The Walking Dead Shambles into Secret Lair. Learn More Consider this bundle a front-row ticket to a totally wild exploration of what it means to be a Magic card. is a drop of cards in the Secret Lair product range and a continuation of the Secret Lair Drop Series.23 It became available for purchase from the Wizards of the Coast webshop on September 3, 2020. Magic: The … Welcome to Secret Lair. by Wizards of the Coast. Magic: The Gathering Chronology Happy Yargle Day! Incredible artists lent their even incredibler skill to create brand-new interpretations of cards you (and we) hold dear. The drop lasted for 24 hours. On October 4, the universes of Magic: The Gathering and AMC's The Walking Dead will collide in a one-of-a-kind Secret Lair crossover! Secret Lair 2019 December 2019. Secret Lair is a “sub-brand” of Magic: The Gathering that groups existing cards into small collectible sets with strange themes and wild new art styles.12 1 Description 1.1 Drop Series 1.1.1 Registered titles 1.1.2 Bonus cards 1.2 Ultimate Edition 2 References The first Secret Lair series all consisted of alternate art reprints. Choose your product line and set, and find exactly what you're looking for. The price is $29.99 for the non-foil version and $39.99 for the foil version.