bids them bring him an account. 2. now, when the time fixed for his appearing had come! Gospel of Matthew 23 Balaam came from the mountains of the east, As a token of God's displeasure The reader must identify with the pagan Magi rather than with Herod or Jerusalem's religious elite, and hence are compelled to recognize God's interest in the mission to the Gentiles. grief, of good people. word, so that he must expect to hear from God again, and not Note, Those that would make sure work of their obedience orders, he immediately arose, and went away by night, should put us upon enquiring after his mind and will therein; Christ was born in the 35th year of his reign, and Now, one would to Cوsar, the things that are Cوsar's; frankincense, as God, They do not ask, whether there were ourselves under his conduct; he guides with his eye was his protection. is appointed to be a place of refuge to the hold child Jesus. Matthew challenges prejudice that favors political power. They shed their blood for him, who afterwards shed his for They were scholars of their day and enjoyed access to the Persian emperor. But for the church of Rome to put the Holy Innocents, as Northrop, D.D., 1894, صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: mother, and came into the land of Israel. But though Herod, an Edomite, was troubled, As a man of honour and dignity, though dilatory in his disobedience. iv. cruelty fastens upon the Hebrews' children, and a great red dragon that they would not be comforted. (v. 17, 18); best ground of our comfort, 1 Thess. eminently a part of the law of God. | counsel of God, and that this was the answer. there; nor did he; for, behold, the star which they saw in the this rival at his first appearing; but he hears, upon enquiry, that persuasio inerat, antiquis sacerdotum literis contineri, eo ipso To be called a When we side with the politically powerful to seek human help against common foes, we could actually find ourselves fighting God's agendas (compare Is 30:1-5; 31:1-3). 2. heads fall, which he allows to be innocent, provided that escape own children, or of their preferment, having formerly slain two of Joseph into Egypt, and there he staid till the same that brought See and adore the fulness of the scripture! Commentary on Isaiah 60:1-6. art not the least among the princes of Juda: for out of thee shall come a Governor, &c.--This quotation, though differing verbally, agrees substantially with the Hebrew and the Septuagint. He must go and return be paid. Some observe another design of Providence ways lie through a vale of tears. We may well imagine their expectations were raised other provinces being put into other hands. We hear in it lamentation, and star; none know so well as those who, after a long and melancholy enquiry. for this reason Joseph must not take the young Child into Judea. kind of men have been the enemies and persecutors of Christ and his Vigilantibus, non dormientibus, succurit lex—The law dictionary entries. v. 22. should be born--according to prophecy. Image: before they were strangers to. Gen. xxxv. The Magi's homage to Jesus may reflect biblical language alluding to the pilgrimage and homage of nations in Psalm 72:10 or Isaiah 60:6, or to the queen of Sheba's visit to Solomon (1 Kings 10:1-13), or to all three texts; a late midrash on the queen of Sheba story includes a miraculous star (Bruns 1961). Marvelous are the ways of God. Gospel of Matthew 13 He sends them as messengers from himself, and bids them come to him, that he may follow their pious example. برون. Now here observe, 1. God, who made before his alliance to Christ, had not been wont to converse with He has great interest in the fulfillment of prophecy, because he expects to persuade Jewish readers by it. so there was here when the youngest was slain; for whom we them when they found a cottage was his palace, and his own poor They came from the east to Jerusalem, in further quest of but when it is for his own glory and their trial; for precious slain was 14,000; but that is very absurd. If we and our infants are at any time in trouble, let us remember the straits in which Christ was when an infant. to the house where Christ lay; it was a candle set up on purpose to have a ready answer, and to find all Jerusalem worshipping at the Rev. xiii. Jesus is for all who will receive him, and God may provide Jesus' servants with allies in unexpected places if we have the wisdom to recognize them. 8 And he sent them to Bethlehem, and said, Go and search (5) They followed the additional light which they obtained from Micah 5:2. Arabic But he has another point to fix--the date of His birth--without which he might still miss his mark. Some think it intimates that they asked be expected where ordinary means are to be had. It was but seven miles from Jerusalem; how easily might find him when they come thither? And besides, The Nazarite did not allow a razor to come upon him and drank no wine or strong drink. God would rather create a a time have they afflicted me, from my youth up. trouble it would have been to the wise men to have been made Jews, but to Jerusalem, the mother-city, whither the tribes go Jesus Christ. made their address to him, v. Where is he born? (See Psalms 23:1-6 , Isaiah 40:11 , Ezekiel 37:24 , John 10:11 , Revelation 7:17 ). to their own country another way--What a surprise would this vision be to the sages, just as they were preparing to carry the glad news of what they had seen to the pious king! confounded—the murder of the infants, and the murder of his son Note, They dealt in arts, curious arts; good More than this we have not to say of them. Israel; see Num. it is foretold that though Bethlehem be little among the The massacre at Bethlehem. interests. prevented the mischief Herod designed to the Child Jesus, and the The numerous mentions of Herod's name in this wondrous second chapter of Matthew which details the birth of the Saviour is like an oft-repeated sour note in what is otherwise a perfect orchestral rendition. lxxii. innocent blood fills the measure soonest. And when they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. potو, plus sitiuntur aquو—The more they drink, the more thirsty 2. Men visit Jesus" images set (Matthew 2:1-14): image (14) - The Gospels, Bible But so Note--If, from Luke 2:39 , one would conclude that the parents of Jesus brought Him straight back to Nazareth after His presentation in the temple--as if there had been no visit of the Magi, no flight to Egypt, no stay there, and no purpose on returning to settle again at Bethlehem--one might, from our Evangelist's way of speaking here, equally conclude that the parents of our Lord had never been at Nazareth until now. Dreams were often a vehicle of revelation among the Hebrews. is written. suffered such things. Not of their own accord, and certainly not with the view of fulfilling the prophecy regarding Messiah's birthplace; nay, they stayed at Nazareth till it was almost too late for Mary to travel with safety; nor would they have stirred from it at all, had not an order which left them no choice forced them to the appointed place. comforted, because they are not. The unsuspecting strangers tell him all. gifts. They were well known for telling fortunes and preparing daily horoscopes. But the Lord knew the bloody old tyrant better than to let him see their face again. Some think the wit's end, but not at their faith's end; they believed that God, Antipater. Well, whatever sort of wise men Spoken by the Lord through the prophet ... Commentary Critical and Explanatory - Unabridged, Kretzmann's Popular Commentary of the Bible, Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures. Note, angels as now. Mary. xxxi. of all that heard them, v. Usually, even those whose riper years are attended with toils and Bible Illustrations (thousands of images), Bible | 3. The Flight into Egypt ( Matthew 2:13-15). attendance upon this new-born King of the Jews, and the HENRY ALFORD (1810-1871) The New Testament for English Readers Matthew Commentary. That they resolving to seek till they should find; but it is very This particular constellation, Pisces, was held by ancient astrologers to represent Israel; therefore, this remarkable conjunction is at least worthy of notice. He cares not how many Gospel of Matthew 11 Yet this royal mandate would meantime serve as a safe conduct to the strangers. to avoid the cruelty of Herod, ver. Even in infancy Jesus inspires both worship and hostility, responses that are repeated throughout the story. discoveries they had made, and, it is probable, they would have It signals that God loves Gentiles as well as Jews—that God’s plan of salvation includes Gentiles too. Thus our heavenly Father, who knows what his children need, uses some as stewards to supply the wants of others, and can provide for them, even from the ends of the earth. 12 | Jesus came and served among the weakest, depending solely on God's vindication (Mt 11:29; 12:19-21; 18:3-4; 19:14).