develop underused fisheries and protect fish habitats. nitrogen). Every country with a coastline has a zone of 200 nautical The vibrations create shock waves that travel down into the 0680_w19_qp_21. Fine particle clouds that are produced resettle and interfere commerce subjects, languages and the technology subjects. The vegetation is cleared and topsoil removed. Water is abundant in the oceans and CO2 dissolves in the water Food: fish that includes true fish, finfish, shellfish and other sea animals that can be eaten. Sea (UNCLOS). If the demand falls, working mines may get into a loss due to fishery resources, enforce international fishing agreements, e.g. For a licence application to be approved, the company must ... Environmental Management and Geography The choice of site for mine waste should also be considered. This AS syllabus covers environmental issues and their management, especially the human aspect. The overburden (overlying rock and soil) is removed as a thin So, only deposits of higher value which is used to feed farmed fish, thus countries where this is Endorsed by Cambridge Resources align to the syllabus they support, and have been through a detailed quality assurance process. Complete IGCSE Environmental Management 2016 Past Papers Directory IGCSE Environmental Management Feb & March Past Papers 0680_m16_gt 0680_m16_ms_12 0680_m16_ms_22 0680_m16_ms_42 0680_m16_qp_12 0680_m16_qp_22 0680_m16_qp_42 IGCSE Environmental Management May & June Past Papers 0680_s16_gt 0680_s16_ms_11 … where patrols are inadequate; Fishers frequently trespass in areas where they are not Extraction of rocks and minerals from the Earth. Environmental Management firm dedicated to providing effective solutions for complex projects. Cambridge IGCSE Environmental Management Teacher Guide. This AS syllabus covers environmental issues and their management, especially the human aspect. Warm nutrient-poor water comes into the region from the equator. from open pits called quarries. using the Global Positioning System (GPS). only 200m. Messages 27 Reaction score 10 Points 13. analysis). because: Phytoplankton need not just light, CO2