Sedum (Roof Garden Mix) - Create a green roof with Sedum seeds. Sedums have unique qualities making them most suitable plants for a low-maintenance green roof. Grown in water retaining landscape matting, sedums offer excellent roof cover. There are different ways of achieving a living roof. Sedums used on green roofs can broadly be separated into four different classes: Ruderal Creepers – like Sedum album, acre, and sexangulare these are fast to establish themselves on the roof. Sedum Carpet Mat Fully Grown | Premium Sedum Turf Green Roofs Lovely when in flower. Like all green roofs there will always be a requirement for maintenance. Read on and get inspired. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. The green roof material we would recommend is sedum matting using plants from the Crassulaceau family of plants and should be grown within a matting keeping the soil together. Most of our EverMat™ roofs never require any maintainance, but if you want to keep it in pristine condition these are a few things you can do. Sedum blankets are lightweight, low maintenance and offer an instant 'wow' factor. Contact us FAQ You need to think about your aspect. Enviromat Sedum Matting is a very shallow system with only a relatively small amount of growing material for the plants to find nutrients in. The sixteen varieties of sedum offer a huge variety of colour, textures, leaf shapes and plant sizes. Enviromat sedum matting can be described as a flower garden on a roll. At full saturation, these all-in-one systems can be only 49kg/m2, so existing buildings can be converted easily, installing an environmentally friendly roof without extensive engineering or construction modifications. Contains only natural ingredients. They are easy to cut for installation around vents and other rooftop equipment and can be easily shaped for curved installations. for roof dewatering are normally needed - unless damp areas are sought for particular reasons but these are not good for most species of sedum. An eclectic gallery of green roof pictures to show you just what is possible. In some ways it’s like grass turf in that all you need to do is unroll it onto a prepared surface for an instant covering of plants. They are easy to cut for installation around vents and other rooftop equipment and can be easily shaped for curved installations. Rolled blankets of mature plants are easy to lift and place on the prepared roof, and roll out like sod on the ground. Enkair® is a premium brand of Low & Bonar. Sedum plants are adapted by nature to cope with exposed conditions so provided that the matting is well anchored, living on the roof is not a problem to them Sedum plants need plenty of sunshine so avoid north-facing roofs and shading from trees and/or other buildings. 10x20 mat tile contains up to 12 hand selected Sedum groundcovers. Anyone interested in bringing a little bit of green into their city block – even if it’s just a small strip of green or two – may well be interested in hiring local sedum roof experts to help with making even the barest of roofing lush and verdant. Such controlled drainage generally meets the basic needs of the vegetation in extensive greening such as sedum roofs. Questions, Sales & Service. Sedum Roof Experts. Our southern Ontario location and logistic partnerships allow us to ship all across North America. They crawl over the soil media layer and have very shallow roots. Price per m2 (Minium order online 10m2, for lower quanities please call the office, thank you) Our Wildflower Turf has been developed using a unique ‘soil-less’ system, which is weed suppressing, easy to handle and also delivers a guaranteed wildflower environment. It’s a truly stunning and very low maintenance alternative to a grass lawn. Xeroflor's pre-vegetated systems have been tested by accredited third-party labs for wind uplift and fire spread resistances for building safety. It’s a high specification vegetation blanket designed for use on extensive flat or pitched green roofs. Each pre-vegetated roll generally covers 2m2 (21ft2), so a roof is greened very quickly. Thursday, 22 June 2017 17:35:19 Europe/London How to create a living green roof. Fully Grown Wildflower Turf /Matting. 1 XF301 sedum blanket system with integrated water retention and filter layer: Sedum vegetation blanket instantly providing at least 90% coverage on an extensive green roof. Cookies do not pose a security threat. Green roofs are becoming more and more popular in both rural and urban locations. Sedum roof … GREEN ROOFS. Each pre-vegetated roll generally covers 2m 2 (21ft 2), so a roof is greened very quickly. The blend of sedums covers shade-loving, sun-loving and drought-tolerant species. Sedum Master has been servicing the green roof industry for over 13 years. For sedum roofs it is assumed that there is a gradient and about 2% is considered to be the norm. Once the sedum roof is in place maintenance is minimal and sedum green roof make sure the species provided are designed to suit the location. Sedum provides biodiversity while providing insulation, improving air quality in urban landscapes and increases habitat creation. I would like to experiment with this on my small garden tool shed. Local farmers grow pre-vegetated mats, with healthy, mature plants suitable for local conditions. W e put all of our focus and expertise into our vegetation so your projects will grow beautifully for years to come. Sedum matting is a pre-grown blanket of sedum plants. Read More. Apply once a year to green roofs and sedum lawns for optimum flowering and superb winter hardiness. Our Sedum Green Roof Kits are designed for use on roofs with a slope of 3 - 20 degrees. If done properly it can be planted up and left to its own devices. It will get mossy if not enough sun. 10x20 mat tile contains up to 12 hand selected Green Roofs Direct blend just the right sedum and grow it in the right conditions so that it needs as little maintainance as possible. Vancouver’s heavy rainfall called for an Enkadrain solution that was tough, reliable, and could deliver extraordinary performance for a world famous project. The mats are better for large areas. It’s most common use however, is for sedum green roofing. Sedum Roof Experts in Scotland. Visit website. Based on sustainable green technology and stormwater runoff management our green roofs provide many advantages and innovations in green 2020 GREENTECH LTD. | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Sedum green roof, also known as living roof, changes the appearance of the urban landscape introducing a soft natural feel to buildings, promoting biodiversity by providing a habitat and food sources for a variety of insects including bees and butterflies.. Green roof systems contributes to reducing the Urban Heat Island effect by providing an area that absorbs rather than reflects heat. They are easy to cut with a knife or electrical tool, to create shapes and patterns as needed. WHY SEDUM? Sedum roof matting has been used to green-up this garden shed Which approach you take depends on the kind of plants you want to have on your roof. There is a wide variety of sedums. In some ways it’s like grass turf in that all you need to do is unroll it onto a prepared surface for an instant covering of plants. open structure with high permeability to air and water, of annual rainfall for a Vancouver green roof to cope with, Low & Bonar PLCOne Connaught PlaceLondon, W2 2ET. Sedum Matting is a drought tolerant green roof vegetation option. Sedum Supply Sustainable Green Roofs 01691 659618 | 020 3805 2281 (London) Sedum & Wildflower Green Roof Systems Roofing experts, specialising in green roof systems & … Lawn alternative, groundcover, live roofs or DIY projects. Great for … Each pre-vegetated roll generally covers 2m 2 (21ft 2), so a roof … Sedum Mat, Module or Tray (S-Pod) Before buying a mat you must first check that your roof is strong enough to take the weight of a Sedum roof and its components. An extensive green roof or Sedum roof is a roof with vegetation that is more or less self-perpetuating and that can further develop and maintain itself.