What really makes moment marketing what it is, is to get out there as quickly as possible and in a witty way. Here are some great examples of brands who have smashed reactive marketing. The creativity and turnaround time are equally important. When rapper … Reactive content works in the opposite way to proactive content marketing. How brands are drooling over ‘bananas’ with moment marketing campaigns After Rahul Bose’s viral video on JW Marriott Hotel that charged him Rs 442.50 for two bananas, brands took a dig … Instead of formulating your own ideas, you react to breaking news, topics, trends … A good example of this would be the release date of the John Lewis’ Christmas advert - this date will be deep-seated in the minds of marketing managers throughout the retail industry. What is Reactive Marketing? The ad world has seen some of the best moment marketing … The most memorable moment of Glastonbury 2019,and probably the whole of summer, was #AlexFromGlasto. Reactive marketing is the polar opposite of Proactive Marketing because instead of working to anticipate changes in consumer markets, it usually takes place because of unforeseen or unplanned for competition.