Singapore Belgium Edgar grew up in the capital city with parents who raised him in the midst of the culinary traditions of his mothers Jalisco and fathers Catalan heritage. Ireland Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Poland Edgar Núñez, Sud 777, Barra Vieja, Mexico City . Colombia Greece Luxembourg You can include yourself too! (laughing) I lost them… but I can get you some similar ones! Ashley Abroad. One of my favorites is Sud 777, which is run by chef Edgar Nuñez, who trained at elBulli. Canada I asked the thirty-something culinary star some questions: You have trained in the kitchens top restaurants and chefs like Paul Bocuse, Ferran Adria, and René Redzepi. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I went to a hotel in Barcelona to ask for a job, and then they put me to work in the kitchen initially washing dishes and then cooking. Which other chefs in Mexico do you think are going to go very far? Edgar Nunez is a prominent name in the wave of young avant-garde chefs sweeping through the Mexican food scene, creating modernistic food using traditional ingredients. Macao I was very well supported in my decision. It rains almost every day from about late-June until mid-October. Of course I remember the great food. Egdar has memories of his fathers version of beans that had olive oil and radishes while his mothers bean dish had Cotija cheese and cilantro flowers. There are four bus stations that connect you to cities and towns around the country, the airport is well serviced by Mexican airlines like VivaAerobús, Volaris, and Interjet which make it very cheap to hop around Mexico. Austria Conversations about food, travel, and life. Poland That’s a difficult question since I like all kinds of food like Mexican, Catalan, Japanese… now Scandinavian. Spain Of course I do, I am interested in chemistry, and the wine is pure chemistry that can change your experience or make a meal great or otherwise. Turkey Multi lingual and multi faceted he was on stage at Mesamerica a few months ago discussing the food truck revolution in Mexico city. This young chef and co owner of Sud 777 in Mexico City as well as a food truck the Barra Vieja that serves some unusual tostadas, as bright and vivacious as his cuisine, as evidenced by the colorful shades he was sporting at the MAD symposium in Copenhagen last August. India Sure, there are places you don’t want to go, just like there are probably places in your city that you avoid, especially at night. One of my favorite traditional Mexican breakfast foods is chilaquiles, a plate full of tortilla chips topped with spicy salsa, cream, cheese and your choice of eggs or meat. I try to call and text and email as often as I can, but I’m sure I can better. What Living as an Expat in Singapore is Really Like. Viet Nam Were you following a plan or did it just happen by chance? The… Read More. Switzerland Switzerland I am posting an interview with Edgar published few months prior to my visit to Mesamerica this year: Edgar Nunez is a prominent name in the wave of young avant-garde chefs sweeping through the Mexican food scene, creating modernistic food using traditional ingredients. Saudi Arabia Cayman Islands I think Mexico City probably has a time limit for me. India Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I’m 30 years old and I love the chaos of the city, I love music blaring at all hours of the night (most of the time at least), I love the food scene, I love the bars, I love how everything is open so late. Hungary It’s a sweet bread with a cross on top and is served absolutely everywhere leading up to November 1st. Philippines Republic of Korea South Africa Ireland Do you collaborate with other local chefs in your city? A Conversation with Edgar Núñez of Sud 777, Barra Vieja, Mexico City At MAD Edgar Nunez is a prominent name in the wave of young avant-garde chefs sweeping through the Mexican food scene, creating modernistic food using traditional ingredients. Why did you enter the food industry? Hehehe! Lithuania ( Log Out /  I always knew that they were very talented and now they have their own restaurants like Amass, Relæ, and Bo Bech. Russia In fact my training actually began with a French chef named Olivier Lombard in Mexico. Another favorite is SI MON Bar a Granel, a bar where they serve up small-batch mezcal and Mexican-made cured meats and cheeses. But I found the best way to meet people was through Facebook groups. Thailand Which restaurants did you dine at last year when you were back in Copenhagen for MAD? United Arab Emirates Ecuador Nunez was also a culinary trainee at the Maitres Cuisiniers de France in Lyon and worked briefly at the Brasserie Sud one of the five such casual restaurants by the Paul Bocuse organization in Lyon. Puerto Rico 3 Days in Mexico City: The Perfect Itinerary. Greece Bulgaria ( Log Out /  Traveling around Mexico from Mexico City is incredibly easy. Netherlands Macao Ecuador Cyprus Turkey United Arab Emirates Norway I believe that Mexico needs more quality street food and every Mexican should have the opportunity to eat well at all price points, and not just those who can dine at fancy restaurants. The constantly moving, the watching, and always trying to look forward, but never forgetting my roots and who I am. Peru Like many cities, if you want a roommate or you choose slightly less expensive neighborhoods, you can pay much less. Cyprus he traffic! Are you following a trend or is it something that your local clientele needs? He taught me everything to help me learn and master techniques that prepared me for what I later learnt in the kitchens of these master chefs. I was just around him for a few weeks but the great thing about Ferran is that you can learn a lot from him, not only in the El Bulli kitchen but even otherwise.