Pyrex bowls were originally made of something called borosilicate glass, which is very resistant to thermal shock. **PYREX® items with CAPITAL LETTERS in the logo are safer** G�c�kE����LQ�t��)tj���:��`g������?�������7L�u�f}��F�y� Play with them all and see what you like best. The difference in heat shock resistance between borosilicate glass and soda lime glass can be quantified using some simple relationships. I've found mountain glass to have really good deals on Pyrex brand and I've had a lot of success with it. From boro work to soft glass beads, we cover everything dealing with lampworking! What’s the difference? However, World Kitchens began to sell soda lime glass for kitchen use – also under the Pyrex name. Did you know that Pyrex glassware used in chemistry labs is different than Pyrex glassware used in kitchens? Torch workers unite! Thanks! Win A FREE 25 Piece Set Of PYREX | Enter Here, Click here to shop our Imported French PYREX, In the past Corning made PYREX (upper case) out of Borosilicate Glass, In America pyrex (lower case) is now made of Soda-Lime Glass, In France PYREX® is STILL made of Borosilicate Glass, French Borosilicate PYREX has a much higher resistance to Thermal Shock. We buy Kimble or similar. "don't give up., I would rather spend that additional money on higher quality more robust multimeters/powerpacks/balances etc. Both Simax and Schott seemed of similar higher clarity compared to something like chinese clear, I haven't done a comparison with Pyrex. Pyrex made headlines recently, because its parent company made a big move. Thanks for the blog post. World Kitchens made this change because soda lime glass is cheaper to manufacture and more resistant to breakage from mechanical stress than borosilicate glass. Schott gives me a sort of teal hue VS a more neon blue which i find more desirable. We have had all types over the years and Pyrex are definately better but they still break in the hands of pupils (and technicians!). ����J��H�r��7M�cj]z����^�ggmg��"��)��"i�/��������U7vv��)B��j�F��k�����i���^�s�t� ��z�U��V��}+(�_m���[=�9�JUhD�1�ɷ"j��{���v �@�5�ֶ!$7bOD���F��9�Fd�8|� M�{�F��R"{oC`���ɀ*;������:����J'*,p���8d�Z�rQ�['p?\� anyone having problems with PYREX corning ? Most glasses – including both borosilicate and soda lime glasses – are capable of withstanding stresses of about 5000 psi. Marian iom said: I recall getting case of from the same manufacture years ago but the prices were totally different when I reordered. I have been trialing out Simax … I happen to like simax; it's what I learned on, its clarity is great, and it's very forgiving. Borosilicate glass has a low coefficient of thermal expansion (3 x 10-6 K-1), which means that borosilicate glass does not undergo sizeable expansion upon heating or contraction upon cooling. x��[ے�q}���)fdO���� �H Check out the how to tutorials! How many times have you rinsed a very hot beaker with room temperature water when working in the lab? FS: Corning Pyrex and Simax Glass, Goggles and book. I figure I'll have to play around quite a bit before I create any personal bias however, Schott might save me a few bucks while I'm getting back in the groove. Member of ACS, AACT. Borosilicate glass is resistant to thermal shock, but soda lime glass is not. Major differences between Simax and Shott are that schott is stiffer glass, and simax is less reducing when fuming. I'm looking to buy additional beakers and looking online, there's three different brands in clearly three different price bands: Same as with the question on quickfit/generic brand. I make hundreds of pipes a week and haven't had any more fail from China glass than when Ive used simax, schott or us33. It truly is weaker than American, but it produces amazing rainbows in my opinion. Fume looks a little better on simax than pyrex if I am not mistaken and I do believe simax is just great quality glass in my experience it works great.. you are right they all work together, melt at the same temperature but even import glass is also coe 33 but I would argue that it does not always work the same at times I find import glass to be quite shocky and it would be fine to go with pyrex just … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm looking to get back into lampworking after a ten year hiatus. Press J to jump to the feed. ~mer. Spring Arbor University, Professor of Chemistry. Thanks! In fact, reports of “exploding glassware” began to crop up as other folks began to unwittingly expose World Kitchens’ soda lime glass to extreme temperature differentials while working in the kitchen. If the logo is in upper case lettering it is the safer Borosilicate Glass now made in France or it is vintage Corning made Borosilicate Glass. I was basting the turkey with some warm (but not hot) stock and the Pyrex dish exploded right there in the oven. Or, are Simax/Pyrex that much better? Pyrex Bakeware Oven Bakeware Set; Simax Glass Fluted Bundt Cake Bakeware; Clay Bakeware & Small Kitchen Appliances. They are meant as a tool for classroom use. �B� h�m->�dk5($�ԣEf����8Mo�*DZW9���� fO_��Q���U�hƸQ����=zO�u@�]N��62*Z��W���{)�9f�y�NƷȆe�.�4��j�AC���#���B8�%eR����WS�4ZӅ�h�i'p���]��꘻���g�|>�5G�{����~�*��*�?׷F;�4��M����bQ���s�R�u|�Nr9�nvK��uɊ*Ŕ��p �� �8�� "Nonex" with a cOF of 36 is used in nearly all pyrex-to-metal seals (which is then sealed directly to pyrex). I think I'll take advantage of price which may have me picking one brand over another from time to time.