Mongul though, proved to be too great and came out on top, tearing out Arkillo's tongue, leaving him mute, never to speak out against him again, he later found his tongue and tied it to his neck with a piece of rope. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Okay Atrocitus, Sinestro and Arkillo vs. Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan and Kilowog. New Guardians (The Blackest Night) Members,,,, Arkillo is a supervillain and member of the. Last Appearance The question is what would you give more value to, clear on panel feat or lack of it thereof, or the vibe you get while reading about a character. He then preached that Kilowog would lose due to the fear of killing his opponents. When he confronted them, one of the Sinestro Corpsmen attempted to provoke a fight with Rayner which led to Arkillo and his comrade departing in order to not get involved as Sinestro would punish anyone that disobeyed him. Kilowog was able to force Arkillo back and into a comic convention building. When the GLC arrived, Arkillo went straight back to fighting his GL counterpart, Kilowog. After this, the New Guardians set out for Okaara to confront Larfleeze. His actions after this are unknown, but he eventually made his way to Daxam when Mongul II summoned the Sinestro Corps there. Then Atrocitus grabs Rayner an' strangles him with his brute strength, but Rayner then blasts Atrocitus away from him, an' Rayner makes a mini gun construct an' starts shootin' Atrocitus like crazy, but Atrocitus then just does a battle roar an' charges some Red Lantern napalm in his mouth an' spews it all out on Rayner. Kyle is a white lantern :p. If not Atrocitus wins. I'll give it to team 2. Faced with the threat of the Black Lantern Corps, Arkillo and his fellow corpsmen decided to unite with the other members of the emotional spectrum against the Black Lanterns. Even if Atrocitus could win only against one at a time they'd still win as the villains team is beast. This led to a fight between the lanterns and the Guardians, which was ended by the apprearence of Larfleeze. Was the first character seen to be recruited to the Sinestro Corps. Arkillo found Mongul leading the Sinestro Corps, and challenged him to single combat without the rings, with the winner becoming leader. He is more of less a pretty powerful brick, Kyle has beaten bricks easily, as he should, for eg: Major Force. He was a principal combatant during the Sinestro Corps War, particularly at the battles of Mogo and Ranx, where he fought one-on-one against his analog in the Green Lantern Corps, Kilowog. He then journeyed to the planet Daxam after receiving a signal for all Sinestro Corps members to converge there that was sent by Mongul. Later, Arkillo was with a patrol of Sinestro Corps members on Daxam where it was revealed that he was enraged over his defeat to Mongul to the point where he would kill anyone who mentioned Mongul's name. He is insanely big, strong, powerful an' durable, an' his Red Lantern ring is as ferocious as my love for the Thing is massive. sinestro team wins i mean atrocidis has beaten hal kyle and kilowag all by himself at the same time so in that note yea sinestro team wins and sinestro knows secrets about the rings that not even the guardians themselves know. Plus his powers are thrown out faster and hit very decently. Jordan punches Sinestro in the face, but Sinestro makes a large rocket launcher construct an' blasts dafuq outta Jordan, but then Jordan flies t'wards Sinestro, but Atrocitus air-tackles Jordan outta the way, an' then he punches Jordan in the face twice, but then Jordan makes a huge fist construct an' punches Atrocitus a couple 'a times, but then Atrocitus grabs Jordan an' does a bearhug on him, an' his breaks his back after a bit. @Lone_Wolf_and_Cub: @age_of_ultron_Prime2000: @highaccuser: @BlueLantern1995: @Tohoma: @oceanmaster21: @ThunderGodsWrath: ?? @Clark_EL: They are both a part of the same fight, the issues its from is Green Lantern New Guardian 13, and it was a traning exercise designed to teach Kyle how to master rage spectrum. Taken to Qward, Arkillo's brutal nature allowed him to quickly advance in the ranks becoming the Corps drill sergeant and overseeing the creation of new Qwardian rings. Its about choice. Sinestro arrived and dispatched Mongul, reclaiming his place as rightful leader, which Arkillo was overjoyed by. When the conflict moved to Earth, Kilowog battled his Sinestro Corps counterpart, Arkillo. Kilowog refused to kill Arkillo, but would not let him kill with a power ring again, so he did the next best thing—he severed Arkillo's ring finger with the ring still attached. yea he is and arkilo was able to fight mongul for a while so hes pretty tough, I really want to say team 2, but I am leaning toward Team 1. Arkillo's pretty tough too, since he could slug it out with Mongul jr an' all. @oceanmaster21: True how powerful do you believe Arkillo is? Atrocitus is like a Lantern version of a non-jobbin' Darkseid. Arkillo lived in Space Sector 674, the same sector as Green Lantern Kilowog, which may be the reason they look somewhat similar. Hal has beaten Sinestro a lot more often than other way around. Kilowog's gettin' the upper hand, but then Atrocitus comes from behind, grabs Kilowog's shoulder an' says "hello, Bolovaxian", then Kilowog tries ta punch Atrocitus, but Atrocitus grabs his fist an' squeezes it. 1 Quotations by or about Arkillo (New Earth),, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Hal and Kyle are a LOT more accomplished than Atrocitus. Their battle raged across the San Diego area before finally Kilowog defeated Arkillo by dropping an aircraft carrier on him, trapping him. Arkillo mo… Soon after Arkillo's ring ran out of power. ", This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Sinestro Corps members category.". A savage carnivore, Arkillo was recruited into the Sinestro Corps due to his ability to "instill great fear" in others. Arkillo lectured his rival, stating it was only fear that kept Kilowog from killing him. [8] Members recruited include Karu-Sil, raised by animals; Despotellis, a sentient virus capable of attacking Lanterns from the inside; and Bedovian, the sniper of the Corps, capable of taking out a … The Sinestro Corps fled to Korugar, Sinestro's homeworld and immediately took over. Arkillo continued to grudgingly serve under Mongul's rule when the corps fled from Daxam, who's residents had regained their powers. In the Sinestro Corps War he lost his finger fighting Kilowog, but somehow he got it back by the time of the New Guardians. Arkillo mocked Kilowog, saying that for all of his ability to overcome fear, Kilowog was still afraid of using his ring to take a life. Atrocitus is normally potrayed as a huge powerhouse, in a weakened condition he fought and stalemated Martian Manhunter and Appolo, awesome right. I can totally defend my position that i believe Kyle would win, win scans from both parties, but at the same time i will totally respect someone who feel Atrocitus would not only beat, but stomp Kyle. When the war between the two Corps began, Arkillo was the commanding officer, who led a large group of Sinestro Corps members in the battle between Mogo and Ranx, the Sentinent city.