Adjust to slider to match the volume of the sound source. Le microphone Shure MV88+ Video Kit est un système d'enregistrement professionnel polyvalent. The trademark “iPhone” is used in Japan with a license from Aiphone K.K. The cable ensures that the recorded sound comes solely from the MV88 and not the headphone inline microphone. Medium stereo width with transparent compression to smooth out volume spikes and bring out quiet passages. Sa grande compacité en fait également une parfaite solution pour une utilisation nomade afin de facilement enregistrer un concert, des vlogs ou des reportages. The MV88 is compatible with any iOS device equipped with a Lightning connector. When used in Split mode, the marker placement determines the split point for the file. The closest possible zoom length is two seconds. Follow the simple steps below to find out what devices, operating systems, apps and use cases that we advise for … Left/right stereo channels do not match video. Le MV88+ offre de nombreuses options pour libérer votre créativité artistique et répondre à tous vos besoins. Like all Shure products, the MV88 ensures reliability in the field. Adds flexibility when processing the audio after recording. MV88 is plugged in, but the microphone is not detected. ① Header Tap Close to return to the record window. Du coup, il existe une multitude de solutions, plus ou moins chères, mais plus ou moins efficaces aussi. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Place a marker at the point where you want to split the audio. MOTIV supports third-party microphones with mono recording. Playback from a specific point: Tap any marker to begin playback from that marker point. Use the audio signal (front/cardioid) from the, Use the audio signal (side/bidirectional) from the, Copy the side/bidirectional signal from the second track. Automatic Gain Control, or AGC, allows a mobile device to record signals of varying levels and maintains consistent playback volume. To further reduce wind noise, use the optional Rycote™ Windjammer, which fits over the included foam windscreen. Two microphone capsules are arranged in a Mid-Side … L and R are labeled to show stereo orientation of the microphone. Narrow stereo width to reject background noise, equalization that emphasizes clarity and fullness, and gentle compression. They do not affect playback start and stop points but are useful for reference. The MV88 features lightweight, all-metal construction and is small enough to carry anywhere. When the file successfully uploads, the file saved notification appears. (2,434 KB), Application pour ordinateur ShurePlus MOTIV™. Using the marker list: Tap the marker in the list to move the playhead to that location. Le MV88+ vous offre une immense flexibilité, puisqu’il vous permet de transformer votre smartphone en un système audio et vidéo professionnel mobile. The ShurePlus MV88 video app user guide. Use the L and R indicators on the microphone barrel to ensure correct placement. Select the Loop button to select the entire track. After selecting the preset mode, fine-tune your sound with limiter, compressor, and equalizer settings. Le microphone numérique MOTIV MV51 à condensateur et large diaphragme se connecte aux dispositifs Mac, PC et iOS. Ajoutez votre smartphone au kit et vous serez prêt à enregistrer des contenus de qualité professionnelle, où que vous soyez. This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Use the included headphone monitor adapting cable for the following reasons: Use the MOTIV app to change microphone settings and to record, edit, and share audio. Tip: Turn on Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb to prevent interruptions to the recording caused by phone calls, text messages, or alerts. MV88 is plugged in, but the volume meter does not register a signal. Note: The maximum file size for a recording is 2GB, which will result in approximately 2 hours of record time. Inspiré par le légendaire SM7B. Wide stereo to increase separation between sources. You have the option to add an image to your recording. Tap Edit to access editing controls for each track. Tip: Consider the location of the microphone and the size of the sound source when adjusting the width. Select and drag the blue line to adjust Start and End times. Levels are in the target range when they peak in the shaded region of the input meter. This device may not cause harmful interference. See "Customize Track Artwork". This way you can set Left - Right Swap before you start to record. ② Trim / Split Select Select your edit mode. Then adjust the width of the stereo microphone pickup area. Measurement Mode disables automatic gain adjustment and low-end frequency roll-off to allow for more user control and more dynamic recordings. It's important to do this to avoid recording interference from phone calls, messages, and various notifications. Select a preset mode or manually adjust mic gain and stereo width to optimize audio recordings. Extract the left and right audio signals from the 2-channel. If the level reaches the red peak indicator of the input meter, turn the gain down. Mac® and Lightning are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Dropbox and the Dropbox logo are trademarks of Dropbox, Inc. ShurePlus MOTIV is not affiliated with or otherwise sponsored by Dropbox, Inc. See the "Aiming the Microphone" topic for mic placement information and "The MOTIV App" for information on audio settings like compression, equalization, and more. Renaming markers: Press and hold the marker label in the list. Conçue pour une utilisation avec les microphones numériques MOTIV™ et comme solution d’enregistrement, l’application d’enregistrement mobile ShurePlus™ MOTIV™ permet des ajustements en temps réel des paramètres et le partage de fichiers. Adjustments can be made while recording, but test settings prior to recording to avoid audible artifacts. Analog inputs include the built-in microphone as well as an external analog microphone that is plugged in using the 3.5 mm jack, like the MVL microphone. Plug MV88+ directly into your phone and configure the mic in the Motiv Audio/Video app to your preferred settings. Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver. These settings are retained in the microphone when using other audio and video recording applications. Make sure that you plug in your headset first and your MV88 last. Le micro Shure MV88+ Video Kit peut être connecté sur un appareil IOS ou Android. Votre micro passe-partout. Ce micro bénéficie de près d’un siècle d’excellence audio et incarne exactement ce que l’on peut attendre de Shure. Use the audio meter to ensure that volume peaks are within the target range (the gray area). Refer to the "Preset Modes" topic for more details. Select and drag the markers on the timeline to adjust your loop. The conversion will happen automatically. The darker display is ideal for discreet recording in low-light situations. If your digital audio workstation software (DAW) has no mid-side decoder, use these steps to adjust and manipulate the stereo image: Advanced tip: Using compression with a fast attack setting on the grouped tracks keeps transients (the first part of a sound, such as when a drum stick strikes a cymbal) toward the center of the stereo image and allows them to expand within the stereo field as the sound decays. Select the MONO CARDIOID preset in the MOTIV app to reduce ambient noise. Aim the front of the microphone toward the source, with the left and right sides facing the appropriate directions. Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. The Shure digital stereo condenser microphone, MV88 Plus, user guide. When you plug a MOTIV device into your iOS device, a warning message prompts you to enable Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb mode. Toggle between Locked and Unlocked options to prevent accidental bumps or finger taps from changing your … Que vous vouliez enregistrer un vlog, capturer du son pendant un safari, réaliser une interview, nous avons la solution. Or use the manual decoding instructions to adjust the stereo image of the recorded tracks. Set the microphone level and try the modes to find which sounds best. Wind Noise Reduction engages a low-frequency cutoff filter that reduces rumble caused by environmental noise. ⑤ Playback Controls Edit, Rewind, Play/Pause, Fast-Forward, and Loop your track. The Shure MV88 is a professional quality condenser microphone which plugs directly into an Apple ® iOS device using a Lightning ® connector. Du lundi au samedi de 9h à 13h et de 14h à 18h (Service 0,18 € / min + prix appel). ④ Add Markers Click to add a marker at the playhead position. Double tap the timeline to bring playhead to current view. De plus, ces applications assurent également le contrôle en temps réel du gain du microphone Shure MV88+ Video Kit, de la largeur stéréo et de l’enregistrement haute qualité 24 bits/48 kHz. The save file dialog will appear, prompting you to name and save your audio. ③ Marker List All recordings begin with Start and End markers. Note: Disabling sleep mode will affect battery time while recording. For increased post-processing flexibility, use the Raw Mid-Side setting. Pour ce faire, le trépied de l'ensemble Shure MV88+ Video Kit peut soit être déplié pour être positionné sur une surface plane, soit être maintenu à la main comme une perche à selfie.