Date of birth, driver’s license numbers, other identifying information? What process for requesting and receiving voter lists is appropriate? Full or partial SSN, DOB, identify of the public agency which the voter registered, e-mail. Ganesh Hatui of Congress won in 1972. You consent to the use of cookies if you use this website. In the case of Left parties, CPI and Read More…, The Bihar Election 2020 Exit Polls have failed to give a uniform prediction about the winner. Political activities only. The voter database is private and confidential and any of the information contained therein shall not be disclosed pursuant to a subpoena or civil litigation discovery request. Personal identifiable information such as SSN, DL number, or full dates of birth; electronic copies of signatures. Open to public inspection and electronically accessible by any person. Political parties, organizations engaged in “get out the vote” efforts, current office-holders, governmental or quasi-government entities for authorized activities, a law enforcement officer or agency that makes a written request for bona fide law enforcement purposes. brings to you everything related to elections as they unfold. %PDF-1.3 DOB, SSN, DL number, ID number, Military ID, Passport number. Voter name, county voter identification number, residential address, mailing address, sex, race, age but not date of birth, party affiliation, precinct name, precinct identification code, congressional district, senate district, representative district, and, where applicable, county commissioner district, city governing board district, fire district, soil and water conservation district, and any other district information available, and voter history including primary, general, and special districts, or any other reasonable category. Specifically prohibited uses include: harassment of any voter or voter's household; advertising, solicitation, sale, or marketing of products or services to any voter or voter's household; or reproduction in print, broadcast visual or audio, or display on the Internet or any computer terminal, except for the authorized purposes described above. Anyone may request the list for a fee. The county master registration file shall be open to public inspection during office hours. West Bengal Online Voter list enrolment form,, Addresses and phone numbers are kept confidential if a life threatening circumstance exists to: a law enforcement person; the law enforcement person's family; or persons otherwise determined by the clerk of the county in which the person is registered, or if the disclosure of the residence address or telephone number of a person would result in an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy or expose the person or a member of the person's family to risk of bodily harm. Colo. Rev. Parties receive information on the last date the record was changed, and additions and revisions to the list. Not specified, though names and addresses of registered voters are not public information. Residential address is kept confidential if a voter submits an affirmation that the voter is a victim of domestic violence. Once a strongholds of CPIM Jangipara will … Any person may receive a voter list upon request. Town clerks must make copies of voter lists available to the chair of each political party in the municipality and any other person upon request, at cost. Free lists are provided upon request to political parties. %�쏢 What provisions are made to protect information for people who require address confidentiality, such as victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking? Forty per cent of them are in the 18-30 age group. County election officials must permit any citizen to inspect or make copies of any registration record without a fee, and any citizen may request a copy of the registration records (which costs per page). Art. SSN, DOB, DL number, voter registration number, declinations to register to vote made at the DMV, information on when and where the person registered. ACP participants, law enforcement officers. In it the following acronyms are used: Political parties are provided with a state list, and counties may choose to make information available to others. The List given below of Jangipara, Hooghli contains the Authorised CSC Centers by government, where you can get all information related to Voter Card or Voter List. ACP participants. 195 Jangipara (Vidhan Sabha constituency) is composed of the following: Jangipara community development block and Ainya, Haripur, Masat and Shiyakhala gram panchayata of Chanditala I community development block. Political parties, party committees and candidates may receive copies of voter registration lists. Denver, CO 80230 Others may request lists for a fee. [2] Prior to that the Jangipara assembly seat did not exist. Srerampur Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 Live Counting, Election Commission of India ECI Results Find out all the details about Srerampur General Election Parliamentary Constituency including Lok Sabha 2019 Election Results, List of Assemblies, Constituency Map, List of Member Parliament from Srerampur and All the Other Latest News