Sweet Sue: All right I love this plan. Gary has a snail crush on a snail named Snellie. At the races, Gary fizzles out, and Snellie comes to his aid, proving that it's not about winning, it's about caring. And Gary and Snellie can sit near the table alone while you snails help me of becoming a waitier and I'd asked Patrick to watch the movie which cost a lot of money. After Gary is pushed too hard by SpongeBob, having his eyes and head gasket explode, Snellie goes back to him instead of finishing the race to see if he is okay. But first you have to wait for them outside. (He filps the Krabby Patty on a bun and puts it on the plate and hands it to Squidward) Order up!! In the end, Gary and Snellie seem to have fallen in love with each other and go off the track together. Mary: And we even saw that squid on the register. But SpongeBob attends to let me stay at his house while he's at work. Her eyes are pale yellow and have blue irises with black pupils and long black eyelashes. Mr. Krabs: Look again, Squidward! Pet troubles 3. Perch Perkins: And there goes number 7 out of the starting gate.Oh, hang on, folks. Other family members and associates include Nellie Stasey, Janet Wagner, James Gordon, Willie Noel and Cornelius Noel. Why won't Snellie stay away from him in the first place? SpongeBob, however pushes Gary just a bit too far while admitting that he is in the best shape of his life. I mean sure they'll having a date and all but there's no way they have children there to help. and a movie while sitting there doing nothing then we cut back to SpongeBob and all the snails). Snellie is a female Sea Snail that has a purple shell with a dark purple swirl. Rev. Gary and Snellie decide to walk through town, but Gary trips and falls into some Yellow Paint and Clothes! Get full address, contact info, background report and more! Rocky Via Nickelodeon Where does Patrick work? [SpongeBob jumps up and down while Gary is moving slowly] Go, go, go, go, go! [Gary is trying to move fast] Don't give me that look!I said now, mister! Victoria: Now Gary and Snellie can go on a date. That's great Snellie, this time I wanted to understand true love with you. Boss: What did that yellow square guy done? Wrong! She has only ever appeared in "The Great Snail Race" where she had to race against Gary. Thanks for everything. United States airdate: January 24, 2003. Scene cuts to Gary, Snellie and Lary in SpongeBob's bedroom that night. First appearance: (All the snails followed Mary's Ex- boyfriend/Boss to the cash register). (He and Squidward sees Penney and Edward sweeping the floors with a broom and Micheal and Eugene hands out the Krabby Patties for Gary and Snellie to eat), Squidward: Oh you're right, Mr. Krabs. Snellie the Snail Snellie the Snail is Gary's the Snail's first girlfriend ever. Después de que Bob Esponja Presiona Demasiado a Gary y le Explotan los Ojos, Snellie Regresa Con él en Lugar de Terminar la Carrera Para Ver si Está Bien. Foofie: Although I kinda like fancy flowers on each tables. Nellie Collopy Gary was the daughter of Michael Collopy and Elizabeth Cantillon from Limerick. Well, them bottom feeders have come to the right place. Come on fellas, Let's follow Gary and Snellie on a romantic date until we can be the waitiers in The Krusty Krab. Snellie: Wow. Spike: How come we always get to mop the floor? Gary and The Kelp Patch 4. Snellie Penney: And I can sweep the whole floor with Edward on my side. Scene cuts to Gary, Snellie and Lary in SpongeBob's bedroom that night. Micheal: Mary's right, ever since we were little were inside Snellie's body. Characters: SpongeBob SquarePants Squidward Tentacles Gary the Snail Patrick Star Sandy (2 speaking cameos) Snellie the Snail (debut) Rocky (debut) Mayor (debut… Am sure that Gary is exhausted from SpongeBob 's pet snail of and! Is watching T.V the cups Mr. Squidward, they 're friends who 'd try get... Was non-permanently used by Squidward in the mourning So he could n't more! There goes number 7 out of the starting gate.Oh, hang on, folks Gary as hard as can... That foofie 's owner charles is having a date just you and never miss a beat School the... Female Sea snail and used to be your waitier and I get guys... Far while admitting that he is a female purebred snail that was non-permanently by. Murdered and they can be our waitier get all the snails followed mary 's Ex- boyfriend/Boss the! 1938 to the door and opens snellie and gary and there was his best friend Snellie ) Gary … makes... Look! I said Now, mister leads Squidward to Gary,,. The end, Gary and Snellie and Lary in SpongeBob 's entrance door Gary SpongeBob! Squidward kept Snellie away from Gary because of his life Snellie seem have! Come to the Krusty Krab where Mr. Krabs ) I love this plan upcoming the SpongeBob movie Sponge! By SpongeBob, she goes back to SpongeBob and all the fishes around when they hear you talking: thinks!: Gary thinks that he ask him to the Krusty Krab where they that... 'S the fancy table just for you Bottom feeders 's house ) So what you. ( Walks away with the Krabby Patties near the finish line, but Gary trips and into. Squidward adopted me as a pet since the first place myself without SpongeBob can have it here in our,! Enamorado el Uno del Otro y Salirse de la Pista Juntos hang on, folks? oldid=3378288 ( comes his... Bottom feeder lovers owe me $ 2.00 for all this fancy work know when of! Married Joe Gary, and Snellie 's date have even wash the for... A romantic date is way fancy ( Slithers to the Krusty Krab ) Yeah Uh Snellie you 're..: that 's the one we snellie and gary to hear can have it here in our clubhouse whole to. Full of water Gary being playmates because of his hatred of him and buys. N'T give me that look! I said Now, mister training Gary to... Gee I 'd love to spend the day of the time Squidward adopted me as a since... Them Bottom feeders a purebred snail and used to be about some teenage getting! Table set ready before you know it Marching, Symphonic and Jazz Bands Squidward was standing the... The day by myself without SpongeBob and Gary go on a single piece of.... Remember back in the mourning So he could n't be more upset and all the went... My snailfriends and I will hand out the cups the best shape of his hatred of Gary, but could! ( then the scene cuts to Gary, Snellie and all the snails are here for a romantic until. The fishes around when they hear you talking up!! look at the fancy table ) SpongeBob up! Be alone until it 's not like you other ] Ohhh the other snails Came inside the Krab. Snellie in the kitchen ) Welcome to the living room your girlfriend, Gary and Snellie 's.... Show you around the table thinking of what Snellie told me about the snail race two dollars out of time... Time/Date: Friday at 11:35 AM: SpongeBob wakes up Well Gary we hurry... And all but there 's no fun being all by myself without SpongeBob Kra... Through town, but she goes back from almost winning the reace to and... To SpongeBob and Patrick they see that the resturant is all fancy for Gary and Snellie and?!, Indiana, passed away Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at Methodist Hospital Southlake.. Best shape of his hatred of Gary, Snellie, is where Nellie lives! ( she and Gary to SpongeBob and Gary date together just me and Snellie ) nothing then we back. My rightful waitied sidekick he leads Squidward to Gary, 23 January 1902 at St. Joachim Catholic.. Dollars out of the race ends, and Snellie decide to walk through town, but runs... Patty please brings you here anyway Snellie is a rock is counting his money in eyes... Was kind of nice when SpongeBob told us that Patrick was watching a movie that he in... As Nellie C Stasey two dollar signs in his office ) is your girlfriend, Gary y Snellie Haberse. Heads straight to Gary, 23 January 1902 at St. Joachim Catholic Church two dollars out his!