Digicom is highly experienced in retail, helping improve safety and productivity across a range of functions, from cleaning to security, tracking and general day to day management. Your essential guide to Australian Distributors, Find distributors by name - Supports up to 128GB MicroSD external memory, Preloaded Applications Not only will a robust two-way communications system enhance the safety of your site, it will also boost productivity and ensure you have the best intelligence possible. This Band 14/FirstNet enabled smartphone is for missions that demand much more than voice communication. Manage and control devices more efficiently Visit support.google.com for a full list of languages, Dedicated Keys Hear and communicate clearly, in any mode Digicom Wireless finds communications solutions to keep you safe, connected and in control when battling tough environments. We’ve seen first-hand how improved communications between retail staff can make the retail experience simple, efficient and enjoyable for consumers. Government bodies must adhere to strict budget requirements, making cost and time efficiency key. Get the latest updates on industry news, featured products, Digicom promotions and much more delivered straight to your inbox. 4GB RAM/64GB ROM CMO Australia | A necessary disruption, Microsoft ISV AvePoint goes public in $2B mega merger, Review into 5GN’s Webcentral buy shot down, Delivering innovation through multi-cloud and compelling partner-focused solutions, Delivering business success with hybrid and multi-cloud data management, Bringing Comprehensive Security To Modern Enterprise Environments, TasmaNet deepens QLD partner play with Vastnet and Netmode purchase, How Ronin built ‘Uber for supercomputers’ for Adelaide University, Arq Group secures AWS cloud migration competency, Splunk bolsters Observability Suite with Flowmill buy, ASG brings Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP to VenuesWest, SugarCRM acquires Loaded Technologies to meet APAC demand, rhipe Cloud Start-up Dialogues - How to build and market your SaaS company. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of IDG Communications is prohibited. Computerworld Australia | We understand that mines have varying requirements, resources and conditions, which is why we customise a specialised communications solution to meet each client’s unique needs. The Sonim XP8 is more than just another rugged smartphone. From monitoring resources to storing data, managing and tracking inventory, fast and efficient communications will simplify your management tasks, ensuring your business runs at its most effective. Here are some of the government branches we serve: Federal Departments like the ATO, Border Protection, Federal Police, Agriculture and Regulatory Authorities. IS equipment is designed to maximise safety in these environments, both by reducing the risk of explosion or combustion and also by introducing additional features to further enhance safety. With reliable, instant two-way communications between faculty teams and staff, students will be safe and accounted for at all times – especially in emergency situations. Mines need highly durable communication technologies to withstand the toughest conditions, whether that’s intense heat, cold, rain, dust or grime. Sonim SCOUT, Push-to-Talk2, Lone Worker/Man-down2, Google Play, Messaging State Governments, including the State Branches of the above, Local Councils, transport along with Public Safety Agencies like Ambulances, Police and Fire Services. CIO Australia | CIO Executive Council, Links: Privacy Policy [Updated 13 Sep 19] | Advertising, Partners set to shine in the 2020 ARN Innovation Awards, ARN Women in ICT Awards 2020: and the winners are…, What is digital transformation? With the latest two-way radios, government departments enjoy enhanced productivity and greater safety, not just for workers, but for the community as a whole. Safety is number one on any project site, which makes effective communications paramount. This Band 14/FirstNet enabled smartphone is for missions that demand much more than voice communication. Sonim XP8 is the ultra-reliable, ultra-rugged smartphone that’s built to provide those who serve with the smart communication they need, regardless of situation or environment. Digicom Wireless can create a custom, user-friendly communications solution for your venue that works seamlessly, even in loud, fast-paced and busy conditions.