UNPOPULAR OPINION: The Lancelot section is the best and most underrated part of the entire movie. ... – The best movies on Netflix right now ... (a job that was intended for his friend). There is definitely something for everyone. So, to make your life easier, I’ve created a list of the 25 best Netflix series for you to choose from. Why it's perfect: This colorful classic is absolute madness — thus a perfect distraction. We’ve all been there. It's a wild ride, PUN INTENDED, and a super-fun watch with multiple people, especially if you have friends who've never seen it. So, they vow to trade the jeans over the course of the summer and report back on its mystical properties. Your Sister's Sister is a fantastic comedy which makes great use of the amazing talents and suitability of its cast, including the criminally underused Emily Blunt. Hook. (And for our main list of the 100 best movies on Netflix, ... Watch it before your best friend tells you to. Plus, y'all get to decide which version of Spider-Man is your fave. But, as you scroll endlessly you realize there are literally too many titles to choose from. Why it's perfect: Do you love The Parent Trap but hate the part where they're actually related and not just complete strangers who look identical? A group of lifelong friends spend their first summer apart as teenagers in high school. but...hear me out: This movie is hilarious. Why it's perfect: Um...do you need a reason? It's so random and fun to watch in a group, especially while deciding which of your friends is which character (I'm a Michael Keaton through and through). This Grima Wormtongue–lookin' dude trying to steal people's children! Reporting on what you care about. The 30 Best Netflix Horror Movies Will Make You Scream. Oct 12, 2016. Punk rock! 1. But, the heart-breaking story will trigger waterworks, so make sure you have tissues around! It exposes the charismatic serial rapist and killer that was able to terrorise America for over a decade. Summer Watson’s New EP “Unveiled” is a Ray of Hope During Dark Times, How to Overcome Female Stereotypes in the Workplace, 4 Motivational Poems You Need to Get out of Bed, 5 Nina Simone Civil Rights Songs You Need to Hear, Netflix, mother of all the best movies to watch with your friends, the best of what the Marvel Studios has to offer, FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, 10 Edith Eger Quotes From Her New Book That Promote Healing and Reflection. Note: Your privacy is important to us, so please know that your information will always remain confidential! 18 Movies Perfect For Watching On Netflix Party With Your Friends While Socially Distancing ... ," which allows subscribers to watch a show or movie at the same time ... Movies. Pure dinner theater. DRINK EVERY TIME A VERY FAMOUS CELEBRITY APPEARS WHO WAS NOT AS FAMOUS AT THE TIME. USA TODAY. The 10 Best Movies To Watch With Your Friends Posted on July 4, 2019 July 4, 2019 by Mike Kim Ever see a film and wish that you had seen it with a particular friend (instead of alone or the actual person you went to see it with) or ever see a film that afterwards brought a rush of memories about a past friendship, now severed or faded? You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll marvel (waka waka) at the incredible animation! Whether you want a heart-tugging romantic movie, ... old friends, new friends and her mother. Like, how about that fan theory that Cameron and Ferris are the same person? Seriously one of the funnest movies … So, it is the perfect drama-filled insight into what really happened. Talk about how Heath Ledger remains the best Joker (Joaquin is also amazing, but come on) or how the Bat Tank turning into that Batpod thingy was the single coolest thing to ever happen in the history of forever. My personal favourite is number […] Sign us up! 2. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Having a simple night in with a bowl of popcorn and a few fun films is a refreshing change from loud bars or crowded restaurants. This film is all about a friendship's ability to stand the test of time and competition for the title of “BFF.” “Bridesmaids” is one of the best movies to watch with friends. Netflix Party: The 10 Best Movies To Watch With Friends. You can watch as much as you want, whenever you want without a single commercial – all for one low monthly price. Alicia Garcia. Obsessed with travel? Why it's perfect: As an avid horror lover myself, I'm often turned off by the term "horror-comedy." Why it's perfect: There are so many things to discuss in a group chat about this beloved '80s comedy.