I would say (with totally made up stats but guessing with experience) Extra shot with double tap 240 and ITZ 60 ish. Not one shot, one shot, five shots, one shot, one shot, one shot, one shot, one shot, one shot, one shot. I agree that feeding kills to high ranked officers isn't wise, but that's assuming that the OP focused on rushing ITZ-snipers which judging by his post is highly unlikely. SGT: Will to Survive. Gunners have a lot of flexibility in their builds, with many viable combinations. The Bullet Wizard will often engage from squadsight range, but can't rely on this keeping her safe. It's easier to deal with them when you have a heavy with Bullet Swarm or an assault with Rapid Fire. Post by josna238 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:43 am By the time I have a col sniper, most of my top 10 are colonels, so loosing xp isn't an issue. Long War 2 Sharpshooters are quite similar to their vanilla counterparts, with the difference that Pistols are now available for all soldiers as utility slot items, but the vanilla talents that specialize in pistol use are available in the Advanced Warfare Center instead. If you were already happy with the toughness and stats of the soldier, you could take Mayhem instead. LCPL: Covering Fire for the bonus aim and improved overwatch efficiency. Over the entire course of the game, you get more shots off with double tap. The Gunner could go for Shredder Ammo and Double Tap in order to apply it to two targets per turn, but this build can add 2 free supercharged rockets, 3 free smokes and the Arc Rifle to compensate. and if i remember correctly, after the first shot all you can do is one of the three above, so no shot than rocket. MSGT: Mayhem. Suitable Maps: Maps with open sight-lines such as small or medium UFOs suit the Bullet Wizard. AP Ammo can help compensate for the lack of HEAT Ammo. Relative stability is right. even if you could fire a rocket second that would be wildly inaccurate. Later, can be applied to entire groups of enemies with Danger Zone. Gear: Bullet Wizards prefer to use LMG-type move-or-fire weapons, although SAW-types may be preferred on maps where sight-lines are not clear, like Urban Blocks. Overwatch Gunners make excellent psi candidates; build offensive psi to allow them to assault enemies even after moving. Suitable Maps: HEAT Gunners are valuable whenever powerful enemy robots may be encountered. With HEAT Ammo, the Gunner should be able to destroy small robots (seekers, drones) in one hit and cause major damage to larger ones despite their damage reduction. Double Tap. Particularly valuable against entrenched enemies and very tough single targets that need focus-fire. Allows the Gunner to inflict holo (and shredded on hits) on two different targets every other turn, or put more fire on a single target, the second shot benefiting from the effects inflicted by the first. Helps hit flying robots. Suppression is improved over vanilla, working to restrict the target's ability to use rockets and grenades as well as its vanilla effects. They are not that strong against Cyberdiscs, which they struggle to score hits on reliably. CPL: Opportunist to bring the Overwatch build online. Greatly increases both the chance of at least one hit on an enemy and the average damage per turn. The “double tap” is interesting too. Several strong utility perks are available, including Holo-Targeting and Shredder Ammo and of course Suppression. Limitations: The only weakness of this build is its lack of heavy defenses, as it often gets up close and personal to a large robot, and draws a lot of fire with Suppression. Causes shredded status on a hit for yet more effective focus-fire. This final perk finally brings the magic to the Bullet Wizard build. If the priority is a reliable source of shredding for a single target, there are more accessible options such as Rocketeers, a Flush+Shredder Gunner (CPL), an Engineer with Suppression, Mayhem and Shredder Ammo equipment (TSGT), or an Assault with Shredder Ammo item. SAWs have higher damage and larger magazines than assault rifles, with a mobility penalty. Other soldiers also have the jobs of finding the targets and protecting the Gunner (smoke, suppression) if he has to move up to a dangerous position to strike. One potential offensive support build combines the debuff perks; Gunners can suppress in AoE with Danger Zone, apply Holo Targeting on those targets, make it inflict damage with Mayhem, and thus shred them with Shredder Ammo. When she hits, she hits very hard, but more often she will be pinning enemies down with Suppression or softening them up for kills by other units. then a reload. Home Board index XCOM 2 Mods and Modding Long War 2 Long War 2: Strategy; Sniper: AMF vs Double Tap. LCPL: Holo-Targeting. Useful from the beginning of the game with its mix of utility and damage, midgame brings in heavy robotic damage, and late game it comes online again with massive utility.