Garden Uses. Learn what you need to know to grow and care for weigela. Weigela Midnight Wine - Common name: - Loved for its consistently dark leaves, maintenance-free and mounding habit. Custom Field. Beginning of June, zone 4b Ontario. It’s compact mounding habit makes MIDNIGHT WINE® perfect for the front of the border. PRODUCTS & SOURCES. May 23, 2009. BirdFiles. Freeze/Frost Dates. PlantFiles. GUIDES & INFORMATION. Still, other types of weigela bushes have golden or lime-colored foliage. Most varieties are hardy in Zones 4 to 8. All pictures are contributed by our community. Midnight Wine (Elvera) also has burgundy-purple leaves. Gardenology. The new weigela selections fall into every size category, from one that's perfect for pots to one that can create a hedge (like Fine Wine weigela, above). Problems. It is a dwarf version of Wine and Roses, reaching a maximum of 2 feet tall (both sport pink flowers). A nice choice for gardeners craving the Midas touch is Golden Jackpot (Weigela florida MonRigney). Log in. Great for contrast in the perennial border even though it is technically a shrub. With Ranunculus Buttered Popcorn - June 4, 2009. Botanary. No serious insect or disease problems. They started leafing out in mid-April in Northern Virginia. Fine as an edger or as a dollop of dark in the mixed shrub border. Weigela 'Midnight Wine… GARDEN SHOWCASE. Best of all, weigela is bulletproof — easy to grow and pretty tough. Hardiness Zones: 5-9 Uses: Specimen, Border, Container, Ground Cover What customers like: Attracts Bees and Butterflies and Hummingbirds ; Deer Resistant; Good for Border; Compact Shrub; Product Videos. The dark metallic burgundy-purple foliage is very elegant and provides a lovely backdrop to the bright pink flowers. Articles. Product Reviews (No reviews yet) Write a Review Write a Review × NURSERYSTOCK Weigela Midnight Wine - QT Pot (Shrub) Rating * Name *Email *Review Subject … As with any perennial, be sure when selecting an individual plant that it will indeed work in your area. Extras. Especially nice if paired with yellow foliage companions. BugFiles. (Weigela) MIDNIGHT WINE® Weigela is a wonderful dwarf version of WINE & ROSE®. Sign Up. Zone: 4 to 9 Height: 1.50 to 2.00 feet Spread: 1.50 to 2.00 feet ... ‘Elvera’, commonly sold under the trade name of MIDNIGHT WINE, is a dwarf version of the popular Weigela ‘Wine and Roses'. ARTICLES. COMMUNITIES. U.S. Plant Patent #12,217 issued November 20, 2001. It features profuse reddish-pink flowers and burgundy-purple foliage. Plant with contrasting foliage plants like BLONDY® Euonymus to really set off the purple foliage! Flower buds on 'Midnight Wine' weigela in early May in Northern Virginia. HOME. Weigela Midnight Wine achieves its best foliage color in full sun. 'Midnight Wine' Weigela in August in Northern Virginia with 'Goshiki' false holly (osmanthus) New leaves on 'Midnight Wine' Weigela. PLANTFILES. About Us. I have still not seen this one during late summer but it is reputed to keep its deep purple foliage color better than any other Weigela. Insectipedia. Planting & Growing Weigela The Basics. FORUMS. Videos. Virtually the same as 'Midnight Wine' but slightly larger, reaching about 3 x 3 feet. Hardy zones 4 to 8. Although they can vary by variety, weigela is generally hardy in growing zones 4 through 8. View picture of Weigela 'Midnight Wine' (Weigela) at Dave's Garden.