These last they often rolled up and carried on their shoulders.”. Wherever they halted, Ursula spoke of the espousals with Jesus and of the pure, immaculate death of virgins. In these three years she was, with God’s help, to convert her companions to Christianity. The priests were everywhere busily baptizing, for numbers of pagan women and girls had come over to them. Lives of the Saints, by Alban Butler, Benziger Bros. ed. It looked like the paternal house of St. Benedict, in Italy, which too had brass railings surmounting a low wall. The show began in March of 2003 exclusively on Sirius and remains "the longest running radio talk show in satellite radio history". During the engagement, I saw Ursula running hither and thither, zealously exhorting the bands in the rear and ardently praying. The archangel Raphael was given her as a guide. They now ceased defending themselves and gave themselves up to martyrdom, singing the praises of God. be assured it will meet all the protection which my office can give it. “Ursula and her companions were massacred by the Huns, about the year 450, near Cologne and in other places. Ursula confided all this to her ten assistants whom it greatly encouraged. Then she ordered the cowardly to leave the vessels and return home; but all were encouraged by her words to remain faithful. She accomplished her mission with extraordinary energy and constancy. The picture was shipped from Naples to Genoa when the paint and varnish were still wet. At Rome they visited the tombs of the martyrs and the different places sanctified by their death. They went joyfully singing and dancing to martyrdom as if to a marriage-feast. They arrived safe at Cologne where they found a Christian community and a little church. The Convent facing the river was completed. Ursula herself gave the example, and was, together with her companions, cruelly massacred in the year 453. Saint Ursula is represented in Christian Art with St. Ursula wears a crown, as princess; has an arrow in her hand, the attribute of her martyrdom; and carries a pilgrim's staff, surmounted by a white banner with a red cross, the Christian standard of victory. A NUMBER of Christian families had intrusted the education of their children to the care of the pious Ursula, and some persons of the world had in like manner placed themselves under her direction. Before reaching Cologne, they were more than once challenged, interrogated, and threatened by the barbarous tribes along the shores. October 21 ~ St. Ursula, Virgin and Martyr . Basilica of St Ursula . The name of St. Ursula has from remote ages been held in great honor throughout the Church; she has always been regarded as the patroness of young persons and the model of teachers. For almost two decades, the convent was the Ursulines’ home and the center of their ministry at the hospital and their school. the principles of the constitution and government of the United states are a sure guarantee to you that it will be preserved to you sacred and inviolate, and that your institution will be permitted to govern itself according to it’s own voluntary rules, without interference from the civil authority. Ursula’s wonderful earnestness and courage are quite indescribable. Her parents often watched their games well-pleased. be assured it will meet all the protection which my office can give it. St. Hilarion, Abbot. Saint Ursula, oremus (pray for us). Daughter of King Dionotus of Dumnonia in south-west Britain, Ursula set out on a pilgrimage with 11,000 virgin-handmaidens to Rome. In 1804, President Thomas Jefferson enters our story as Sister Therese de Xavier had written him after the Louisiana Purchase, concerned for the welfare of her school, sisters and convent. October 21.—ST. They could make use of neither sails nor oars, and the sea miraculously arose as they neared the land. The archangel Raphael appeared to her, consoled her, and instructed her to request that each of her companions might be allowed to choose ten other maidens, and to demand a delay of three years in which to practice all sorts of naval combats and maneuvers. The widows who had joined them on the journey and many young girls remained behind when Ursula proceeded further on her way. Ursula was the instructress of her companions, and she exercised them thus by order of her angel. Copyright 2018 , Mike Church. The different solutions with their variations suggested by scholars, sometimes with levity, sometimes with considerable learning, all share the important defect of being based on relatively late documents, unauthoritative and disfigured by manifest fables.