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For example: As Rachel shares in her blog post, 3 Things You Might Not Know About the Proverbs 31 Woman: “I first learned this from my Jewish friend Ahava who told me that in her culture, it’s not the women who memorize Proverbs 31, but the men… They memorize it, Ahava said, to sing it as a song of praise to the women in their lives—their wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, and friends. 21 Blessed be the Lord,For (AB)He has shown me His marvelous kindness in a [j]strong city!22 For I said in my haste,“I am cut off from before Your eyes”;Nevertheless You heard the voice of my supplicationsWhen I cried out to You. “She rises while it is STILL NIGHT” We are studying great women of the Bible including Esther and Eve, so you’ll definitely want to check them out! I always thought, “darn, she really works hard!” When I read this passage. I was just telling my husband tonight that I really hate this particular passage because she seems to have it so well put together. So the admonishment is to not be a blind self pleasing young man, but to remember your call, join the king in His desires, even as a devoted and others minded wife would. Required fields are marked *. I used to think the P31 woman was perfection I could never attain, yet I love your interpretation of this famous passage. And gives food to her household” In You, O Lord, I put my trust; Let me never be ashamed; Deliver me in Your righteousness. Exactly. It’s okay to slack off a bit on the housework, so that we may choose “that good part which shall not be taken away from” us – whether that be creating something beautiful, or studying, or reading a book ‘just because.’ Our lives are not meant to be drudgery; we are meant to edify ourselves and to put that on equal standing with serving others. The woman of valor is a woman who is aware of her gifts and is not afraid to make use of them for the benefit of her family and those within her sphere of influence. I have never heard of the Proverbs 31 woman before, but I have felt the pressure to be perfect. I’m not sure you understood the point I was trying to make here. Some beauty is lost from the original meaning when translated into English. The characteristics of a Proverbs 31 woman are enough to give any Christian woman serious comparison envy. I love the Hebrew translation of, “eshet chayil” as well as your link to the acrostic poem of Proverbs 31 sung in Hebrew. How often do we think that the Proverbs 31 Woman is the perfect example of the perfect Proverbs wife and the perfect Proverbs mom? 23 Oh, love the Lord, all you His saints!For the Lord preserves the faithful,And fully repays the proud person.24 (AC)Be of good courage,And He shall strengthen your heart,All you who hope in the Lord. […] Most of us long to be the “perfect” mother or “perfect” wife, and Proverbs 31, has long been referred to as Proverbs 31: The perfect woman. Yay!! You’re not perfect? It says she makes him look good, not that she makes him look like a loser . My husband is supportive and understanding and to heck with all the (supposedly) perfect women out there! Thanks again. Then, we get the reminder of what a true son of the king should be about, namely defending the poor and needy and judging that righteousness would grow in the land. I also want to emphasize that It’s important for us to keep in mind that Lemuel’s mother was likely speaking from the perspective of a woman of wealth, not a working-class woman. A virteous woman is a strong woman after God’s own heart. Such women are not very much recognize in our modern society, but they are the true backbone of our society. Thank you so much for this! As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. You are so right… I avoid reading blogs about the Proverbs 31 wife so hard because I feel like I’ll never live up to that “perfect” model of a women. Not building a career separate from that. LOVE THIS! It wouldn’t matter if she was a real woman. I don’t feel that it’s one woman who does all these things, if it were, when would she have time to sleep?! Meanwhile, other Christians pretty much ignore the Proverbs 31 woman, assuming that the Bible passage doesn’t apply to them for whatever reason (whether that’s because they aren’t a wife or a mother, or simply because the passage is thousands of years old). The fact that the proverbs 31woman wasn’t an actual person doesn’t invalidate the text, when Jesus told parables, they were not about actual people but he used that to send a message and to tell explain further about the kingdom of God. Required fields are marked *, Graceful Abandon is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. She had next to no money or resources to her name. Take a Tour Read the Bible ... Proverbs 31:30. Pretty neat how that works out.). We don’t have to be perfect Proverbs 31 women. Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. Especially with emphasis on the character of the lady. Plus, not only do Jewish men use Proverbs 31 to sing praises over their wives for being such wonderful Godly women, but Jewish women also use the passage to praise each other as well!