[1] Although the Brahmanas (9th to 6th centuries BCE) are the earliest scriptures to hint at her relationship with Indra, the 5th- to 4th-century BCE Hindu epic Ramayana – whose hero is Rama – is the first to explicitly mention her extra-marital affair in detail. After she got raped, rather than going into a shell or tuning into a rock, she marshaled all resources and masterminded the downfall of Indra. Indra, who believes that the best women are meant for him, resents Ahalya’s marriage to the forest-dwelling ascetic. He consequently drives the brothers away and curses them to become monkeys. He is one of the most famous and among the greatest painters in the history of Indian art.This article features collection of 20 most famous paintings by Raja Ravi Varma. A. R. Raja Raja Varma or A R. Rajaraja Varma (Malayalam: എ.ആർ. However, Chirakari is hesitant to follow the order and later concludes that Ahalya is innocent. While most versions agree that Gautama curses Ahalya after discovering the affair, the curse varies from text to text. Kunti accompanied him. [62] R. K. Narayan (1906–2001) focuses on the psychological details of the story, reusing the old tale of Indra's disguise as Gautama, his flight as a cat and Ahalya's petrifaction. In the earliest full narrative, when Indra comes disguised as her husband, Ahalya sees through his disguise but nevertheless accepts his advances. Like Ahalya, Alcmene falls victim to Zeus's trickery in some versions or, recognising his true identity, proceeds with the affair in others. Or do we learn from Ahalya who made a conscious choice to fulfil her need and yet has been extolled? He left his imprint on almost every aspect of it." gvenketram Credits: Photography - G Venket Ram @venketramg Naam Suhasini Maniratnam @suhasinihasan Post-production: Disha Shah @disha_dee Calendar design: Padmaja Venket Ram @padmajav Styling - Amritha Ram @amritha.ram Makeup&Hair - Prakruthi Ananth @prakatwork, A post shared by Aishwarya Rajessh (@aishwaryarajessh) on Feb 3, 2020 at 8:48am PST. Tara by Raja Ravi Varma (1848–1906) Tara was the wife of the monkey king Bali who was presumed dead after a battle with a demon after which she married his twin brother Sugriva according to the custom of the time. Ahalya Member of Panchakanya Ahalya by Raja Ravi Varma (1848–1906) Devanagari अहल्या Sanskrit transliteration Ahalyā Affiliation Rishi (sage), panchakanya Abode Gautama's hermitage Personal information Consort Gautama Children Shatananda In Hinduism, Ahalya also known as Ahilya, is the wife of the sage Gautama Maharishi. Although Ahalya is cursed, Vishvamitra nevertheless describes her as goddess-like and illustrious,[42] repeatedly calling her mahabhaga, a Sanskrit compound (maha and bhaga) translated as "most illustrious and highly distinguished";[7][43][44][45] this interpretation contrasts with that of Rambhadracharya, who believes that the word mahabhaga, in the context of Ahalya's story, means "extremely unfortunate" (maha and abhaga). Post-war she was faced to watch her entire clan being killed. Ravi Varma Classic: 2008, Genesis Art Foundation, Cochin-18;45 colour plate with text by Vijayakumar Menon. Tara informs Sugriva that Vali told her that Ravana is a mighty king with several rakshasas in his service. [7][65] Ahalya is a popular motif in the Mahari temple-dancer tradition of Odisha. Their elder son, Kerala Varma (b.1876) was of an excessively spiritual temperament. [105] However, it also urges men to seduce women by telling the romantic tales of Ahalya. Tara informs him that Sugriva has summoned all monkey commanders and troops to the capital.