How to play this list: Salamander Indomitus Box tactics can be brutal and make your opponents ask “What about Balance and the shorter board.” They’ll be alright and you didn’t need friends anyway. On top of that, the final big tournament at the end of the year was Pro Tabletop in Atlanta. David Villareal - Salamanders. Stephen Mitchell - Orks. 1st Place. The Alternating Deployment zones brought back the need to claim real estate early. 4th Place. 3rd Place. 2020.11.16 21:58 spanishinquisition90 2K Salamanders List for upcoming Tournament. Updated as of 11-07-20. I'm taking my Salamanders army to a tournament in the next month and I need some suggestion or helpful criticism towards the list. 4-1-0. Brackets means the vehicle is a dedicated transport for the previous unit. I thought I might take the chance to put in a lot of flamers just to stick to the fluff and to help my army composition score. HQ Vulkan He'stan: … 3rd Place. Here you will find a continually updated list of major Grand Tournament Winner Lists for 9th Edition Warhammer 40k. 4-1-0. 5-1-0. I have played a couple of games with this list and have done very well but i wanted to get advice outside of my own meta. All lists will come from ITC events. The Salamanders Space Marine Army List uses the datasheets from the Salamander Forces section, the Imperial Navy Forces section, and the Titan Legion Forces section. August 8, 2020 - 24 Players - GT Pack 2000pts. 4th Place . Hey all, Hoping to get some advice on where my list is lacking for an upcoming tournament in December. 4-1-0. 5-1-0. Patrick McAneeny - White Scars. Salamander Tactics like this should be brought up with your Tournament Organizer because unlike similar abilities that specifically state not when you fall back, Relentless Determination states for all rules purposes. The 10 infiltrators do just that with a large footprint to keep the enemy away. 2500 points Salamanders Tournament list. Homebrew chapters could choose a trait, but wouldn’t get stratagem, trait or relic access (meaning that in tournaments people just used the main keywords). Thomas Byrd - UM/Salamanders. To qualify, lists are taken from events with at least least 28 players and five games played. Salamanders: A Hidden Gem- by Nick Rose Near the end of 2019, Marines were coming out, and one of the last books was Salamanders. Jony Velazquez - Death Guard. That directed a lot of focus in the competitive community to create lists a Volander describes upcoming Tournament list Updates his Salamander army. 4-1-0. 5-1-0. 2nd Place. Warzone Giga-Bites IV. Seth Oster - Orks. Lists may use older codexes versions and with certain restrictions specific to each Tournament format. That’s changed, and you can now get access to 95% of what’s in this book if you are a Salamanders successor chapter. Using The Army List. Mark Perry - CSM/Thousand Sons.