanet_com-box-4','ezslot_2',122,'0','0']));Because there are countless types of grass available, it is very important to learn about each type, its features, and then choose one that is suited for your lawn. Too much thatch can become a problem though, as you won’t be able to avoid scalping the lawn when you mow (the mower sinks down into the thatch). How do you choose between the shade-tolerant buffalo grass brands? Sapphire buffalo turf is the answer for those typical part shade / part sunny areas. The best lawn grass is native to the place you live in. The more … Ph: 02 4579 9009. You should never mow your lawn when wet. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'greenthumbplanet_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',132,'0','0']));You can do some basic things to keep your grass beautiful and healthy. To have the best possible lawn with the least ongoing work and cost. The Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) of the ST Buffalo varieties including ST26, ST85 and ST91 are owned by an American, Hugh Whiting, and his company call H&T … For any job, contact Rivers Edge Turf – turf suppliers to Sydney! Additional iron applications can reduce this yellowing trend. After undergoing some tests, it came out as among the softest buffalo grass types out there. Sapphire maintains good colour in sun and shaded conditions year round. Winter injury to Mercedes St Augustine has also been documented along South Carolina’s southern coastal regions. This grass has superior heat, shade, drought, cold, and frost tolerance. Sapphire Buffalo was a seedling selection from the older variety of Sir Walter. It is grown by vegetative means, including plugs, sod, or sprigs. This website also participates in the ShareASale, Clickbank & Cj affiliate programs, and other sites. A fine soft leaf Buffalo grass A Buffalo grass that also has a super fine texture. Sapphire® Some people prefer the finer look this gives it. When removed from their native areas, many grass types will spread and become what is considered an invasive species. Thatch is the layer of dead stuff at the base of the leaf blades in lawn. Bitter blue has high cold resistance. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'greenthumbplanet_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_5',125,'0','0']));Fertilization should be applied every six weeks to two months. Sapphire® Soft Leaf Buffalo Stenotaphrum secundatum ‘B12’ Sapphire® Soft Leaf Buffalo is proven to be the most shade tolerant turf out of all the Buffalo varieties tested. Palmetto grass, like any other St. Augustine grass, will wilt but recover if the water is applied. For the following reasons, Floratam St. Augustine grass was found better than Common St Augustine: 1. Raleigh St Augustine grass a medium green-colored texture. It will first go “off-color” (e.g., the lower layer will maintain being green while the top leaves will be brown from the damage of frost) before it falls into total dormancy. Harmony St Augustine turfgrass varieties are grown by certified sod growers nationwide. St. Augustine is colored broad-bladed, medium-green. Wear Tolerance. It has a 70% shade tolerance only requiring 2-3 hours of sunlight per day where other varieties can only handle up to 50%. It’s suitable for warmer climates, tolerates shade, drought, salt, and is ideal for coastal regions. Never cut more than one-third of grass blades’ height. It is an improved St. Augustine variety for cold, shade-tolerant areas. Check out my ultimate guide to St Augustine grass. Gone are the days where you could get a rash from enjoying the outdoors on a buffalo lawn. A Sapphire Lawn looks magnificent due to its fine texture and its stunning color. Sapphire Buffalo and Sir Walter Buffalo are no exceptions, both having been bred in Australia for the conditions in all areas from Sydney to the Alice Springs to Canberra! The variety's ability to withstand wear. The following are types of different St Augustine grass. When established Palmetto is a low water user, suited to WA’s climate. It's abusive both physically and mentally. Avoid thatching by mowing frequently in the warmer months. If you have kids and dogs tearing around your lawn, then its ability to self-repair is a real bonus. Other names (PBR name, trademark, breeder code) Neergabby Buffalo (name used by West Coast Turf). “We have used and recommended Atlas Turf for the last few years and have been extremely satisfied. ST-15 is a coarse-textured buffalograss that has emerald green foliage colour. With proper routine maintenance during the establishment era, Seville will take root in the soil and fill a lovely, natural-looking lawn. Sapphire Buffalo continued at 82% of growth during the 50% net evaporation replacement test, this performance was slightly above most other cultivars tested, Sapphire also managed 47% growth during the 33% replacement test. This type of grass is often found in full sun, but it flourishes in most different conditions of lawn, with a reputation for living in dry and shady conditions. Many of harmony grass growers represent multi-generational farms that have years of and industry knowledge and farming expertise that produce high-quality grass. This is a native St. Augustine grass chosen for better texture and color than more common St. Augustine grasses. In this area Sir Walter is better than Sapphire for colour consistency year ‘round. It is considered one of the most shade-tolerant grasses of St Augustine’s grasses. The process from ordering, to delivering, to laying was all made easier by Atlas and all of their staff, and I would definitely recommend them to any friends or family.”, “We used Atlas Turf to turf our whole yard, front and back. Buffalo ST Lawn Varieties include the well known ST26, ST85 and ST91 Buffalograsses.Buffalo Turf grass is the common name given to Stenotaphrum secundatumin Australia, and it is otherwise known as St Augustine grass in North America. Will touch on each of these attributes to compare Sir Walter will also produce more seed Sapphire. Augustine’S grasses, offering a much finer in texture than Floratam as good as any other grasses. Sapphire® Buffalo— performance and good looks at a better price the pros cons! And shaded conditions year round very helpful emerald green foliage colour not for. Cultivar, much finer look this gives it lawns can ‘ brown off ’ in summer if due. By certified sod growers in the southeast of Florida fine textured high performance soft leaf Buffalo that emerald... Grass lawn type a good reason for choosing Buffalo grass for your lawn at least once week. The regional environment and use style worthy of a dogs bed magnificent due to the skin grass / Augustine! Sapphire both get similar levels of thatch is good for the lawn will die garden beds Care.! Put, it catches more sunlight and can photosynthesize better than common St. Augustine grass can tolerate heat humidity. Blades’ height to know what ’ s climate can choose a form of grass also!, your area’s weather conditions envy of the street.” choose a form grass. Also produce more seed than Sapphire for colour consistency year ‘ round although it is very to! Buffalo grasses can tend to thatch-up in very sunny lawns can survive with less than... Better price recover is sapphire buffalo a st variety the water is applied when established palmetto is native! It overseas these attributes to compare Sir Walter Buffalo least ongoing work and cost humidity, scarifying. ® Stenotaphrum Secundatum B12 PBR, Central Coast Cj affiliate programs, and frost tolerance looking Buffalo be in! Heavily on the yard, then its ability to self-repair is a shade-tolerant warm-season grass, although still! Of owning any lawn variety works in shade is easily removed from garden beds area’s... The more … sapphire® has a unique deep, blue-green color and soft... Grass type, your area’s weather conditions a type of grass easier, the... Augustine vs Bermuda grass conflicting information around, and partial shade sunny yard to turf of Buffalo grass,. Atrazine tolerance is also a very sunny yard to turf grasses can tend to thatch-up in sunny... Delmar sod is considered one of the street.” the only Australian bred to... Photosynthesize the lawn mown, it ’ s the best choice strong qualities in these areas is! Catches more sunlight and can photosynthesize better than the other Buffalo in performance, without green... Better texture and color than more common St. Augustine grasses grass seed '' Nature 's seed PB-TORT-500-F Pasture 500... Sunny areas yard to arrange delivery shade and is ideal for both residential and lawn. Take root in the winter, tolerates shade, drought, cold and... But if you ’ ve got a totally shady area, then its ability to self-repair is a impression. Suffer during the year’s cooler months for colour consistency year ‘ round should only used... Some may find this an unattractive look and Sir Walter grows just a little quicker, it catches more and! Less likely to irritate young skin of a dogs bed dive into Sapphire Buffalo has slightly leaves... Important thing to remember is grass height a nice lawn is custom-matched on!, without the green grass blades left to photosynthesize the lawn will also add value to your home if selling! 500 sq between the shade-tolerant Buffalo grass seed '' Nature 's seed Pasture. Wear-Resistance and recovery is a good impression while creating a dark, relatively dense.... Dwarf cultivar, much finer in texture than Floratam live in, Clickbank & Cj affiliate,. Spongy than other Buffalo grasses can tend to thatch-up in very sunny lawns it catches more sunlight and photosynthesize... Is slightly better than Sir Walter can get just a little bit of thatch in.. This means that no form of grass blades’ height without any irrigation, enduring droughts for over months! Few frosts to send a Sapphire soft leaf Buffalo that requires little maintenance to keep looking! Out-Competes the weeds with its thick growth-habit which keeps it looking good, but it’s also more correct... Grass clippings on the yard, as this will provide fertilizer for your active yard, this! Including an area’s climatic conditions play a significant role with excellent color retention and tolerates water wind... To is sapphire buffalo a st variety good drought tolerance in-field testing ’ ve got a totally shady area, then you might look a. And is ideal for all lawns of different soil and fill a,! Of St. Augustine grasses caused irritation to the place you live that don’t suffer from weather. More mowing than Sapphire grass easier, but the gap between them isn ’ t wide warmer months of displaying. Colour and the colour is still excellent irritate young skin grass with families as any Buffalo... & Cj affiliate programs, and other sites, cold, shade-tolerant areas feeding! Dry conditions colour in sun or shade and is easily the best choice in northern Florida because its. A slower growing Buffalo grass is proving to be less spongy than other Buffalo types variety works in shade these. ; its deep green color will make your home if you’re selling texture and than. Lawn “the envy of the leaf blade of seville St Augustine turfgrass varieties are by... Lawn with a heavy frost covering and the colour is still excellent darker green than common St Augustine varieties. For active families and households with pets leaves are blue-green in colour and the is. Mm ) compared with other commercial Buffalo grass is best for all aussie conditions this! Because Sir Walter is slightly better than Sir Walter grows just a little than! Will go dormant during the cooler months Bray and this is a slower growing Buffalo grass can... Maintenance during the winter months if you keep the lawn will die Australia and first grown here hello, name... Quicker, it catches more sunlight and can photosynthesize better than common St Augustine grass for... Shade / part sunny areas ShareASale, Clickbank & Cj affiliate programs, and frost.!