Having a powerful tool stack for your sales team is a valuable strategic advantage. Hey, Mandy Your blog post is very helpful for me you provide best tools list in this article. Hoopla can be integrated with CRM, productivity apps and other software. Feel free to add any thoughts at all in the comments below. Having a full view of every sales situation enables your team to make the right moves that directly impact your bottom line. Acquire the corporate intel and insight you need to attract, qualify and convert customers. With access to 200 million contacts at 20 million companies, Clearbit gives you the right information about your prospects when and where you need it. Frase is an A.I machine learning based tool designed to assist content marketing with three main core features: - Analyze the internet and provide topic suggestions based on your target keywords - Analyze your existing content pieces and compare them with your competitors’ to find topic gaps and analyze your performance - Provide a summarized report of the research that you can use easily to plan your content. Glad you found it helpful, and thanks for the recommendations! It's an amazing time saver for anyone who has ever spent an insane amount of time gathering data that seems to be outdated even by the time you've gotten it all together. But with Sisense, you already have a full-stack business intelligence platform that can gather and process all your data scattered across multiple sources and quickly build decision-quality reports. PointForward is an end-to-end performance management solution that helps you train sales reps quickly and cost-efficiently. Lead411 is a Sales Intelligence platform that discovers actionable insights for sales/marketing teams to help them target companies/contacts that are much more likely to be buying specific products and services. Communicating that value effectively is another story. Hoopla is a full-stack performance management platform that aims to build a culture of excellence and collaboration. Eliminate bottlenecks, enforce compliance standards with ease, and run Conga’s native analytics engine to give you an accurate picture of how specific customers engage your content. It’s no accident testimonials and success stories find their way into brands’ home pages. Through the years I’ve learned to appreciate how simple working with Qlik is. A lot of the best CRM tools (Customer Relationship Management) help you stay abreast of your current and future customers. It’s not breaking news. It offers scheduling, content creation, collaboration, social monitoring, and reporting features for agencies and freelancers. Use InsightSquared to quicken the pace at which actionable intelligence — such as historical trends and predictive outcomes — can be gleaned from your CRM. You can also use the platform to onboard new hires, keep your team’s engagement skills sharp, and fine-tune your communication strategies. Awesome article Many. It would be extremely awesome if you could check it out and probably add our tool to the guide! Standout features of the tool include a custom color palette, free font library and resize feature. Airtable is a CRM, and a lot more. FirstRain focuses on acquiring pertinent information, and on formulating timely insights to drive growth strategies and strengthen sales. If CRM is the only technology enabler you’re currently using, your competitors are likely leaving you in the dust. You have added some useful tools that are very useful. Bitrix24 is a great CRM and it’s totally free. you did great work. Tech businesses who partner with AlwaysHired can expect to have a high-quality talent pool from which they can onboard tech-savvy sales professionals. Autoklose is a sales engagement platform that offers email automation and B2B data all-in-one. It helps you target the right prospects by utilizing a huge database packed with clean, verified B2B leads. Leverage native analytics and behavioral triggers to nurture leads across the buyer journey. Growlabs combines B2B lead generation with outbound sales communication to identify, engage and convert leads, at scale. We share our top 8 favorite SEO tools here: https://www.modgirlmarketing.com/best-seo-tools/. Mike and the gang have really done a great job with that platform. I look forward to more updates and will be returning. The Conversica sales assistant will relentlessly but smartly continue to engage customers using natural language until they are ready for human sales professionals to come in and close the deal. There’s no need to be doing manual tasks anymore like following up on cold emails one by one. Find the perfect stock photo for your blog or icon for your logo without worrying about attribution. This free onpage optimization tool from Internet Marketing Ninjas is a one-stop look at what’s going on a specific page of your site. Salesfolk is a new type of “social network” where customers can reach out to salespeople instantly. Membrain helps salespeople to focus on the right prospects and opportunities and sell more confidently, from the first contact to close. Wow, awesome list! If you’re okay with some SumoMe branding, you can add the buttons for free to any page and customize the networks that appear by default. OptimizePress is designed to create pages with a similar look and feel to your WordPress site. The platform can find new leads based on your target demographic or firmographic data, and identify web traffic, providing insight into named accounts. Which of your favorite tools would you add to this list? For those who are running their website or blog via WordPress, perhaps the fastest and easiest way to set up a landing page is simply to create a new page. If your team hasn’t had any addition to your toolkit lately, it’s high time to assess which stage or aspect in your sales operations needs a little uplift. It’s not nonsense hashtags. You can join for free here: http://modgirl.social. You can batch the social media marketing process: Do all your curating and composing all in one go, then spread those updates out across the next day or week. We definitely like using Snip.ly. You can also manage team progress using Allbound’s simple UI that enables reps to register all their deals and organize leads. Use SalesExec to instantly prioritize and route leads, reduce closing times and generate sales activity reports. Skip the research and data entry with automatically enriched customer data. HupSpot Marketing Free allows marketers to easily generate email leads from their website with a free pop up tool. Based on Gmail, Mixmax is a productivity app for any customer-facing team. Not sure if you've heard about Planable, the most visual platform to transform your creative ideas into social media posts, brainstorm right in the platform, get feedback, make sure the post is approved by your teammates / clients and schedule the posts directly to social media. thank you so much. Through LinkedIn’s native messaging, Sales Navigator also serves as an alternative way (to email and) of reaching out to executives. Ramp up sales performance by engaging and inspiring customers with better, action-inducing conversations. Want to see how your content (or anyone else’s, for that matter) has spread across the web? When you get to inform, educate and delight leads better, you also get a better shot at closing deals and increasing revenue. Demodesk is the first intelligent meeting tool for sales and success teams. See how any Twitter user is connected to others with MentionMapp, which makes all your connections visual and simple to understand and explore. Veelo provides a comprehensive sales performance management solution by centralizing enablement, optimization, onboarding, and training in a single platform. All Rights Reserved. Crystal uses AI to predict anyone’s personality from their online footprint, helping you write and speak with the most effective style. Keep up the great work! Plus, reps save time with Klyck’s advanced search and filtering options that make it easy to find the most relevant sales content quickly. Sigstr is a simple but powerful tool you can deploy without IT help. We hope you’ve already heard of Followerwonk, one of Buffer’s many partners in amazing social media data. Glad you liked the article! It’s a huge, monstrous amount of info, generously given away for free. Looks like a lot of effort went into this. Jiminny makes coaching happen for sales and customer success. With Omnisend you can reach your customers based on their actions via email, SMS, Web Push notifications, or Facebook Messenger.