At the end of this period of study, candidates shall be assessed according to regulations laid down by the Committee on Research. Total number of valid vote was 102516. of Member of Legislative Assembly of Hooghly District. Serampore railway station serves the locality of Serampore. programme. In the event that two examiners recommend resubmission and one examiner recommends acceptance of the thesis or all three examiners recommend resubmission, the candidate shall be required to revise and resubmit the thesis as per the rules governing resubmission of thesis. Carey made an outstanding contribution by founding the Serampore Mission Press in 1800 where the wooden Bengali types made by Panchanan Karmakar were installed. The Centres shall send a comprehensive report to the Committee for Research on each of the candidates at the end of every year with a clear recommendation whether the candidate should continue his/her studies or not. The Bangalakshmi Cotton Mill was founded out of the swadeshi spirit. 27. The assessment papers shall be submitted at the end of a trimester to the centre, which shall be evaluated by the members of the supervisory committee. They inspired the cultivators of Pearapur to cultivate indigo in addition to paddy rice. The main objectives of the Doctor of Theology programme shall be: to promote critical and creative research in specialized fields of knowledge related to the life, heritage and mission of the Church as well as contextual Christian faith, and to advance the frontiers of knowledge; to promote the formation of well equipped Christian teachers, leaders, communicators, writers and scholars; to provide leadership for shaping the self-understanding and structures of the Church, which are relevant for fulfilling its God-given vocation in the world; to encourage independent and original research using integrated and inter-disciplinary approach in theological education. He/she shall fulfil the above requirement implicitly as there is no age bar for a person to be admitted to the D.Th. Their report shall be sent to the Committee for Research along with the annual report of the student. The district is linked to the Grand Trunk Road as well as the National Highway NH-6. programme. If one or more examiners recommend re-submission of the thesis after modification, it shall be done within a maximum period of six months from the date on which the candidate is so informed by the Committee for Research. Senate of Serampore College, 10, William Carey Road, Mac House Complex, Serampore,Dist.-Hooghly. When Bengal came under the command of Sri Chaitanya's Vaisnavism in the 15th century, these places became pre-eminent as a Hindu pilgrim centre. The temple of Radha-Ballabh at Ballavpur (18th century), Chatra Alamin Siddiquea Masjid at AP Ghosh Rd. Many Read More…, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, Delhi Assembly Election 2020 Updates - Click Here, NDA Wins Bihar Election: Accurately Predicted by – Chintamani Exit Poll, The Unpredictability of Exit Polls in Bihar Election, Chintamani Exit Poll Predicts NDA’s Victory in Bihar Election 2020, West Bengal General (Lok Sabha) Elections Result, Know Election Commission New Initiatives for 2016 Assembly Polls, Socialist Unity Centre Of India (Communist). 27 which goes by the same name – Sreerampur. Serampore Municipality was set up separately in 1865. The local landlords, thikadars, and mill-owners made arrangements for the habitation of the labour force around the factories. Moreover, it can make or break the Bihar election result. Independent research and writing play a vital part in the course requirements, examinations, thesis and project. Thus, with the capital investment of the British the commercial town of Serampore was transformed into an industrial one. The Master may also, if necessary, refer such and other cases to the Research Advisory Committee, constituted for the purpose.The Research Advisory Committee shall consist of the following members:President (Chairman)Chair-person, Research CommitteeOne senior processor/recognized examiner (appointed by the Master)Registrar (Member Secretary. The Composition of the Committee for Research shall be as follows: Chairperson (Nominated by the Senate)Dean of the Department of Research (Convener and Secretary)President of the SenateSecretary, BTESSCRegistrar of the SenateChairperson, Academic CouncilOne member of the Serampore College CouncilPrincipal/Vice-Principal (Theology), Serampore CollegeThree representatives from Doctoral Centers, to be nominated by Senate by rotationOne eminent educationist(One representative of the professors from the Department of Research). Sobharan Basak and Anandaram Dhoba, the two local textile businessmen, were appointed as the first 'factors' for the Danes. The average literacy rate of the town is 77%, with male literacy rate at 81% and female literacy rate at 73%. The cultivating classes settled in such places as Sadgoppara, Mannapara, Lankabaganpara. 712201, West Bengal, IndiaE-mail: senoffice1@gmail.comE-mail: registrarsenate@yahoo.inTel No: +91 33 26622692, Address :Department of Research/Sathri,Serampore College (University)Mack House ComplexSerampore. Indian National Congress candidate Jyoti Chowdhury won and became MLA from this seat. He lost by 11619 votes. On 15 August 1854, India's second railway started operation between Howrah and Hooghly. The Centre shall satisfy the Committee for Research that adequate time of such staff has been set apart for the D.Th. Plagiarism (copying, illegal use of others work, breach of copyright etc.). Serampore railway station: Daily Train UP - 136 and Down - 135. Their descendants still live in Serampore today. In pre-urbanisation age, communication was mainly by way of the river. It comprises of seven Vidhan Sabha segments, five of which are in Hoogly District and the other two are in the Howrah District. Centres are however, free to prescribe more than three papers with more number of words as per the requirements of the field of research. In 1914, an arrangement was made to supply filtered potable water from the Municipality. It was part of Danish India under the name Frederiknagore from 1755 to 1845. Serampore was granted the status of university in 1829, making it India's first institution to have the status of a university. WB. It is a part of the area covered by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA). BTESSC established Indian Theological Research Institute (ITRI) to strengthen doctoral and non-degree research but it could not receive the impetus it deserved.