"Orga was originally an advanced bio-spaceship sent to Earth by an unknown alien force. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I find this Wiki's refusal to accept that Orga is Godzilla too as an act of war. Composite Millennian/Godzilla Hybrid Orga has the same name as a Rider from Kamen Rider Faiz. [4], Orga is one of the quieter members of his team, rarely ever talking or changing his neutral facial expression, even when engaged in battle. Comme le reste de la guilde, Orga est réuni dans les logements de la guilde, pour assister à la punition de Jienma pour Sting et Rog. Status Jera vs Orga vs Luxus. This is a list of references for Orga. Birthday The Orga (オルガ,   Oruga?) Orga then attempted to swallow Godzilla whole, unhinging his jaw and opening his gaping maw. However, the Millennian was unable to withstand the volatile properties of Godzilla's DNA, and mutated out of control until it became Orga. of the Millennium continuity is a Millennian kaiju created by Toho that first faced Godzilla in the 1999 Godzilla film, Godzilla 2000: Millennium. Infos professionnelles Who would win: Orga or the original ogre Shrek. Magie du Chasseur de Dieu Foudroyant Verts pâles In the following issue, the Cryog see that Orga is still alive and attempting to regenerate, so they place his biomass into a spacecraft. Godzilla 2000: Millennium (First appearance) Video games. He openly states that he wants to see Jura go all out, and, whilst forming strings of black lightning between his fingers, asks the Wizard Saint if he has the guts to block one of his attacks head on. Nomenclature Oruga Nanagia Orga is a symbol for y2k. Fairy Tail : Gekitotsu ! N/A Chapter 268 Sting, Rog, Rufus Anciens partenaires Lors de la "Bataille Navale", Orga commente que Minerva aurait pu éjecter tous les concurrents en un seul coup,et il sourit quand elle est déclarée vainqueur. Affiliation Lors de la "Bataille Navale", Orga commente que Minerva aurait pu éjecter tous les concurrents en un seul coup,et il sourit quand elle est déclarée vainqueur. Weight While Godzilla was unable to fatally injure Orga in direct combat due to the latter's enhanced healing factor, he was able to exploit the opportunity to attack Orga from within once Orga attempted to swallow Godzilla whole. Image Gallery, Orga Nanagear (オルガ・ナナギア Oruga Nanagia) is a Lightning God Slayer and one of the five strongest Mages of Sabertooth, the former strongest Guild in Fiore, in terms of power. Orga Nanagia  (?) L'Académie des Fées : le Délinquant et la Délinquante, Fairy Tail, le roman : Les Couleurs du Cœur, Fairy Tail, le roman : La Créature Mystérieuse, Fairy Tail, le roman : Les Jumeaux du Chaos, Fairy Tail, le film : La Prêtresse du Phœnix. After being reawakened when a submarine shined its lights on the ship, the Millennian UFO went off looking for genetic material to make its form stable and allow it to adapt to Earth's atmosphere. Jet Jaguar soon arrives on the scene and flies down Orga's throat then grows to gigantic size, causing Orga to explode. First appearance I wish orga would return he’s one of my favorite monsters, The kaiju profile is Hilarious!! Orga can reach a jump height of 100 meters and jump across a distance of up to 300 meters.[4]. Lors du troisième jour, comme prévu la veille, il participe à l'épreuve, il fait un score de 3825 au MPF avec son sort "Canon 120 mm de Foudre Noire", il est choqué par le score de Jéra. Godzilla's atomic beam was no use against Orga due to its regeneration powers, which allowed it to heal brutal injuries in a matter of seconds, far faster than Godzilla. Après la fin de l'événement, les Mages de Fairy Tail se jettent vers Minerva en colère, ce qui incite Orga, Sting et Rufus à se présenter devant elle, pour intimider les Mages.