Do not buy this product! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It’s made in China, but the fit and finish of this guitar are very commendable, with a laminated spruce top and catalpa back and sides. With such a compact size, it makes a great travel guitar, as well as something to keep around the home. Be sure to check out the full OG1 review. We were able to tune it and got it working in a day and with little coaching my 3 yr old starting "playing" it that very same day. There are loads of small guitars on the market – some great, some not so good. Topping this list is a Taylor, which should come as no surprise – this popular brand knows how to make a stellar acoustic guitar! Our Safari Bamboo guitar is a 3/4 dreadnought travel acoustic featuring a bamboo top, back, and sides, as well as a bamboo leaf laser etching around the soundhole. Small body guitars are great for fingerpickers in either blues, folk or even jazz styles. It is terrible. Please try your search again later. Since she's 5, we were on the lookout for something in the middle of the range. Great tone and awesome projection for such a small guitar. With the variety of designs and sizes in this section, it's safe to say she succeeded on both fronts. And when I looked at laser-etching closely … The body itself features a cutaway and is made with laminated mahogany and capped with a solid spruce top. If so, you've got to see the Vista series. While it is a compact guitar, Luna Safari Guitars deliver full size tone and tonal voice that belie its small size. If anything, I find the HPL to be lighter and brighter and often prefer playing it to my solid wood body. Luna Guitars utilizes some of today’s latest guitar-making technology to craft beautifully ornate instruments. There’s more in the complete GX18CE-NS review. Read the reviews and agree with all the good things people had to say. Choosing a guitar and learning how to play can be overwhelming. Required fields are marked *. Offerings include acoustic guitars, electric guitars, travel guitars, children's guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis, banjos, & ukuleles. In short, HPL is a compromise to give you a better sounding, cheaper guitar. They are small, durable, well made guitars that sound great, play great and cost less than $600 – and in many cases, just $300. Most orders are eligible for free shipping. The Taylor baby features Layered Sapele back and sides, with mahogany top and neck and ebony fretboard. Required fields are marked *. The Big baby and gs-mini followed and they keep getting better. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. I wish they would have packed matching picks with it... but nonetheless, this is a great buy and perfect for your young child. After all, it works for guitarists like Ed Sheeran, who famously uses a Little Martin for pretty much everything he does. It sounds good when strummed also, which makes it a great entry level guitar as well. First up from Recording King is the RPH-P2-TS – their “Dirty Thirties”, dust-bowl inspired Single O. You know, as bad as this sounds, she was soooo excited when she opened her pink luna guitar that it was worth buying it just for that moment. restrictions. Luna Guitars believe that everyone should be able to enjoy playing an instrument and that's why they created a full line-up of stunning travel and mini acoustic guitars. So, what does the number of frets that clear the body have to do with anything? When you do want the option of using an acoustic guitar amplifier, one of Luna's acoustic-electric models would be the way to go. Not to be outdone by Taylor, the iconic American brand Martin also offers a fantastic small guitar that pushes for top… To all of you out there who are looking for a first guitar for your child, do yourself a favor and either go to a local music store and buy a "real" guitar, or if you are only looking for a toy, go to a toy store store and by one there. This is exactly why we have put together this article, which highlights the best small acoustic guitars on the market, spanning several different styles and price ranges. This is a good quality...REAL guitar. 15% Off Qualifying Purchase of $199+ or Call for Exclusive Offers, Black Friday: Seven days of our lowest prices, New Arrivals: Explore the latest gear and exclusives. Need help or assistance with this item? The GL1 is a bit of a wildcard considering it is half classical guitar, half tenor ukulele – aka, a guitalele! Guitarists, welcome home. HPL is short for High Pressure Laminate. Gypsy Muse Parlor Mahogany - Luna Guitars manufactures instruments that are artistically designed, physically comfortable, affordably priced, and sound as good as they look. I was looking for a small, light travel guitar with a reasonable price tag that I could take hiking / camping easily and not be too disappointed in I accidently turned it into firewood. Not to be outdone by Taylor, the iconic American brand Martin also offers a fantastic small guitar that pushes for top spot. This is a medium quality guitar. We manufacture exotic instruments that are artistically designed, physically comfortable, affordably priced, and sound as good as they look. The right instrument will always be the one you love to look at as much as hear. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With the Parlor style guitars out of the way, we now come to the slightly larger small bodied acoustic guitars – the 12 and 14 fret models. Seriously, I would not pay more than $20.00 for this. She is a "pink" girl so of course she was totally thrilled with this guitar. This does not mean they have only that many frets, rather it’s the number of frets on the neck from the body to the nut. If they didn’t start the small body/parlor guitar revival, they were one of the makers who helped propel the style to the forefront of modern guitar styles with the Taylor Baby.