To’ak is the brand name. The cultivation has two purposes: first to make chocolate and second to share plants with others, once the crop is established. T.cacao Cacao Powder by To’ak … Its flagship edition was aged for four years in a cognac cask and retails for $385 per bar, considered the most valuable chocolate … To’ak, a luxury chocolate maker in Ecuador, recently sent me their 100% organic cacao powder to sample from their new line of products under the brand name T.cacao. I know To’ak makes a chocolate that has spent considerable time in Islay casks (see above), but if I wanted to match this with anything, Laphroaig or Ardbeg do spring to mind. To’ak Chocolate, born and based in Ecuador, uses the oldest and rarest cacao variety on earth to make limited editions of single-origin dark chocolate. Available bars change depending on the season. 4 Years Tequila Cask matured 3 years. The Ecuadorian fine chocolate from To'ak is now being offered in less expensive packaging and featuring cask-aged chocolates. … Just as Don Julio Gonzalez revolutionized the tequila industry, so too has the team at To’ak changed the world of chocolate.