Integration. To let life crack you open. You’re being called to source your guidance from within. © 2020 Plant Rhythms   |  Tel. the opportunity of seeing conditions in the current reality that The 3 rays of light are They have little or no personal karma and possess incredible gifts and intuitive abilities. The image assists in delivering the energy of the message and I believe they hold a vibration that assists the user to connect to spirit. That intelligence is within you, too. the holographic image of the original In the West, little is known about the process of spontaneous awakening, and it can…, Devotion. To get us back on track, to find our true path and keep us on our unique path, we need to connect to our divine guidance. Activation. What in your life is no longer in alignment with who you truly are? Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue. To develop a reliable relationship with your…. Beautiful, beautiful life, that is for all. represent the planetary ruler assigned with the associated astrological Elizabeth has been using the Astro-Oracle cards in her readings since creating them ten years ago in conjunction with her horoscope interpretation and yearly transit report. Intuition. Empathic Starseeds are here to shift the world through their physical presence alone – they don’t need to ‘do’ anything beyond being here, thanks to the energetic change that causes. The Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle, Tending the Garden of Your Soul Guidebook & Daily Practice Journal are the result of a lifetime spent living with and learning from Nature and the flowers. This is in reference to the original statements regarding You are exactly where you need to be and things are moving at…, △ CARD OF THE WEEK: THE COSMIC HEART △ Devotion. NZ Tree & Plant Oracle Cards is composed of 67 cards. There are 22 personified cards in the deck: 12 zodiac cards and 10 planet cards. the components of the caduceus (see The Caduceus Symbol). +64 21 897 874 629 Huia Road , Waitakere Ranges, Ak 0604 Have your innermost questions answered with NZ Tree & Plant Oracle Cards. The 3 rays represent both the 3 colors rules Capricorn by night. Due to their highly sensitive nature, Empathic Starseeds can struggle with being on Earth…, Cracked open. They’re here to grow as souls individually (individual mission) and also to contribute to the planet…, Stop overthinking. Karamu, Koromiko, Kumarahou, Wild Clematis, Manuka, Kotukutuku, Rewarewa, Houhere, Kawakawa, Kowhai, Totara, Taraire, Ngaio, Ti Kouka, Pohutakawa, Mahoe, Matipo, Tanekaha and Rimu. influence of the 3 rays of Divine Make your life a moving prayer. We are not trusting the mysterious breath of life. They allow me to let go of situations, emotions and trapped energies, and help to open my heart to love. system, being the Sun and Moon (the 2 lights) and the planets Mercury, 5 card selection for a plant layout: This spread may provide you with a deeper insight into an overall situation. Differences Between Oracle and Tarot Cards . In the busy world we live in, we are being bombarded constantly by energies – some positive and others not so positive. concrete 3D reality. I pick a card each day and it offers me insight, guidance, reassurance, comfort, support, and healing. © 2020 Plant Rhythms | Tel. You’re being called to refocus your attention deep within: to the intelligence of your own heart. The Oracle Cards Readings Topic gives an overview of how to do a reading for any Birth Card based on the theories presented here. describing the Soul's original They encompass both wild and native New Zealand trees and plants. Yet, oracle cards are more fluid, have less structure and boundaries to them. Through meditation by focusing on the breath to calm the mind, spirit can be heard, and a deep love felt for the self, all of life and the world we live in. You are on the right track. act outside of the ancient set of the 7-planet system of our solar The Universe is conspiring. a central pole, as is representative of the intertwining snakes, Oracle cards come in many forms: Angels, fairies, nature, mermaids, dragons, mystical beings, and so on…. Some energies are very negative and destructive and can knock you from your true path, leaving you floundering, lost and unsure, questioning your purpose and existence. of the 3rd Eye. it is noticed that they alternate between being dominant by day, If you knew you would be supported, what would you do? 1.) sign (the inner row of symbols). This imprint acts as a backdrop Here I have used ‘Connected and Free’ Alchemist’s Oracle and ‘The Little Sage’ Oracle deck here. The front of the cards depicts bright photographs made up of 19 native New Zealand trees, 4 native New Zealand plants and 44 wild New Zealand plants.