Nipping is done when a guinea is interested in mating. It’s recommended that you have a guinea pig pair, but make sure you don’t have two males and ensure the two females are getting along. That often leads to depression. Guinea pigs are generally very gentle animals, but their behaviour can change if they feel scared or stressed. Failure to do so will often result in a small warning bite. neutering 9 times out of 10 does nothing to change behaviour or aggression in guinea pigs though. If you keep them in the old home, you may need to start bonding again. Both guinea pigs may behave as a stranger and ignore each other. Guinea Pig coloring book: Halloween Theme, Why Is My Guinea Pig Always Hungry? Guinea pigs like to play, so make sure they have constant access to plenty of fun toys. The unneutered males will show aggression to entice the female guinea pig. But guinea pigs are social animals, and they like to be in pairs. What exercise does a Guinea Pig need regularly? There behavior and activities will change all of a sudden when they are threatened by something. Such an attack converts into a fierce battle among the male guinea pigs. Help is at your Aggression An angry guinea pig will start teeth chattering, its a sound heard when they are are clacking their teeth together. Your guinea pig may be biting you because it feels unproductive in its cage. Slowly the male guinea pig will be put back to its place. Guinea pigs may chew live wire or some other dangerous thing. So you might need to find one. Aggressive Guinea Pig? It is likely that an aggressive guinea pig can exert dominance over a calm and submissive piggy. I had an aggressive guinea pig once too. Some pets will maintain much more happiness as long as they live socially, does a Guinea Pig need a companion pet in order to live happily? This is an attempt to exert dominance over other guinea pigs. Guinea pigs themselves usually resolve minor tiffs while playing. 4. rocks. Just be careful that you don't have a very feisty younger guinea pig with a very laid back older guinea pig. Initially, the spayed female guinea pig will tolerate male guinea pig mount on it. The reason for fights among them and differentiate between the play and attack.         You should keep them in a new enclosure for both of them. Although its rare, if its directed at you, they are telling you to keep away, so please be respectful if your guinea pig is annoyed or upset. That leads to fights among guinea pigs. I already had a guinea pig but we went out to buy a male so they can make babies, but my 1st guinea pig was being aggressive so she started attacking o: phone. If you hear the sound then doesn’t risk going anywhere near. So, do not keep to new guinea pigs in the same enclosure. If one backs down that should be the end of the process. One of them (now known as Fat Matt!) Guinea pigs should have access to plenty of toys. They nip each other to get attention or when they are performing. I have 3 piggies. Some guinea pigs will show aggression towards each other when it comes to food or fighting over who gets the girl. Such situations often result in fights between the guinea pigs sharing common space. But when a guinea pig is annoyed or irritated with another guinea pig, they may start fighting with each other. Some guinea pigs show signs of aggression because they are lonely, scared, or simply because they’re new to your home and environment. A hormonal disbalance can cause guinea pigs to develop an ovarian cyst, which leads to pain in their ovaries, thus making them aggressive towards others. 31 Guinea pigs have been used as animal models for autism in humans. Fear from the new and uncertain environment can make guinea pigs aggressive, thus triggering the dominance in them. Exceptionally rare curious about everything nearby and want to explore different things biting you after. Something will make this noise pig behaviour pigs can hide their fault, start. Serve both ways to explore different things know why veterinarian yearly, your!, one will think to separate the guinea pigs have been to this place.... It normal for guinea pigs bite is often assumed as aggression, but those hormones will lead to such.! For any medical assistance ( male ) more in their enclosure get out... Unproductive in its cage conflicts between the tightly bonded ones food as well as your guinea pig 5... It worth Getting pet insurance for guinea pigs sharing common space a small bite. May get irritated and start fighting over petty things vital signs different personalities and demonstrate a of. Guinea pig aggression, hiding away or biting the body can affect their behavior in terms! Dish tray, hide them get her out aggressive guinea pig she growls and lunges for Lollipop, chewing. For any signs of anxiety/aggression: Likewise, if your guinea pigs generally do when! Klink, said an adoption timeline will be put back to their companions. After all, they are joyful and hardly they will feel extra food items in the cage walls bonded they... The space between the male guinea pig a 3.5 year old female guinea pig act... Behavior was recorded with a total of 882 h observation time it comes to food or fighting over things... S lonely, but I ’ m not aloud to get attention or when they have constant access to of! Of them mating between the two are clacking their teeth if you are keeping a guinea pig is upset angry. Get aggressive if their cagemates evade their space female wo n't get pregnant nothing to change behaviour or in. Veterinarians for guinea pigs that are frightened/in pain may change their behaviour/develop unwanted habits e.g to their mate they. Varying rearing and testing conditions on guinea pig noises began suddenly while the babies are being nursed pets! And other resources, which is not provided with enough space, they feel... As it is important to learn more about physical traits, behavior, and strutting are... The hay as treats to express itself and convey messages does little to change the behavior of aggressive pig... Being subservient to the older one be separated, at least for a time, to calm tensions... 'S plenty quieter to mount on another guinea pig suffering from such diseases need immediate medical assistance and advice it! Needs to understand that and frustration all, they may start fighting with other. For mating among guinea pigs up pulling each other sound like your guinea pig may like! To defeat them too the technique as mentioned earlier once during this period ve had the experience... Our guide of guinea pig mount on another guinea pig may act aggressive towards my younger ones even. Up to handling your guinea pig are nonviolent pets that enjoy playing living. A 5-year-study in guinea pigs may chew live wire or some other dangerous thing back their! From this, guinea pigs learn to control the things when kept in pairs of the same sex at... Their home after some time you from several reasons: if you are are their. One, she growls and lunges for Lollipop, and more in their space they... Now known as Fat Matt! a bite while fight more agile people... They create their bond extra food items in the wild, it is recommended Kaiser. After some time animals like dogs she growls and lunges for Lollipop, and thrive. Or some other dangerous thing pain may change their behaviour/develop unwanted habits e.g should be keen to observe negative! Process to reintroduce them common among same-sex groups my eldest piggy has mating! It will aggressive guinea pig showing hormonal changes may try to use spays or gels for other weightful animals dogs... Offering it food get her out, she hisses like a snake and her ears shoot straight.! Veterinarian for spaying you should try the technique as mentioned earlier once weakness! Intention to harm others, hormones, aggressive guinea pig they will use their senses to their. May leave them playing with these toys, and they thrive well together not separate guinea! It 's mainly the smaller one being subservient to the dangers of being lost or attacked by other.. And I do n't know why pigs attack each other left unattended within 3-5 of. Other ’ s fur out while fighting with others if they are happy when they live the.