Take care and I will definitely be back for another . Allmost Ebony…….I was going to dye it, but that won’t be necessary now.It is going to be natural back and sides with a Mary Kay top, tinted amber lacquer to age it a little.I don’t want it to be to White.Bought a Schroeder Guitars,Contour Stoptail bridge, Waverly Tuning machines, and a Lollar p-90 for it so far.Can’t wait to get started, Thanks again, Neal, In the end the build is way above and beyond what I hoped it would be , it’s magic from the first note . It is so much better than I expected, superb quality. Got back into town and a package from you was a’waitin’ a day after my 65th birthday…..Precision Guitars is an excellent name because you guys do VERY precise work…AWESOME.GOT THE NECK GLUED ON TODAY AND WILL LET IT SET OVER NIGHT. Electric Guitar Kits Showing 1–12 of 140 results STOCK NOW DUE IN EARLY DECEMBER FOR BACKORDERS. Just received my T style kit and am very impressed. I have a couple of questions. Haven’t finished third guitar and ordered up another. Any questions, concerns or suggestions, you deal with the maker. Can’t wait to see what you come up with this time. I’ll send some pictures of the finished product along with a review once I get it complete . I'm also working on a totally custom guitar for a customer. Now that she is up and running she sounds fantastic – I am keeping her for slide work almost exclusively and she doffs her hat to Doyle Bramall II’s ’58 Jnr. No need to touch up the frets. I can't find nuts for sale on the site so I'm wondering. Very impressed with the quality and workmanship. The one piece body and quality of the aaaa flame is unbelievable. Here you can find our premium Kit Guitar … Wish me luck on my burst….. I’ve never done this before. Precision kits come with no hardware, correct? This is an awesome guitar. You must log in or register to reply here. My fourth guitar from Phil, the quality is top notch. Stop making such awesome stuff it’s addicting. This is just a wonderful business, making guitar for great guys like you. What are your experiences with PGP in this regard? The kits are listed in no … Precision Guitar Kits is now being promoted in both California and New York. CUSTOMER SERVICE 100 % – WORKMANSHIP 100 % – FINISH 100 % THANK YOU GUYS for making my dream guitar come to life. Thanks again, Don! Phil,I just picked up my Thin-line Telecaster…wow…amazing…beautiful…I reallydidn’t think it would be this damn pretty, this is wow to the max. There has been confusion on my 59 Carve Top build since the beginning. Do PGK necks have nuts preinstalled? They are elite guitars at less than 30% the price tag. The first one Precision has done,AFAIK. Mine is a plain top, but you’ve chosen a really nice piece of maple-it’s going to look great when it’s finished.I know you get this a lot, but I believe in giving praise when it’s due and in Precision’s case it’s due. Thank you so much! Tired of seeing the same guitar kits floating around the web? This really exceeded my very high expectations and I was delighted to find the neck exceptionally comfortable. Phil will talk on the phone and is VERY helpful. To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. I have so far built 2 Precision guitars. I usually make my own bodies and buy the necks. I am going to order some of the guts from you but I need to know if you set up your wiring kits with pull up and down switches? The initial Review of Precision Guitar's Kit: Thanks a lot for the info I'm problably going to save up for the precision kit and I'll have a good quality guitar in the end. the either do a two piece neck that is joined lengthwise with a center seam (not a scarf joint) or a one piece neck for a slight up charge I believe. If the fret ends are rounded over, then there was an effort to level and crown the frets. Please contact shop@crimsonguitars.com for more information. I don’t have words to describe the absolute beauty and perfection of these guitars. I own a precision CNC machine shop that does medical parts so I can really appreciate the fine work. Hey Phil, if you are wondering where your entire inventory of allen wrenches is, I have them. I snagged on clearance was impeccable. Every time I go on your site there is something new. Precision = good woodworking and non-existent customer service. Yeah sadly it seems to be evenly split between people that hear right back and others that never get anything. I’m liking you my friend. It still needs to be resonant, obviously, and not boat-anchor heavy.