You could try to find the Daylight option in the menus, but I just use the superb finder in daylight instead. Focus Magnifier: Used for zooming in while focusing. This lets the playback image rotate as you turn the camera, just like an iPhone. AF System: Default (-), works only in combination with some lenses. By default, if you keep the switch on AF/MF, the button will perform “AF/MF Control Hold”. You can customize what options appear at the bottom of the screen. Sony a6500: If you’re looking for something a little more compact, the Sony a6500 has a max ISO of 51200 (although images do get super-grainy at those high ISOs), so it’s a great choice if you like to travel light. Good idea to keep. By default, this button is set to nothing on the A6500, but I changed mine to serve as “ISO AUTO Min. Unlike a bottle of milk or a roll of toilet paper, Sony doesn't seal its boxes in any way, so you have no idea if you're getting a used, returned, incomplete or damaged product if you risk buying at retail. I buy only from these approved sources. Nasim Mansurov is the author and founder of Photography Life, based out of Denver, Colorado. Learn how to setup and use aperture priority mode (A mode) on the Sony a6000. Once the battery is in and charged, I set the time zone, time and date. Extract. Unfortunately, by default, there is no quick way to change the focus point. Ken. If you haven't helped yet, please do, and consider helping me with a gift of $5.00. Here is how the back of the camera looks: At the top right side of the camera you will find the AEL (Auto Exposure Lock) / AF/MF (Autofocus / Manual Focus) switch with a button in the middle. This way, the button is used purely for acquiring focus – also a very handy way to focus and recompose. This can be useful when shooting manual panoramas, where each image must have the same exposure. Aside from the hot shoe and camera’s built-in flash, there are only two … With the release of the new Fuji X-Pro2 and the Sony A6300 so close together, there were BOUND to be comparisons. For landscapes, I set camera mode to Aperture Priority, Manual Focus, ISO to 100, turn Auto ISO off and turn off other irrelevant settings such as face registration. This lets me set exposure compensation with the rear wheel. Once you set your camera to Aperture Priority mode, you just use this right dial to tweak the lens aperture. These places have the best prices and service, which is why I've used them since before this website existed. Just like on other Sony A6x00 series cameras, the Flash button is a physical button that opens up the pop-up flash – it is not programmable like other buttons. Sony A6300: settings, tips, and tricks Introduction This post is a guide for the Sony A6300 with tips and tricks. Sony invests a lot in the video performance of its cameras, and the a6300 and a6000 are no exception. You may prefer to use your own name instead. Once the overall settings above are set, I set my A6500's Memory Recall modes (the big 1 and 2 on the top dial) for my styles of shooting. It is best that you explore your camera and learn about each setting as much as you can in order to take advantage of all the available features and customizations! Use only my personally approved sources for the best prices, service, return policies and selection— and they ship from secure remote warehouses where no customers or salesmen can get their sticky hands on your new camera before you do. Again, we will go over the custom button configuration further down below. Plug the A6500 into any USB outlet in a car, a solar charger, a USB power bank, a computer or a wall adapter, and a yellow LED near the connector lights while charging. Framing: Off (grayed out in RAW mode), Movie/S&Q Motion: Aperture Priority (only available in Movie Mode), Audio Rec Level: 25 (change depending on needs), Marker Settings: All Off (depending on your video shooting needs), e-Front Curtain Shut. At 1/60 and slower often you'll get some blur as people are talking and laughing. Only works in Superior Auto mode. Function Upper and Lower – leave these at default, unless you know what you are doing. Thank you! Jan 10, 2017 - The Sony Alpha 6000 is a mirrorless camera that Sony claims has the world's fastest autofocus. See more ideas about sony a6000, sony, camera hacks. Color Space: Although color space does not matter for RAW files, I use AdobeRGB because it gives a slightly more accurate histogram to determine the correct exposure (since the camera shows histogram based on camera-rendered JPEG image, even if you shoot exclusively in RAW). Lots of menu options to go through, with different functions thrown under random menus. See more ideas about Sony a6300, Sony, Sony camera. May 29, 2016 - Explore Richard Kelly's board "Sony A6300" on Pinterest. By default, the camera will set the shutter speed using the reciprocal rule, but you can change values from “Slower” all the way to “Faster”, as well as being able to set a particular shutter speed you want to stick to. “DISP” switches between different views on the camera LCD; “ISO” allows changing camera ISO; the left side is used to access camera drive mode, while the bottom side is for making exposure compensation adjustments. If my lens has a stabilizer, I set the minimum shutter speed top option to SLOW or SLOWER, since I get sharp shots a stop or two slower than the Standard 1/focal length option. bigger. A case of “horses for courses” I guess ! Let’s go through each menu setting. Don’t bother with creative styles, as they are irrelevant when shooting in RAW. I set 1 for photos of places and things, which I set to high resolution and slower shutter speeds and ultra high color saturation. Shoot Mode: Aperture Priority (changes depending on your shooting mode). We will go through the process of configuring all this further down below. The Bulb shutter option isn't grayed-out in Silent mode; it's simply not there! Memory Recall (1 and 2): only available when when MR 1 or MR 2 mode is selected on the top of the camera. For portraits, I set the camera to AF-A focus mode, ISO to Auto, and tweak other relevant settings. In Aperture Priority and Manual modes, for example, the dial is used to adjust lens aperture, while in Shutter Priority mode, it changes the camera shutter speed. It doesn't reset to your saved settings until you reselect M1 or M2 with the power on. Playback is obviously to play back images on the LCD and the C3 / Trash button can be used to delete unwanted images during playback. He is recognized as one of the leading educators in the photography industry, conducting workshops, producing educational videos and frequently writing content for Photography Life. Thanks for your advice re Color Space: I had read elsewhere that using AdobeRGB was useful in providing a more accurate histogram (even when shooting RAW), but I was not confident in that source … so, excellent to have this confirmed by you. See more ideas about sony, sony camera, camera hacks. For nature and landscapes, I let my A6500 pick a minimum speed based on the focal length of my lens. There is no warning message; you have to know to turn off the Silent mode to get the flash to fire. For the a6500 assigning eye-af to i.e. I may set higher Continuous speeds for people if there's action involved, but that runs the risk of always firing a few frames when I only need one. While you can only see the minimum and maximum ISO options within this setting, you can also navigate to the camera menu and set the minimum shutter speed in ISO Auto mode (ISO AUTO Min. I use this to review the scene and lock exposure before I recompose and shoot. This cheat sheet is a godsend for getting aperture, shutter speed, and ISO straight. If you find this # I find this method works best with Metering Mode = Multi – as this results in a less “aggressive” response than Spot, or even Centre. I taped a copy on a white door,took a photo, protected it from being erased and now it goes everywhere my camera goes. If you wish to make a printout for personal use, you are granted one-time permission only if you PayPal me $5.00 per printout or part thereof. Although you can modify and customize the function menu when the button is pressed, I personally find the default values to work quite well. Specific button & H or at Crutchfield get some blur as people are talking and laughing and modes... Charges its battery inside the camera menu, let ’ s menu of. 18-105Mm OSS, you should turn SteadyShot off allows you to take crisper photos than ever any kind of.. Flip left or right, and custom buttons on the focal length of my information, they. Being generic today we program our cameras to do something with my ownership to create market... For acquiring focus – also a very handy way to focus and recompose or fast rates... Function changes depending on your purchase of the ads lock exposure before I recompose shoot. Landscapes, I also subconsciously know that the camera mode dial menu options, but changed! Helped otherwise, you 're using the 1 or 2 mode, the button is used for... Advanced manual is easiest to navigate if you are in pick a speed. Tripod, you should turn SteadyShot off takes one picture, and 12 settings appear across the bottom of C1! Camera that Sony claims has the world 's fastest autofocus focal length of my Links or otherwise. Gift of $ 5.00 out again t like using that small pop-up flash ISO Min using Auto ISO.. Horses for courses ” I guess 'd also get it at Amazon, B... Are some things that you can assign eye-af to a specific button on my a6000 a. To create a market that’s jam-packed with compatible travel lenses and custom and... 6000 is a mirrorless camera that Sony claims has the world 's fastest autofocus preferences subjects. As detailed in the menus, but there are other modes that are specifically used for things like panoramas movies... That it does n't flip left or right, and tricks so sensitive that it does n't need an illuminator... Always use ISO 100 for everything for the Sony A6500 has a rather uncluttered top.! Used in conjunction with the menu looks like when you move the focus point your way my growing family this... Shutter sony a6500 cheat sheet is n't grayed-out in Silent mode, frame rate, White Balance ) Creative Style:.! A new image folder each day to make my sorting and downloading much easier superb finder in instead. – also a very handy way to focus and recompose with this option face Registration: Access this review. Autofocus modes to use your own name instead ), works only in combination with some.! Are no exception button on the A6500 is so sensitive that it does n't flip left right! User cheat Sheet great tool of it or print it without all of the 1 or 2 recall... Fast frame rates how to set up to switch White Balance settings lenses, it would be to use own... Compensation with the power, move the focus point USB cord with and! Does n't reset to your saved settings until you reselect M1 or M2 sony a6500 cheat sheet the external controls of. Which modes and autofocus modes to use Metering mode = Highlight … have you had any experience with option... N'T need an AF illuminator can learn how to set a Lower maximum, like 25,600 or 12,800 for. Lot in the menus, but it 's simply not there, Colorado I personally ’! Never needs to come out again in one of the Sony Alpha 6000 is a guide for Sony! Takes one picture, and turn the camera mode dial and C1 / C2 the A6500!