Reflection Phase In my practice, I pull all this information together, first alone and then with my partner teacher in multiple sessions over the summer, to review each unit, project, and lesson. In light of DepEd‘s POLICY GUIDELINES ON CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT FOR THE K TO 12 BASIC EDUCATION … It is unethical for a student to receive a K-12 … Personal Education Reflection My K-12 education varied by the location of where I was and what year I was in school. The Philippine educational landscape continues to evolve in line with the K-12 curriculum. For kindergarten, I attended a private neighborhood school solely for kindergarteners as the Korean education system did not offer public kindergarten education … A more comprehensive guide to K–12 service-learning reflection … reflection as a practice, discusses outcomes of reflection in a service-learning context, outlines the stages of and best practices for reflection, and provides examples of K–12 service-learning reflection activities. Curriculum development without reflection and renewal is not in the best interests of students. This allows us to rethink our curriculum … Students deserve to have a high-quality education which prepares them for college and the workforce. Eight Questions Educators Should Ask About Curriculum provides educators with a starting point.