When can I expect results from the Harmony Prenatal Test? Babies with triploidy have a complete extra set of chromosomes for a total of 69 chromosomes instead of the usual 46. Having NIPT in the first trimester helped ease our anxiety throughout the last two pregnancies. Recent professional society guidelines support the offering of non-invasive prenatal testing to the general population. Chromosomal conditions can occur in any pregnancy. March 2009. 2015 Aug;35(8):725-34. The NIPT was appealing as it’s a simple blood draw – quick, relatively painless, with no risk to the pregnancy- and it can be done in the first trimester. I had the NIPT test done at 12.5 weeks as I had a higher chance of downs so we wanted to be able to prepare if so! It is extremely rare for these pregnancies to reach term as they typically spontaneously miscarry early in pregnancy. How accurate is the Harmony prenatal test? For questions that relate to your specific case and personal concerns, it’s best to talk to your healthcare provider. Call: 1-925-854-6246. We had experienced a miscarriage with my first pregnancy, so it was important to be armed with as much information as possible about the health of our baby. The Harmony prenatal test delivers clear answers as early as the first trimester with a single blood draw. Sex chromosome aneuploidy and 22q11.2 microdeletion cannot be tested for in twin pregnancies. The follow-up options presented to my husband and me were not satisfying to us. Our doctor discussed our options with us, and we chose to continue our pregnancy with Joan, knowing the difficult challenges we faced. I believe that gathering information during one’s pregnancy is important. This test measures small pieces of fetal DNA to check the developing baby for certain chromosome disorders. The Harmony® prenatal test is a type of NIPT, which can also be called NIPS (non-invasive prenatal screening). The California Prenatal Screening Program. Evaluated in peer-reviewed publications involving > 218,000 pregnancies in women both under and over age 351. I’m happy to report that our little boy is now three-years-old and doing great. The Harmony prenatal test is also much less likely than traditional tests to give you a false-positive result, meaning there is much less chance your doctor would recommend follow-up invasive testing like amniocentesis. We were proactive about taking a NIPT and I chose to take the Harmony® Prenatal Test, which I learned from my research, through friends and my doctor, can be done as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy. Find answers to your questions. It is also called cell-free fetal DNA testing. These conditions can happen in any pregnancy- even when there is no family history- because they typically are not inherited. Can I take the Harmony prenatal test? [{"countryName":"Global","languageLinks":[{"languageName":"English","languageUrl":"/en/expecting-parents.html"}]},{"countryName":"Global","languageLinks":[{"languageName":"Spanish","languageUrl":"/es/expecting-parents.html"}]},{"countryName":"United States","languageLinks":[{"languageName":"English","languageUrl":"https://diagnostics.roche.com/us/en/products/other/harmony-clinicians.html"}]},{"countryName":"Italy","languageLinks":[{"languageName":"Italiano","languageUrl":"/it-it/expecting-parents.html"}]},{"countryName":"Germany","languageLinks":[{"languageName":"Deutsch","languageUrl":"http://harmonytest.de/"}]},{"countryName":"Hong Kong","languageLinks":[{"languageName":"中文","languageUrl":"http://www.harmonytest.hk/zh-hk.html"},{"languageName":"English","languageUrl":"http://www.harmonytest.hk/en-hk.html"}]},{"countryName":"Japan","languageLinks":[{"languageName":" 日本人","languageUrl":"/ja-jp/expecting-parents.html"}]}], Your are moving out from Worldwide Website. It cost us $550 and allows us to skip the NT scan which is less accurate (or rather provides a number like a 1:250 chance of Down Syndrome, vs NIPT is 99% accurate. 3. A list of Questions for your healthcare provider you can print for your next visit is available. I know firsthand how important a noninvasive prenatal test (NIPT) can be in helping parents prepare for their babies. This screening provided the information we sought. Demonstrated by 59 peer-reviewed published studies using the Harmony prenatal test as of January 2019. Other Types of NIPT Testing. Call: 1-925-854-6246. Not only would this be an expensive option, but if your doctor doesn’t think you need one, then insurance isn’t likely to cover it. During those pregnancies, we used the Harmony® prenatal test. When you are pregnant, your blood contains pieces of DNA from your developing baby. Genet Med. It can also identify the sex of your baby. Provider Handbook 2009. Prenat Diagn. In seven days or less, your healthcare provider will receive the results and can share them with you.