OXO products are so well made. This product adds a great value. A mini strainer is very handy to have around. Oxo good grips, sink strainer, combines stainless steel with flexible, stain resistant silicone, easy to clean silicone basket traps food debris to prevent clogs, to empty your strainer, simply pick it up by center post and invert silicone basket for easy debris removal, silicone underside won't scratch sink basin. The OXO Good GripsĀ® 3" Mini Strainer is the perfect tool for quick and easy straining. I am replacing my oldest things with OXO brand as their products become available. Use it to separate the seeds from freshly-squeezed lemon and lime juice, to strain tea leaves or for mulling spices from brewed beverages. If you are just starting to equip your kitchen, you can not go wrong with this brand. It is great for dusting baked goods with powdered sugar.