RODE VIDEOMIC NTG vs DEITY D3 PRO. Not sure about the VideoMic NTG, though. On this occasion, the crew simulated a wide shot, when the sound guy is forced to keep the boom quite far away to stay out of the frame, in this case, 5ft away. So I think I'll be fairly close to my subject? The testing areas will be: The contenders range from the entry-level VideoMic Pro by Rode to the full bell and whistle Schoeps CMIT 5U. The price difference between the Rode and the Deity is almost 1/3th. A $200 mic 10 inches away sounds better than a $2,000 mic 10 feet away, all else being equal as far as signal flow and settings. Slapping on a mic to your shoe mount is only going to do so much, but overall if said mic is more than 2 feet, maaaybe 3 feet, from the intended source, it’s not going to sound particularly life changing. Good for podcasting/vlogs etc. Sony a7S III 8-bit vs 10-bit – Can You Tell the Difference? Now, seasoned filmmaker Parker Walbeck comes to help us with a comparison between some of the most used shotgun mics in the market. 2. So, all in all, what shall we get from this testing? I'm looking to spend around $200 unless there's a huge quality improvement for slightly more. A place where professionals and amateurs alike unite to discuss the field. The deity d3 pro can also run usb just an FYI. I think the intended use of the mic and the pickup pattern is important here. Filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, editors, vfx gurus, composers, sound people, grips, electrics, and more meet to share their work, tips, tutorials, and experiences. Still, the CMIT seems to have a little advantage over the others. I have aspirations for more dance-centric video content like a music video, which might include sounds like the sound of pointe shoes on the floor. Do you think it would be worth it to buy an external recorder along with a standard Deity D3? Thank you! I just found out the ntg can run as a USB mic too and when you use it that way you can connect your headphones to the audio jack. As filmmakers our attention often dwells more on the imagery, on the filmic part of the shoot, sometimes forgetting how much audio is important and how our audio gear could save a scene or an interview and make the difference between having the job done or instead throwing your head on the wall not knowing how to get out of  difficult situation. The MKH-416 gives big feedback on bass, and that brings him last on the podium. I did notice the Deity had a carrying case. Get the ULTIMATE RESOLVE COURSE BUNDLE for just $97! Other recommendations? Right now I have a 35mm prime on APSC (~50mm FF) and a 16-55 zoom. The zoom h5/seinheisser combo will probably be outside of my budget/needs for at least a few years. (/do you think I can still stay within a 200-300 budget?) The MKH-416gives big feedback on bass, and that brings him last on the podium. Thank you for your reply! I am a beginner, in my experience you can't always setup everything like you wish. I don't have the budget for anything higher end at the moment. 4. I'm very new to video so I'm not exactly sure what my needs will be. Get something a bit cheaper like the standard d3, until you ca afford a proper sound setup. Which of these two mics would you recommend? CMIT-5U, MKH-416, and NTG-3 gave the best results, while the VMP+ beats the S-MIC 2 that ended up last on the list picking up too much of the ambient with a very thin sound. That was the decision changer for me. Press J to jump to the feed. I just got the Deity D3 Pro and it's a HUGE improvement from my VideoMic Pro. I'm looking to spend around $200 unless there's a huge quality improvement for slightly more. Archived. If you place your boom too close to talent, maybe just outside of the frame, you may increase the risk of losing him from the sweet spot for the microphone, if you anticipate that the subject may move a bit, it’s better to back off a little to increase the chance to keep him in focus. As they say in real estate:"Location, Location, Location". Sometimes I watch videos on YouTube that seem to have good footage but bad sounding audio and want to avoid that for myself. So, will your shots be more than 2-3 feet away? Question. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Both of them are in stock at roughly the same price at my local camera store and I need to pick one up for a shoot very soon.