The main aspects of gameplay consist of first-person battles, puzzle solving, and exploration. Files on The Kings Field Wiki. The game's fully 3D, first person perspective was groundbreaking among role-playing video games of the time and received significant critical acclaim. King's Field IV (released as King's Field: The Ancient City in the US) was the first game from the series released on the PlayStation 2 console. Describe your topic Edit. Genres:RPG. The game takes place on the island of Melanat. This includes the very first game in the series, which was released before the Playstation console was even available outside of Japan. The game was released in Japan on July 21, 1995. The slow character movement facilitates streaming data from the game disc which eliminates loading screens that were common among most PlayStation titles.[10]. Similarily, while you need the Moonlight Sword to. Februar 1934 in Fort Worth, Texas; † 13. [2] It is the second entry in the King's Field series and the first one released internationally. In it, your main character is given the Idol of Sorrow and tasked with returning it to it's pedestal in the Ancient City, which will supposedly break the curse. You can adopt this wiki and revive it. [1][2] Both melee and magic attacks drain dedicated stamina meters, with no further action possible until the meter has filled again. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The debut title of the King's Field series, the game has players navigating a vast underground labyrinth to discover the source of an invasion of monsters. The entire game takes place within the Land of Disaster, where the forest folk once dwelled until an evil curse came upon the land. FromSoftware initially attempted an action game for personal computers (PC)—featuring 3D CGI graphics and robots navigating an underground labyrinth—but stopped development as no PC at the time could handle the project. In the sequel, the player takes the role of Granitiki prince Aleph (アレフ・ガルーシャ・レグナス) (alternatively named Alef/Alexander) who is shipwrecked on Melanat, an accursed island that has drawn the attention and forces of the new king of Verdite—and an old friend—Jean. King Curtis (eigentlich: Curtis Ousley; * 7. This sounds like an, The first two games mostly work on the premise "Seath good, Guyra bad." The player takes the role of Granitiki prince Aleph (アレフ・ガルーシャ・レグナス) (alternatively named Alef/Alexander), who has taken it upon himself, as one of the king of Verdite's closest friends, to retrieve the holy sword known as the Moonlight Sword, and return it to King Alfred of the kingdom of Verdite. King's Field is a series of first-person RPGs by From Software (better known for the mecha-combat series Armored Core). Since it was never published outside Japan, this game is commonly known as King's Field (Japan) in the U.S. In the course of your journey you learn that the civilization of the Ancient City had begun worshipping "the darkness" and may have brought about their own destruction. Lyle finds out the truth of the situation, defeats his father and the being who possessed him. The game not only spawned multiple sequels, but would go on to inspire future FromSoftware titles including Shadow Tower, and the Souls series. There is an online community dedicated to this program, which has made Sword of Moonlight available in English and has even produced games using it. [6] King's Field was published by FromSoftware on December 16, 1994;[7] this was thirteen days after the PlayStation console's Japanese release. [8], To commemorate their 20th anniversary, From Software released the special collection package called the King's Field Dark Side Box in 2007, which contained a reissue of the four King's Field games which had previously been released on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, as well as soundtracks for all six games, a map of Verdite, and other bonuses.[9]. After the success of the first game, King's Field II was also released in the United States, retitled simply King's Field without a numeral nor subtitle. The game takes place in the Medieval land of Verdite, which was once terrorised by evil powers. Unfortunately, much of the franchise is a case of No Export for You. [5], The game's development lasted less than six months, with a team of around ten people working on the game. It was only released in Japan and was never localized to English; however, the game came with a mini-instruction manual in both English and Chinese for grey import buyers. Kings Field 2 ; … King Curtis (eigentlich: Curtis Ousley; * 7.