Believe it or not, a firm mattress is best for a belly sleeping. When you make a purchase from the Serta website, you will be entitled to a 120-night, that begins on the day of delivery. I just lay down and fall asleep without finding the "right" spot because this bed is the right spot! /*max-width: 80%;*/ Poor customer service. We were told because it was Memory foam it would maintain its shape and support better. We will examine how the iComfort mattresses stack up with regard to pressure point relief, sleep position, motion transfer, edge support, temperature regulation, firmness level, and more. The heavy and bulky box tends to anger the postal employees who have to deal with it.My bed setup closely matches the quality of that which I experienced at top hotels. It is way past time to get a new one but I have not been able to part with this oldie but goodie. 1) FIRMNESS - This is is ability of the mattress to support you body without sagging or forming depressions. -webkit-padding-start: 0; "When you get this bed home and find that it actually sucks, you can simply pay us $225 to return it. This shows as being certified under warranty. Very disappointing :(Hard, hard, hard, hard, hard. Plus, these mattresses provide. In this article, we look at the best Serta mattresses based on online reviews. I tried for 2 months to get used to it, walked on the bed, etc. margin-right: 15px; I HAD LAID IT ON A SHEET AND WE WERE ABLE TO MOVE IT EASILY TO THE OTHER ROOM. Perfect Sleeper models carry different names at different stores so it’s hard to compare prices. Because it was specially designed to help with the most common sleep problems: tossing and turning, sleep temperature, sagging, partner movement, and back support and alignment. This, hybrid bed delivers medium firmness and features some of the most innovative, available on the market. I can't see our opinion about this mattress changing any time soon. Believe it. The SleepTrue® brand offers both all-foam and innerspring hybrid mattresses. My husband and I think this mattress is wonderful. width: 32%; Serta Perfect Sleeper Ultimate Super Pillow Top, Serta Perfect Sleeper Ultimate Luxury Innerspring Mattress, Sertapedic Super Pillowtop Innerspring Mattress. Nice and firm but not too much. after sleeping on it for 5 days I smell nothing now. width: 50%; Carbon Fiber Memory Foam will channel heat away from your body and provide for superb temperature regulation. } Writing a review after 5 months of use... if you are a side sleeper this mattress is not for you... both my shoulders are in constant pain. I'm now a few weeks later and sleeping the best I ever had. Featuring the UltraCold System along with Carbon Fiber, will be transferred away from you as you sleep. I could not see spending 1500 to 3000 dollars for a similar mattress. text-align: center; It's king size firm and has lumps and dips. He frequently cannot get a good consistant rest and rarely sleeps through the night. We've only had the mattress for a few weeks but both my husband and I love sleeping on the Serta Gel Foam mattress. The Fusion 1000 is a memory foam hybrid mattress that comes both in firm and plush firmness levels. If you buy this, don't plan on staying out of it for long. However, if you decide during the trial period that the mattress is not the choice for you, simply contact Serta at 1-888-708-1466 and the company will be happy to help you in arranging a return for free. Some even have a massage. Kindly note that this is a Serta-specific service. We rotate every 2 weeks. The first one we got we thought there was a defect because where we sleep there are large indentions but since they replace the mattress the same thing is happening . For back sleepers, it’s important to keep the spine supported properly to avoid pain and discomfort. It feels like a heavenly cloud and we have slept so well on it and could not be more pleased with our purchase. The box is heavy when it comes in but nothing unmanageable, if you have a helping hand its a cinch. After sending it back Amazon sent us another one to correct the problem. I would not recommend this mattress or this warranty/manufacturer. Serta offers several mattress types, including memory foam, innerspring and hybrid, and sizes from twin to California king. position: relative; This mattress in particular has excellent support characteristics but if you are looking for a "plush" feel, you will need a topper. No more legs cramps, neck pain from sleeping in the wrong position and the mattress doesn't heat up like the regular memory foam beds. If the firm feels right, this will suit your needs. 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