Formal education is less important than language skills for this job; interpreters and translators need to have native-level proficiency in both languages, the language of the original text or speech, and the language of the finished product. Starting salary - £31,242 rising to £32,886 after 12 months plus attractive benefits package Our range of excellent benefits include a generous pen... View details Press Officer - Fixed term contract for 12 months, © 2013 - 2020 Guardian News and Media Limited, all rights reserved. Wir haben viel vor und suchen dich für unser Team! The digital outlet and TV studio instituted four-day workweeks for staff members who earn more than $100,000 for a 90-day period starting in April, said Jesse Angelo, a company vice president, on a March 30 call. Roughly 36,000 workers at news companies in the U.S. have been laid off, been furloughed or had their pay reduced. One of the Texas capital’s first 23 confirmed coronavirus cases was a staff member. We also found that nearly half (44 percent) of news media reviews report a negative business outlook, representing the uncertainty employees in the industry are experiencing when it comes to the future of the companies they work for. The New York Times is continuing to gauge the pandemic’s effects on newspapers, magazines and digital media companies through interviews with executives, newsroom employees and union leaders across the country. So what does this mean for the state of media today? Locations. You would be responsible for managing the full 360 degree sales cycle selling our premium legal research platform. The publisher of The San Francisco Examiner and SF Weekly has cut hours and pay for many employees and temporarily halted the weekly’s print edition. In addition to overall satisfaction, Glassdoor ratings also capture other factors such as culture and values, trust in senior leadership and career opportunities at news media companies. Apply your good judgment, insight and expertise to support a dynamic production team. Editor, BMC Series (clinical titles) BioMed Central Permanent Location: Shanghai, London or Berlin Closing date: 6th December 2020 Are you a PhD-qu... ACCOUNT MANAGER - Data/BI (No Sales) Salary:£26k- £30k Do you want a pure Account Management role? Erweiterte Suche. This emphasizes the demand for skilled sales professionals who can help drive revenue for these news media companies. The Deputy World Editor is expected to edit, and assign news pieces, features, investigations, and analytical stories for The Daily Beast. View details Lighting Gaffer/Stage Manager/Stores Assistant. For this analysis, we used Glassdoor’s database of millions of job listings to look at all active, unique job postings on Glassdoor at news media companies as of August 10, 2018. Subscribe to the Glassdoor Economic Research blog. We then compared our sample of news media companies against the average of all Glassdoor reviews for each rating. This reflects big changes in digital media and the use of data in journalism today. Founded at the peak of grunge in 1991, the alt-weekly temporarily laid off 18 employees, citing what its print editor, Christopher Frizzelle, called a “hellscape of unforeseen economic events.”. To have your perfect media job sent to you the day it's posted, sign up for Jobs by Email. In mid-April, BuzzFeed shuttered its morning show, “AM to DM,” after Twitter pulled funding, with hopes to return it in the fall, a spokesman said. Neue Jobs Abonnieren In a previous Glassdoor Economic Research study, we found that culture and values, trust in senior leadership and career opportunities matter the most when keeping employees satisfied in their jobs long-term. Alan Murray, the chief executive, will take a 50 percent pay cut, and other executives will have their salaries sliced by 30 percent. MAGIC SPORTS MEDIA bietet den Unternehmen der Gaming- und Gambling-Branche, Medienunternehmen sowie Sportverbänden, -ligen und -klubs ein umfassendes Dienstleistungsangebot in den Bereichen Ad Sales, Beratung sowie Regulierung & Policy. The nearly century-old business magazine is laying off 35 people, which is 10 percent of its staff, worldwide and across departments, a spokeswoman said on April 16. All three of the sales positions on this list pay $53,000 or above, which is higher than all of the average base salaries for traditional newsroom positions on this list. It’s our job to get it right, every single time. The publisher of Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter underwent layoffs, hiring freezes, and pay cuts for those making over $100,000 across departments, its chief executives said in an internal memo on April 14. He forecast revenue decline in the “tens of millions.” Those making more than $130,000 a year will have their pay cut by 15 percent. Leider kein Treffer. The cuts go into effect toward the end of April. The near-collapse of this venerable Cleveland daily, owned by Advance Publications, coincided with the economic downturn. The parent company of the West Coast daily, which was purchased two years ago by the billionaire physician and entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong, is furloughing 40 non-newsroom employees for 16 weeks and cutting the pay of senior managers, said Chris Argentieri, its president, in an internal memo on April 14. The publisher of The Dodo and NowThis laid off roughly 50 people, or 7 percent of its work force, on April 7, a spokeswoman said. Hard data on job losses is not yet available, but Jed Kolko, the chief economist at, said new listings for jobs in the media and communications sector had fallen 35 percent in the 60 days before April 3, compared with the same period last year. Mit dem Job Abo neue Stellen per E-Mail erhalten. The national chain whose properties include The Star-Ledger of New Jersey as well as news sites and newspapers in Alabama, Michigan, Oregon and elsewhere is implementing one- to two-week furloughs for all staff between May and December and cutting pay between 2 and 20 percent for employees making more than $35,000, said Caroline Harrison, the chief executive, in an internal email on April 15. To have your perfect media job sent to you the day it's posted, sign up for Jobs by Email.Join our Guardian Media Network today and make sure you keep up to date with all you need to know in your industry. Future Media Group, the publisher of the fashion magazine W, as well as Surface and Watch Journal, has suspended print operations and furloughed 30 staff members at least until the end of the crisis, the chief executive Marc Lotenberg said. This indicates the high demand for talent who are able to boost sales to enable these companies with the resources to continue reporting and producing the news. He added that he is forgoing half his salary and that layoffs were being considered. Some publications that rely on ads have shut down. Among the most common media job openings highlighted above, software engineers earn the highest salary with an average of $93,900 at news media companies in this sample. Gib mindestens zwei Zeichen für deine Suche ein. All told, an estimated 36,000 employees of news media companies in the United States have been laid off, furloughed or had their pay reduced since the arrival of the coronavirus. More... - Video Editor. Sign up for the Glassdoor Economic Research newsletter. MIT ERFAHRUNG, SPASS UND KOMPETENZ ARBEITEN WIR RUND UM DIE BEREICHE TV, MOBILE, DIGITAL, PRODUKTION, VERMARKTUNG, EVENTS UND SERVICES. With no games to cover (and no travel expenses filed by its roughly 300 editorial employees), this subscription site is looking to preserve the $50 million it brought in during a recent fund-raising round. We are looking for an experienced communications officer to join the Trust in this new role. Arbeiten bei uns im Sport1 Medien-Konzern – das bedeutet Verantwortung übernehmen und effektiv in flachen Hierarchien mit kurzen Entscheidungswegen zu arbeiten. We then utilized Glassdoor’s unique jobs and salary data to take a deeper dive into today’s most in-demand media jobs and what these jobs pay. For today’s media companies, this below-average employee sentiment may be translating into recruiting and retention challenges. In addition, the company laid off four executives, and Mr. Forman will take a 50 percent pay cut. The news media business was shaky before the coronavirus started spreading across the country last month.