The Shorty CT has a single Höfner high-output humbucker pickup, with master tone and volume controls. Aesthetically, the visual appearance of this guitar is absolutely amazing. Since there isn’t another pickup on this bass guitar, you aren’t really going to be able to experiment too much with the precision of your sound. Key Specs and Features: The body of the bass is carved mahogany on back and sides with a carved maple top. The first and most obvious reason to use a short scale bass is its physical size. The fretboard is the piece of wood that is glued on top of the neck and the frets that are placed on the fretboard along with the nut regulate the transfer of vibrations from the strings to the body of the bass. Electric Guitars. Available in these materials: A thin wood laminate approximately .030" (1mm) thick is applied to the face of the headstock. "There are quite a few famous guys & famous recordings made with SS basses. Now that we’ve gone through exactly what a short-scale bass is, and why it might be a better fit for you, let’s take a look at a few of the very best currently available from different manufacturers and find the perfect one for you…. This program is designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. Not sure if a short-scale bass is the one for you? 4.4 out … Learn more about us and how we approach our editorial reviews. Deep shades of brown, with a rich, thick grain. I think that is pretty clear now. It contains two knurled dome control knobs, a master volume knob, and a master tone knob similar to a P-bass. Are you sure you wish to clear All items from your cart? It looks great and it sounds great, you can put that hat on and do those Paul McCartney bass lines. The most common system used is the bolt-on neck system. Rosewood can also sometimes contain hues of purple, yellow, orange, or green. 32" SSB necks come with 21 frets. Remember, bridge and nut! My Review: I’ve been very impressed by the quality of this bass. There are hollow and semi-hollow basses out there which are good, but for now, I think the best choices are solid body bass guitar. Fretboard: Maple, 19 frets The pickups work great with a good response, whether the sound is clear or muddy. The Ibanez 5-string GSRM25 miKro bass is nearly identical in design and materials to the 4-string GSRM20 model, with a few exceptions. I find it remarkable that the price of the bass is so reasonable compared to the quality. Bottom Line: Lakland has produced a bass that is going to raise them even more in the bass guitar market, once again proving the quality of the instruments that come out from their shops. Even among Fender® products neck/body mismatches are possible if care is not taken. It feels versatile and able to perform in different styles of music but the one style it was best suited for is metal. The bass is equipped with Dean sourced soap-bar form passive mode pickup which allows the bass to be responsive and highly adaptable to different styles of music. Les Paul Junior embraces its name as a tribute. Having a lower string tension will provide the instrument with a larger sounding low register. On Amazon, the Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Guitar is $200. Looks best with clear gloss. Here at the Guitar Lobby, our aim is to share our passion for Music and gear with the rest of the music community. But, you’ll probably want to replace them with some quality flatwounds to get the best tone out of this instrument. White, with small circular grain patterns. Minor fret buzzing when you’re first learning how to play, but this is easy to overcome once you have better control of the guitar. A wide range of finish options is available. ", "With both necks the bass was remarkably easy to play, and it balanced very well both strapped and lapped. The humbucker pickup on this short scale bass guitar is what sets it apart from the other high-quality short scales on this list. $110.00. White, with distinctive striped grain patterns.