If you have a larger budget, you can build or buy a large dedicated powder coating oven. In the process of powder coating, dry powder is sprayed on to the required object and then it is placed inside a curing oven to cure the object. Ovens use mineral wool insulation of 6# density throughout the assembly. Homemade powder coating oven. How to Build a Powder Coating Oven. Is a leader in batch oven technology with a full line of industrial batch ovens. The PCO walk in oven meets or exceeds NFPA-86, NFPA-70, OSHA & UL requirements. Westran Thermal Processing, LLC also sells custom ovens and conveyor ovens, plus other thermal processing equipment under the brand Infratrol. Our mission is to provide the highest quality equipment at the lowest possible price and, Computer Programmable Rotary Draw Benders. The main powder oven enclosure components are bolted together, typically on 6” centers. Our batch oven can be used for curing, sterilizing, drying, aging, heat treating, composite molding, annealing, finish baking, and burn-in. To speak with them call (302)-602-8738 or click on Get a Quote. A remote control panel controls the heat unit. Utilizing only highest quality components allows us to build ovens that literally last for decades bring tremendous value to customer. We can accommodate any order for Batch Ovens, Drying Ovens, Curing Ovens, or Powder Coating Ovens. Just email us or send us a message (at right). Booths and Ovens.com is committed to providing the best prices on professional powder coating ovens. Threaded inserts in key parts help simplify assembly. Log in, • Powder-specific design, custom sizes & configurations available. Our mission is to provide the highest quality equipment at the lowest possible price and with customer support. OEM offers over 300 sizes and will customize any oven … 6′ Ovens: Includes 6’H x 6’W and 6’H x 8’W models. If you find a better price on comparable equipment, Booths and Ovens… Friction latches (often known as panic latches or slam latches) enable the doors to be opened from the inside. DOUBLE-WALL (TYPE B) EXHAUST DUCTING WITH A HIGH-FLOW EXHAUST CAP THAT PREVENTS THE INTRUSION OF WATER. 12′ Ovens: Includes 12’H x 12’W and 12’H x 14’W models. Powder Coating Oven Exhaust Specifications, Powder Coating Oven Outsourced Components. These combine to produce an oven with exceptional uniformity and high energy transfer rates saving the customer valuable time and money. The exhaust drive components are housed in a ventilated steel enclosure. Tutorial. Powder Coating Ovens 509-292-0891 O ven E mpire M anufacturing has an oven for every application: batch ovens, powder coating ovens, automated line ovens, and dry off ovens. The PCO oven line is designed to bring our customer value: both in initial purchase price as well as operations and maintenance cost. Perfect for dedicated powder coating operations and large manufacturers. The Precision Quincy powder coating oven (PCO) model line provides excellent powder coating oven performance in a small footprint package. Lengths ranging from 10′ to 50′. Retrofits: 60% Average Savings vs New Equipment. Applications include curing, powder coating, dehydrating, drying, heat shrinking, pre-heating, testing, and many more. Each powder coating oven comes with an assembled heat unit constructed with 11 gauge, 16 gauge and 18 gauge stainless, aluminized or G90 galvanized steel components. Lengths ranging from 5′ to 50′. 12' Ovens - Prices Starting Under $30,000. Tutorial. These come with two 40A … This control panel allows the operator to see and adjust the heat unit’s output air temperature on a digital display. Our skilled customer service team can also help you design a customized version to meet your process’s specific needs. A high-performance ventilation fan assembly is mounted on-site to the shop floor using anti-vibration bushings. It is then shipped with a fan graph to illustrate performance and help prevent future issues. These ovens are constructed with high quality aluminized welded steel construction inside and outside. 10′ Ovens: Includes 10’H x 10’W and 10’H x 12’W models. Perfect for standard job shops and small manufacturers. Please allow for up to 48 business hours to receive a reply. We can design a Batch Oven customized to your particular specifications. To use less fuel, the heat unit enclosure uses a forward curving fan wheel to cycle the heated air rapidly through the powder coating oven enclosure. Each heat unit’s airflow is optimized for reduced fuel use – tailored for the customer’s location and performance temperature. 6 of 6. Like all Precision Quincy ovens, these ovens come with a limited warranty and are factory wired and tested before shipment. We offer 90 standard sizes of this oven model in multiple airflow and product loading configurations (Customs sizes available). These ovens are well suited to handle most industrial heat processes requiring a 500f maximum operating temperature. Click the link for the details on this website. Read the details on this website. Powder Coating Ovens For Sale Everyday At Booths and Ovens.com. For large batch operations and mid-sized manufacturers. The Precision Quincy powder coating oven (PCO) model line provides excellent powder coating oven performance in a small footprint package. 8′ Ovens: Includes 8’H x 8’W and 8’H x 10’W models. The powder coating oven utilizes a double panel design. Source: www.powdercoatingplanet.com. You can also call our industrial oven repair and parts department any time at. We look forward to hearing from you, and building one of the best industrial ovens in the world for your business. Get a quote now. We can accommodate any order for Batch Ovens, Drying Ovens, Curing Ovens, or Powder Coating Ovens. An oversized fan shaft is provided to be more durable and reduce vibration. The control panel features a variety of safety devices, which include audible and visual alarms. Each batch oven can be customized to meet your company’s unique requirements. The PCO industrial walk-in oven line is available as both Class “A” and Class “B”, in almost any voltage, and can be heated by either gas or electric heat power. When using roof mounted heat units or double load-in frontals, the powder coating ovens are equipped with support beams to increase rigidity. All our equipment ships factory-direct; there are no middle-men and no hidden fees. Installations will no longer require a smooth floor surface to reduce wear on the door assembly. Drum Heating Ovens For Fast Efficient Barrel Warming. We also include light-maintenance, high-temperature bearing assemblies that are easily accessible, reducing maintenance labor. Mineral wool insulation of at least 6# density is inserted between these inner panels and the external skins during installation. The fan intake extends through a special wall skin and special wall panel. The heat system includes an ETL-listed Jet Fire forced-induction burner with an integrated combustion supply fan. Powder Coating Oven Economy Start-Up Package 5'x5'x8' By Spectra Coat $9,950.00 Oven Control Box 220v Single Phase $912.78 SpectraCoat Lab Oven 17.5" W x 19.5" H x 13.5" D $750.00