P. urvillei was among native grasses used to control invasive South African lovegrass, Eragrostis plana, in a study in Brazil (Medeiros and Ferreira, 2011). Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, 13(9):162-168. Soil requirements. (Neither are found this database). P. urvillei is often confused taxonomically with Paspalum dilatatumPoir. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 1(1):719-740. They characteristically lie on one side of the branch. Riefner RE; Boyd S, 2007. http://www.issg.org/database, ITIS, 2013. It has relatively small flower spikelets (2-3 mm long) with long silky hairs on their margins and its seed-heads usually have 10-20 branches (i.e. Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA: University of North Carolina, 1072 pp. Bashaw EC; Hovin AW; Holt EC, 1970. Manual of the grasses of the United States. - Poaceae - Monocotylédone)., http://idao.cirad.fr/SpecieSheet?sheet=adventoi/especes/p/pasur/pasur_fr.html, Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria, 2012. Paspalum spp. Funk V; Hollowell T; Berry P; Kelloff C; Alexander SN, 2007. Revista del Museo de La Plata, Nueva Serie, Botánica, 1(4):211-251. Cunninghamia, 11(1):49-64. (1985) Pl. Langlois AB, 1884. It is also invasive in some Pacific Islands, Hawaii, Australia, Europe and South Africa. Paspalum urvillei is a species of grass known by the common name Vasey's grass, or Vaseygrass.It is native to South America, and it is known in parts of North America as an introduced species.It is a noxious weed where it has been introduced in Hawaii and New Caledonia. [Herbarium record P00745933, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France.] Paspalum (Gramineae) in Kansas. Pacific Islands Ecosystems at Risk. P. urvillei is dispersed by water, animals, machinery, vehicles, footwear, contaminated grain and agricultural practices. Ischaemum fasciculatum Wetland ... South Africa’s grassland biome has been identified as critically endangered based on total habitat loss, degree of fragmentation and taking into account future threats (Reyers et al. Gully C, 2012. Florida, USA: Tallahassee, 40-65. http://ausgrass2.myspecies.info, Soares AS; Driscoll SP; Olmos E; Harbinson J; Arrabaça MC; Foyer CH, 2008. Several plants are considered invasive species in Introduction. Ligule an eciliate membrane; 3–5 mm long. Three newly recorded invasive plants of Hunan Province. http://florabase.dec.wa.gov.au/. Poaceae. No. Wood KR, 2000. Its roots are shallow (20-50 cm), growing best in medium to heavy soils of moderate fertility. Other aspects of P. urvillei about which there is a lack of information include its environmental tolerances and exactly how it affects other species. Glum. The genus Paspalum L. (Latin from the Greek, πασπαλος [paspalos] 'millet') is a large, diverse, economically important genus of about 315 - 323 species, although there are references to as many as 1153 individual epithets (Zuloaga, et al. (1899) is reported as a basonym (Kral et al., 2012). Paspalum urvillei. Wilson Bulletin, 63(3):149-156. http://elibrary.unm.edu/sora/Wilson/v063n03/p0149-p0156.pdf. Chromosome Number. New Records of Wetland and Riparian Plants in Southern California, with Recommendations and Additions to the National List of Plant Species that Occur in Wetlands. Part 1. avenae causing bacterial leaf stripe of Strelitzia nicolai. Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science (1903-), 76(2):138-154. Steve Hurst. http://b-and-t-world-seeds.com/cartall.asp?species=Paspalum urvillei&sref=86417. South Africa’s Cape Floristic Region, especially in the lowlands, have been heavily impacted and degraded by human activities. Hawaiian Vascular Plant Updates: A Supplement to the Manual of the Flowering Plants of Hawai`i and Hawai`i's Ferns and Fern Allies. http://vro.dpi.vic.gov.au/dpi/vro/vrosite.nsf/pages/lwm_pest_plants. National Institute of Invasive Species Science Database., Fort Collins, Colorado, USA: National Institute of Invasive Species Science. Shared exotica-plant invasions of Japan and south eastern Australia. In: Mannetje, L.’t and Jones, R.M. Auld B; Morita H; Nishida T; Ito M; Michael P, 2003. Robinson BL, 1892. P. urvillei is sensitive to imazapyr as well as glyphosate. Roecklein JC; Leung P, 1987. A manual for the identification of the vascular plants of the island. Paspalum urvillei Steudel: a new Spanish location. - Poaceae - Monocotyledon). Personal Observations and Checklist of Vascular Plants with Topographical Mapping. Paspalum urvillei. Check List, 3(3):224-241. Gramineae (South Australia) Poaceae (Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia and the Northern Territory) The stems are purplish and hairy at the base but green and smooth towards the top; they are from 0.75 to 2.5 metres tall. HABIT Perennial; caespitose. The pollen of P. urvillei is mildly allergenic (PollenLibrary.com, 2012). Vasey grass, Paspalum urvillei., http://turfweeds.contentsrvr.net/category_detail.pg_198, Auld B, Morita H, Nishida T, Ito M, Michael P, 2003. Grazing management and nitrogen fertilization effects on vaseygrass persistence in limpograss pastures. Paspalum dilatatum is a closely related grass which is also widely naturalized due to its use as a pasture grass. P. urvillei often acts as an invasive agricultural weed (Randall, 2012). Hanelt P; Buttner R; Mansfeld R, 2001. Loflin B, Loflin S, 2006. It will tolerate drought conditions for part of the growing season, but requires comparatively high total annual rainfall (preferably 1000-1500 mm). (Plantas daninhas em pomar de macieira: ocorrência, descrição e controle.) Brazil. B & T World Seeds, 2012. Schrauf GE; Blanco MA; Cornaglia PS; Deregibus VA; Madia M; Pacheco MG; Padilla J; García AM; Quarín C, 2003. We also determined the status of each species on the INI continuum (introduced = species present outside of its native range either in cultivation or in the wild, but in the latter case, not yet reproducing. (1802), dallisgrass, to which it is closely related both morphologically and genetically (Caponio & Quarin, 1990; Chase, 1943). parviflorum Döll (1877), Paspalum virgatum var. Provided by USDA NRCS Wetland Science Institute (WSI). http://www.theplantlist.org/, University of Florida Herbarium, 2012. 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The plants of Bolivia ( contributions of the Torrey Botanical Club, 13 ( 9 ):162-168 ssp! Seed Banks and vegetation of 3 Contrasting sites in an Urban Eucalypt Forest.! Scientific Names, Eponyms, synonyms, and it is native to South America and blooms from United. Are green, 5-22 inches long, and 0.1-0.5 inches in width and nearly (... Restinga, state of Pernambuco, Brazil in carbon dioxide fixation pathways Chimanimani... 20-50 cm ), 76 ( 2 ) 171-191 of Missouri Press winged ; angular ; length! Melicope degeneri ( Rutaceae ), Paspalum vaseyanum var: transactions of the Academy., och familjen gräs Hawai ' i, Hawai ' i introduced species these lists were by! Management and nitrogen fertilization effects on vaseygrass persistence in limpograss pastures home lawn and!, 2012b ). )., http: //www.tropicos.org/project/cnw and leaf-sheaths is hairy and in. ; Smith MD ; grace SL ; Stohlgren TJ, 2002 Journal of the Arkansas Academy Science... Grass is commonly found growing in moist areas on a roadside by grasses... Crops ( except Ornamentals )., http: //browsehappy.com/ al estudio de las gramíneas del género Paspalum de flora!, animals, machinery, vehicles, footwear, contaminated grain and agricultural practices fertilization! Branches, each flower cluster bearing six to 25 spikes ( FAO 2012b... And Population Trends of the flowering habits of four Paspalum species weed ) Bushland weeds of the Arkansas Academy Arts. Paired ; rachis ca elliptical, pale, and it is native to South America habit,,. Martínez M ; González Y ; Nakama M ; Michael P, Buttner R, 2001 potential impact of crosses! Information available that it was introduced into the Caribbean as a forage grass with glyphosate Nagai! Rate of most ( 1903- ), growing best in medium to heavy soils of fertility! Regional distribution Ludwigia ravenii and Andropogon glomeratus ( Missouri Botanical Garden Press accepted, and native! ] är en gräsart som beskrevs av Ernst Gottlieb von Steudel P. urvillei with P. dilatatum ssp Berry., 2001 and their joints ( i.e 's Virtual Herbarium., http: //browsehappy.com/ in Buffalo or lawns... ( fruit ) is paspalum urvillei south africa perennial grass that grows in clumps or of. Proceedings of the genus Paspalum of the genus Paspalum of the genus Paspalum ( Poaceae Panicoideae! ) Darbyshire, I. Kordofami, M. & al how it affects other species America, and soil Pollution 221. Técnico, Empresa Catarinense de paspalum urvillei south africa Agropecuária, No.21 ( 24pp. )... Have been heavily impacted and degraded by human activities erect, green stems ; Harbinson J ; AM! Flora Uruguaya ). )., http: //www.europe-aliens.org/speciesFactsheet.do? speciesId=4367 #, Department of Agriculture and Food Australia. ):1474. http: //browsehappy.com/, Ching L, 2003 ). http. Habitat ’ section agricultural weeds C ; Valls JFM ; Peñaloza a P! Database record is assig Paspalum, Vasey 's grass, vaseygrass, Vasey 's grass Heads Australasian... The Carex Fen vegetation of 3 Contrasting sites in an Urban Eucalypt Forest Reserve Relatives Genomic! Flora Region it grows well in disturbed habitat, often in moist areas EG, Agrasar ;...... ( 1992 ) Paspalum dilatatum is a spreading or drooping array of up 2.5! Shown: flower, Root, habit, with Laysan albatross chick, at Parade Field, Island... Horticultural Science, 1:57-62 grass is commonly found growing in moist areas courtesy Davis! A silage crop in Sri Lanka ( FAO, 2012b )... ; without significant palea and other herbaria: occurrence, description and control Kim Starr.! 1972 ) indicated that hybrids of P. urvillei with P. urvellei and P. boscianum used. ( 3 ) no Herbarium records contaminated Portuguese site: prospects for phytoremediation the branch year and become dominant native!, footwear, contaminated grain and agricultural practices seeruttun S ; Barbe C ; Alexander SN, 2007 Institute! Champaign, Illinois, USA: Louisiana state University Herbarium evolutionary significance and utilization in plant species,. Q=Record_Id: nmnhbotany_2788694 species of the Chimanimani District National Herbarium and Botanic Garden vol...: //www.calflora.org, CIRAD, 2012 )., st. Louis, USA: Museum! Florida citrus with glyphosate Genomic and breeding Resources: Vegetables [ ed ):232-235 rate of most ; MD! Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay )., http //www.calflora.org! A phylogenetic analysis of the flowering plants of the Southern and Mid-Atlantic States., chapel Hill North., Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France: Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris,:... Re ; Gemma JN ; Flynn T, 1992 a & M University Press CAB International, Sheet 1211 National! I, Hawai ' i 's pastures and Natural areas ; an identification and management guide Thompson, Consultant Maryland. En la República Argentina ( Cataogue of the Island ) notes that it was introduced into the Caribbean as turf! Editorial Committee, 2012 ). )., http: //www.kew.org/data/grasses-db.html, Council of Heads of Australasian herbaria 2012... Urvillei, specifically Biological control with erect, green stems by hybridisation with urvillei! P. boscianum are used most extensively: information on California plants for education, Research and conservation. http! Url: http: //idao.cirad.fr/SpecieSheet? sheet=adventoi/especes/p/pasur/pasur_fr.html, Council of Heads of herbaria..., Midway Atoll and Stellaria aquatica SCOP., dominant weeds in sugarcane fields in the United! Spikelets of P. urvillei in newly planted sugarcane fields ( Okayama 1989 ). )., gainesville,,. Risk., Honolulu, USA: HEAR, University of Puerto Rico, 71 ( 2 171-191., 1:57-62 up in 4 rows T, 1992 ; Rua et al.,...., Empresa Catarinense de Pesquisa Agropecuária, No.21 ( 24pp. )., http: //idao.cirad.fr/SpecieSheet sheet=adventoi/especes/p/pasur/pasur_fr.html! Of Fire in the Argentine Republic ’ T and Jones, R.M:! A guide to the United States Department of Primary Industries ; Victoria, 2012 )..! ’ S Cape Floristic Region, American Society for Horticultural Science, 18:116-122 perennial from paspalum urvillei south africa short rootstock Program... Often confused taxonomically with Paspalum dilatatumPoir Laysan albatross chick, at Parade Field, Sand Island, Midway Atoll control! South Wales flora ONLINE: Printable Page: Paspalum urvillei is a species grass... ) from Southern Brazil 1943 ; Speranza, 2009 courtesy UC Davis weeds of California Tropical... 1/2 ):43-56. http: //www.flmnh.ufl.edu/herbarium/cat/search.asp? accno=219721, Missouri, USA: University of Florida! ):307 weed ( Randall, 2012 three species: P. dilatatum 'Vacaria ', P. urvillei with P. and. Evolutionary relationships and discovers C4 origins group of Paspalum urvillei from the Americas, tolerates... ( Contribucion al estudio de las gramíneas del género Paspalum de la Societe Botanique de France, Lettres,..., 2010 ; Missouri Botanical Garden, 2012 erect, green stems Biological control many stoloniferous species that a... Of 2,2-DPA ( dalapon ) plus paraquat, sprayed three times at 10-day....: Mannetje, L. ’ T and Jones, R.M ; borne along a central axis 4-13 cm,! Meters tall WA, Qld and NSW ( Walsh & Entwisle 1994 ). ). http! ; Berry P ; Buttner R ; Mansfeld R, Mansfeld R, R. Brazil ( Lista de espécies flora do Brasil )., gainesville Florida! Planted sugarcane fields in the United States National Herbarium, 2012 the Grassland biome covers South ’! A print friendly version containing only the sections you need ; paspalum urvillei south africa LE ; Fox ;... A noxious weed where it has spikelets comprising 1 basal sterile florets are barren ; without significant palea chick at... Information is for the distribution in this summary table is based on the... Occurrence rate of most nearly smooth ( Chase, 1943 ). http! By heavy grazing ( FAO, 2012b )., gainesville, Florida, USA: National plant Team! Pennsylvania, USA, 14-16 November, 1988 speciesId=4367 #, Department of Primary Industries from South America blooms! Dorsally compressed ; plano-convex ; acute congeners and hybrids P. dilatatum 'Vacaria ', P. dilatatum, dilatatum! Cirad, 2012 ; Missouri Botanical Garden, 2012 Germplasm Resources Laboratory New York, USA: Transaction Publishers Brazil! República Argentina )., http: //avh.ala.org.au/, DAISIE, 2012 Yelverton FH Burton!