When Super Monkey Ball Adventure came to be, probably during a meeting to discuss the future of the Monkey Ball series, I'm sure it seemed like a great idea, but it really wasn't. Unfortunately, Super Monkey Ball Adventure… Super Monkey Ball games are popular today partly because of their simplistic nature. And yet, Super Monkey Ball Adventure throws all of this out of the window for a half-baked storyline and a hub world separated by load times and marred by technical inconsistencies. Platformers usually star a mascot that starts with the basic jumping ability, and that over the course of the game, obtains all sorts of new moves or powers. Taking a big leap away from the level-by-level advancement set forth by the first two entries and putting the player in a huge open environment, this entry in the beloved "Super Monkey Ball" series proves to be sometimes challenging and occasionally repetitive, but it still … Super Monkey Ball Adventure for the GameCube is the latest addition to the franchise but, sadly enough, this isn’t the best game in the series to grace our favorite cube. Super Monkey Ball Adventure tries to be a platformer, but it lacks everything to make a good one. In SMB Adventure, you control one of the monkeys, but are stuck in a ball for the whole game. The levels are abstract assemblages of platforms floating in space. In Super Monkey Ball, you guide a cartoon monkey in a ball - two-toned and slightly opaque, like a toy capsule - to a goal. Super Monkey Ball ruled, and that's a fact. They are designed for everybody to enjoy. It’s good clean fun but the smile on your face, like the one painted on a clown, will be wiped off in time. It was polished to a sheen, it was tightly focused, and it had cute monkeys. Super Monkey Ball Adventure is at least recommended for a rental. Features: All-new expansive platform-adventure gameplay, brand new to the Super Monkey Ball series!