As I referenced, I am keen on the decent variety of tasks that the company handles and would likewise locate the geographic territory just as I would prefer. I --------------- (mention your name) would like to thank you for setting up a great meeting at ---------------------- on ------------------------ (mention the company name). I would like to thank you for being an important part of it and will be looking forward to your inputs. I sent you an email on about perhaps arranging another meeting, I was thinking about whether you’ve got an opportunity to understand it? The meeting went well and the points that were discussed had importance about ------------------ (mention the crucial points) including ----------------- (mention the points discussed in the meeting). It was a pleasure meeting you and talking to you about ---------------------- (mention the points discussed in the meeting). Your email address will not be published. As referenced, I have watched your vocation with intrigue and believe you to be a coach and a good example; I truly valued the chance to examine the business with an innovator in the field. Shraddha Singh Make America Digital Executive Park 3 Avenue [email protected], Shandhya Singh Make America Digital CEO Park 4 Avenue [email protected]. I feel that I would fit in well and could contribute a lot to your plan endeavors. The meeting was a huge success and it also garnered a positive response from each of the member. I would have to say that the way the meeting was handled was absolutely professional and formal in every way. Best practices and tips for sending a “thanks” email after a sales meeting Send your email ASAP. It has been great since we last met. I’m including a calendar to my online schedule and will catch up with you to examine meetings for lunch or espresso. I truly increased some important data from the last meeting we had, however, I simply needed to discover somewhat more data, on the off chance that you have the opportunity. It made it possible to talk about the ----------------- (mention the important points). When would we be able to plan a subsequent discussion with our group so we can jump into the stage’s division capacities in more prominent detail? Vivek Misra Manager 1-A Nyay Vihar, New Delhi 01-8XXX55XX18. I would like to mention that all the points discussed in the meeting were crucial for future growth and to make more progress in work. I would like to thank you for arranging this meeting and would be looking forward to your feedback on this soon. Add a common-ground reference. So, I would like to thank you once again for arranging the meeting. I ---------------- (mention your name) working as --------------------- with -------------------------- (company name) would like to thank you ------------------- on the behalf of entire team for attending the meeting today. “Organization Name” appears to be an awesome work environment and the “area name” is excellent and convenient for me. I would be satisfied if you somehow managed to remember me for your group. Send your thank-you email immediately after the sales meeting. Let’s have a look at the various samples and thank you email after meeting subject line examples. It was a delight to meet you at the Downtown NYC Networking occasion a week ago. Manager 1-A Vihar Jaipur [email protected], Deepak Singh Singh Services Pvt. I neglected to make reference to in my unique email that we have met before and are going to work in the same team in the coming times because of the collaboration hat the government has made with our company. I Sonas Covey just wanted to say a huge thank you for meeting with me on----- (date and day). So one must know how to write a thank you letter after any meeting as this will also add up your skills.